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Date: Monday, February 9
Location: Moshi Tanzania, base of Kilimanjaro

Often times I think there was a first day in Africa overwhelming feeling today. Most are still sleep deprived, wrong time zone. Mixed with amazement of being in this exotic far away place with the immersion of markets, buses with people spilling out the doors, strange languages, having to bargain for prices for any. Like, better look left first to cross the street as they drive on the other side but that is hard because you are trying to avoid the foot powered sewing machines in the sidewalk, the hawkers with their paintings in your face, holes in the sidewalk...

This is mixed with the eye opening experience of being invited into Yusuf's home for lunch. His family as you can see is dressed in the most beautiful clothing. They made so many lovely dishes, banana soup, a bean coconut mix, several rice mixes, local fresh beef stew and of course tropical fruits.

Such an opportunity to learn about how people in other parts of the world deal with 60 percent unemployment, $200/month if they get one, average salary ,down turn of tourism based on fears of eboli which is not any near this part of Africa, lack of water, so many differences from our western world.

All our safe. Ghionul is coming off a sucessful Meru climb in a few minutes. Now we are by the pool or packing for our climb which begins in the am. Be sure to leave us messages, ask us questions on the blog. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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For: Kris and ben

Have fun be safe and we all can't wait to see the pictures and hear about it:) !!

Jacob and cottage hotel - 2/11/2015

For: Kris and Ben

Hi Aunt Kris and Ben, good luck on your climb and am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I can't wait to hear about your adventure!

Glenn and Gracie Spry - 2/11/2015

For: Sue Holms

Good Luck on your life changing crazy adventure. I can't wait to read the book you will write. I'm sure with your humor it will be a great read. You know cuz, I really need to see pictures. I still can't imagine you hiking. Did they promise you wine, bubble bath and a tent as rich as the RitzCarlton. I hope you at least brought hiking boots instead of those heels you wear. I really want to know how you are entertaining the troops. I'm sure you willkeep everyone in a positive mind. Good Luc

AnnLynne - 2/11/2015

For: Susan Holmes

This is so amazing you at trekking up this mountain! I'm so proud of you! Stay strong and find that extra strength within you! You Can Do It!!! Love and I'll be thinking of you every day! Love you!

Cousin- Claire Valentino - 2/10/2015

For: Susan Holmes

Hope you're having fun. Can't wait to see pictures.

Chris White - 2/10/2015

For: Carlos and Tim

Jambo! I'm so in awe of your adventure. Enjoy the wonders that surround you, take lots of photos and be safe. Onwards and upwards!!!! Namaste.

Noly - 2/10/2015

For: Kris and Ben

So the great adventure has begun! Hearty good-luck for you two from two of us. Will look forward to pictures showing you.

Toshio and Chie - 2/10/2015

For: kris and ben

Good luck guys! So wish we were there with you! Will be watching all the news and pictures! Di, Bill, K&S

the woods - 2/10/2015

For: Susan Homes and Everyone Else

Stuff is gonna happen, and it's gonna be bad. You just don't know when or how bad it's gonna be. But you have to put shutters on, set a goal, don't listen to the noise, and just go forward. All of that noise is a distraction, and if you let it distract you, you'll fail." Get it Susan!!!

James Holland - 2/10/2015

For: Ghionul

We can't wait to see lots of pictures and hear all about your climb. Ivy and I will be checking this website for updates! Big hugs from us :)

Sarah - 2/10/2015

For: Susan Holmes

I am so excited for you!!! What an awesome adventure! You are amazing! So cool to be able to follow the progress here. Go conquer that mountain!

Janine - 2/10/2015

For: Tim Mohin

Let the adventure begin! Thinking of you every step of your trek - take lots of pictures and enjoy the wonder of it all. Love you!

Catie Mohin - 2/10/2015

For: Susan Holmes

Susan!!!!! Omg! I cannot wait to hear all about this trip!!! This is amazing!! Your are an amazing woman and you always accomplish what you set your mind to!! Woo hoo you go girl!!! Can't wait till the cottage this summer when Meg comes home for some Margaritas!!! Love u!!! Stay hydrated!! U got this!! Love, Chels

Chelsea Cahill - 2/10/2015

For: Everyone

As a past climber with life-changing memories of my Kili Climb, I wish you the Best of Luck. I will be following your Blogs closely and thinking of you!

Bob Ames - 2/10/2015

For: Zafuts!!!!

Hi Susie!!!! I'm so glad you are there safe and sound... Looks like a great group you are with! Now get up that mountain and kick everyone's ass!!! You can do it!! Love ya!

Kendra, Steve and Landon - 2/10/2015

For: Carlos and Tim

Hey guys,thinking of you two, hoping you are enjoying the hike so far. Now switching gears to what REALLY matters, Duke beat Florida State last night 73-70!!! Love you both! Sue

Sue - 2/10/2015

For: Ssusan Holmes

Hi Susan, sleep deprived already? Amazing picture. I've been checking everyday, so glad you made it ok. Enjoy the scenery as it is nothing but snow everywhere you look here. Michael in heaven with all this snow and his snow blower..I still can't believe you did this trip. Be safe!! Jeanne

Jeanne - 2/10/2015

For: Susan Holmes

Hi Susan! I hope you're having an amazing trip! Enjoy the beautiful scenery and know you are missing very yucky weather here!! Xox Kara

Kara Curtin - 2/10/2015

For: Susan Holmes

It is so exciting that you are on this journey! Enjoy every minute and keep pushing through! Here's to a fantastic adventure! I've got a bottle of wine ready for when you return! I want to hear all the details! Take care of yourself!

Cheryl Adas - 2/10/2015

For: Ghionul.

Hello, Ghionul. I've already tried sending you a message but it hasn't appeared so far - maybe I made some kind of cyber-error so I'll have another go. Many thanks for photo from Meru - hope your yomp up Kilimanjaro will be a memorable and painless experience. Get snapping! ATB, JK

John. - 2/10/2015

For: Ghionul

Thanks for photograph, Ghionul. Hope you enjoyed Mt. Meru as a tasty appetiser. Good luck with Kilimanjaro! Take plenty of photos and keep well.

John - 2/10/2015

For: Susan Holmes

I'm drinking for the both of us! Not being able to talk to you for the last two days feels like an eternity so I decided to fly home for Easter. Miss and love you like crazy! WhatsApp me when you get a chance :)

Megan - 2/10/2015

For: Susie Zafuto

Have you pooped yet??? These are the stories I'm looking forward to hearing upon your return to the land of indoor plumbing... be careful!! love Dani

Dani - 2/9/2015

For: Susie Z - My BFF

I always knew you were crazy! Holy crap! You're one amazing woman...proud to be your friend. I can't believe this is the girl that split her pants trying out for the cheerleading team! Hahahahaha! You rock! I love you, Friend. I'm with you. And, if you need me...I'll be there in two. Michele

Michele - 2/9/2015

For: Jeff Bayne

Hey Jeff! Have a great time! Looking forward to amazing photos.

Todd and Mio - 2/9/2015

For: Rick

Hope everyone is aware they are now traveling with an OLD MaN!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Daddeo - 2/9/2015

For: kris and ben

We are so excited for your climb to begin! Lots and lots of love from your pals on Old Dutch Road. xoxo B&C&R&J

baylie and family - 2/9/2015

For: Sue Zafuto

Hi Aunt Susie! Miss you. Hope you are having fun xoxo Annie

Annie, Ava, David and John - 2/9/2015

For: Susan Holmes

Hope you get enough sleep. Just got back from St. Joe's Tim had a stent inserted into his right coronary artery which was 95% pluged. It's going to be below zero most of the week here so enjoy the weather. Stay safe!! Adios ,Joe

Joe and AnnMarie - 2/9/2015

For: sue

Jambo!!! Glad to see you made it to Tanzania. Good luck on your adventure. I am rooting for you and your gang. Rest up tonight and enjoy!!! It's still snowing here so you haven't missed anything... Wish I was there with you. -J

John - 2/9/2015

For: Sue Zafuto

Good Luck Soooz!!! So excited for you bird. Enjoy :)

Jen & Rick - 2/9/2015

For: Kris and Ben

Already looks and sounds like you are having an awesome adventure! Safe travels xoxoxoxo

Fredonia family!! - 2/9/2015

For: Tim

"...Compie turned his head and grinned and pointed and there, ahead, all he could see, as wide as all the world, great, high, and unbelievably white in the sun, was the square top of Kilimanjaro. And then he knew that there was where he was going." Hemmingway

Bruce - 2/9/2015

For: My Twin

Happy Birthday, Great powder here. I am still limping and I have to resort to double pole for skiing as the leg won't quite work. Tell Yusef hi for me. Have fun birthday. RAndy

Your Twin - 2/9/2015

For: Susan Holmes

Hi Mom! Lookin good! Glad you made it to Africa safely...looking forward to seeing lots of pictures! WhatsApp me when you get a chance...i love you! Take care!

Megan Holmes - 2/9/2015

For: Tim and Carlos

Psyched! for you. Have a blast.

Bruce - 2/9/2015

For: Suzie Zafuto

I just cried when I saw your picture. I'm so proud of you. SUZIE's GOT THE POWA!!! Do this!!

Julie - 2/9/2015

For: Tim and Carlos

Am excited to be able to follow you! Can't wait for more pix... xoxo Ann

Ann - 2/9/2015

For: Rick & Co

RICK! Happy Birthday Baby & Happy Meru Anniversary! Kris & Ben - Soak it all in, it all goes by so fast. Enjoy Your Day!

Troy - Kili 13 - 2/9/2015

For: Susie Zafuto

Looking good Susie! So excited for you! You are one brave tough cookie! Good luck out there!

Maggie, Rob, and Adelyn - 2/9/2015

For: Kris and Ben

Go and have fun - bring me a doggy bag - food sounds like fun too. Anxious to see pictures. Great picture of the group We'll feed Rich and Ian Sunday - not quite so exotically :) mom and pop XO's

G and G K - 2/9/2015

For: Sue Zafuto

Sue!!!! I am so glad you made it safe- we are all thinking about you! Miss you and watch out for the wildlife ;)..

Christina C - 2/9/2015

For: Ghionul Ibram

We love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have fun!! You are awesome!!!!

The Salemi - 2/9/2015

For: Susan Holmes

That is you in the blue top? So glad you arrived there safely. We're having another big snow storm this weekend. All schools around are closed. Sounds like you've had a great time already!

Marilyn - 2/9/2015

For: Sue Zafuto

You go girl! You got this! I'm so excited for you and love that we can check in on the fantastic adventure you are going to be on. Have a blast!

Erika G. - 2/9/2015

For: Susie Zafuto

I miss you already, So happy to see your face and know that you all arrived safe and sound. Great picture of the group! Be safe, have fun, take it all in! And remember anything is possible! Love you! (btw, my passport came) :)

Lisa Folger - 2/9/2015

For: Sue Zafuto

Hey monkey...hope all is well, be careful & have a blast!!! We love you!

Denise & Tim - 2/9/2015

For: Kris and Ben

Have been checking every day--so glad to see the update! You all look happy and excited. Sounds like the lunch at Yusuf's was wonderful! LOTS of snow here--quite a contrast. Safe travels! XO Leslie

Leslie - 2/9/2015

For: Sue Zafuto

Hi! I miss your phone calls! Have fun, love you xoxoxox

Mom - 2/9/2015

For: Susanne Zafuto

Wow, it's only been 2 days, it feels like a week, hope you're having fun, the picture of all of you looks great, I'm so excited for you, all is good here, Sarah's wagging her tail..xoxoxo

David Zafuto - 2/9/2015

For: Sue Zafuto

Hi!! So, glad to have an update on how you all are doing! Good luck to all and take it all in :)

Pammy - 2/9/2015

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