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Date: October 6

From George-thanks to Doug for conditioning program.
To Kelly for the stretching that has kept me nearly painless.
To Betty and Larry-if you come to Bhutan you may find it as beautiful as Vermont.
Joyce-thanks for encouraging me and supporting me to take another trip of a lifetime. I love you. No Law school reunion.

Today we enjoyed our second rest day. After waking up late (7:30ish) we were served tea in our tent as we once again fought off freezing temperatures. After a great breakfast of eggs and rice, we had the opportunity to try some yak butter tea. Yak milk was also served and it is reported that it was good. After all of Rick's hype about how bad it was many of us were disappointed due to the fact that it wasn't THAT bad. If anyone is wondering what the yak butter tea tastes like, it tastes like tea with butter. Smelly butter.

Following breakfast some of us did laundry before we went on our day hike up to a house nestled right at the base of several steep mountains. Those who stayed behind rested and read books. CJ taught the local kids the novelty of ipod's, although they were unable to figure out how to play tic-tac-toe which was disappointing.

After our return an old lady came by selling assorted goodies, and to many of the adult's delight, beer which had been smuggled in from China. While some shopped others took turns bathing in the hot water provided by the homeowners where we are camped for the price of 200Nu. David and several of the children played around with flint and steel making sparks. Greg set up a clinic in the dining room and treated several of the natives and many in our group. His knee is doing fine.

For those perplexed about how you are getting these updates, you should be as all of us are. A basic description is that we have 3 [yes three] different systems, including two satellite phones and an ancient hand-held computer that we write the messages on and read your posts. Every night is an adventure as most of the time a different system is required to send the blogs. Back in the U.S. Our blogs are posted by one of Rick's brothers and he in turn e-mails us your posts. So in short we don't have wifi, and its a very complex process.

Thank you all for your posts!! And yes we are aware of the delay in updates. Rick had experienced problems with the satellites leading to the delay. George is still alive as well as everyone else in the group, don't worry we only update good news so even if something did happen it would be left out :) We were able to decipher the sports update post thank you.

Tonight will include another fire, dancing vienesse waltz for those interested, as well as some others TBD]. Dinner will be a surprise although we have been promised food. The weather man has also spoken [in bhutanese] and assured us that the sun will shine somewhere. With this news we should be all set for some good sleep tonight, it's the little things that count in the long run.

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For: Paul

Hey Bud - Looks like another great adventure! You'll need to share all the exceiting stories when we do our next hike. See you soon!

Jeff - 10/7/2010

For: Gina

Just finished baking the first pumpkin pie of the season... used cow's milk instead of yak's milk! Doug Nethercut is going to be at your house on Saturday... on his way to Estes Park on a work-related trip. More rain here tonight (Wednesday night, your Thursday morning)

Mary - 10/7/2010

For: Gina

Miss you at yoga! Yogi Brian read a lovely Mary Oliver poem to us tonight. Hope you're having a fabulous experience!

Sharon - 10/7/2010

For: Sandy and Rick

Sounds like you have had an amazing hike, with lots of great adventures along the way. Sandy, I am not the least bit surprised you wanted to sprint to the top (I found I always had a hard time keeping up with you!)Hope you enjoyed the rest day and were able to enjoy the beauty of the mountains. Hope the cold weather has not been too much for everyone. Thinking about you both and can't wait to hear all the great stories! Big hugs Lisa

Lisa - 10/6/2010

For: ChrisM

Another good night of climbing...Scott's first time back since his injury, he did very well. Carroll leaves Sat for his PPS trip to Bryce & Zion (I'm envious!). Hope you are well & enjoying the scenery and clear air. Can you see thousands of stars at night? Miss you. xo

Deb - 10/6/2010

For: david

so i just sent my commonapp to almost every school... every school that didnt require the supplement first. i was shaking when i sent it to notre dame. today the guy came to talk to mercy students and oh my gosh i wanna go to notre dame so badly but i guess all i can do now is wait. so yeah almost all done with college stuff.... hello major senioritis :)

maggie - 10/6/2010

For: Chris

so i can totally see you sitting with all the native children showing them your ipod. it's quite an entertaining mental image, i must say :) hey, guess what i woke up to today??! "i throw my hands up in the air sometime, sayin ayooo, gotta let go.." hahaha you're welcome for the wonderful song that just got stuck in your head! keep having fun, stay warm and safe, i miss you!!

Gaylen - 10/6/2010

For: david

orrow or later today if i can possibly think of more to say to you. i miss you! i cant wait to hear all about it! and hi to everyone else, esspecially cj and your mom. well be safee! enjoy! and ill shut up now...... oh wait that never happens ;)

maggie - 10/6/2010

For: david

over for it. all the articles on it are like DYLAN BAKER. so i must go and support it. hmmm well megan is good. we have plans we must fill you in on when you come back to us. oh and greg and i have plans for you too. i go to notre dame in a day and i am pumped! partyyyyy!!!!! okgo is gunna be there for a concert saturday so that will be funn. and sorry this is excessively long. i just have a lot to say today i guess. oh and taylor swifts album comes out in less than 20 daysss! well ill write tom

maggie - 10/6/2010

For: david

heyyy! so today was just lovely with my calfs burning all day... and then more stairs again. blah. but oh well. sounds like funn there! this blog has become a family affair and everyone reads it. today when it was talking about tents my mom was like "why would anyone want to sleep in a tent?" haha now you can see where i get it from.... oh and when you come home we need to go see the movie secretariat cuz my uncle is in it and i think he is like a lead or something cuz his name is all

maggie - 10/6/2010

For: Chris

Forgot to ask this of you before you left. Please be on the lookout for simple games/songs that kids in that part of the world play. (Feel free to outsource this task to someone more musical...) Thanks so much!

Mrs. Daniels - 10/6/2010

For: Gina and Sandy

Sounds like a wonderful rest day, although I expect at least one of you went on the hike, maybe both. Fantastic scenery. Sounds like the Bhutanese are entrepreneurs--like the Tibetans. Might as well make money off those American trekkers.

Oralie - 10/6/2010

For: Barbara and Greg K

Oops, Frau Deir.

Timo - 10/6/2010

For: Barbara and Greg K

Hallo, schoen, dass es euch geht und dass die Yak Milch doch nicht so schlecht schmeckt. Gut, dass Papas Knie durchhaelt. Ich freue mich auf eure Rueckkehr. Donna und Frau lassen herzlich gruessen.

Timo - 10/6/2010

For: Gina & Sandy

Glad to know that we wouldn't hear bad news even if some news was bad... best way to handle that issue! How is Yoga doing for keeping your muscles from aching? Are you leading group poses, Gina?

Clee - 10/6/2010

For: Gina

Fantastic update! Thanks for the info on how you are getting Internet access... we had pretty much figured out it had to be something like that. We are concerned that you haven't won anymore fashion contests. Brian called Rob and said he is doing great... this is the best of all the programs he's taken and he may take another course or segment from them in the spring. I wonder what hot yak-buttered rum would be like... maybe better than tea... or maybe you just wouldn't notice! A little rai

Mary - 10/6/2010

For: Barbara K.

Solution to the "I Spy" question of yesterday's blog: It's the sunglasses. Put them on, so you don't go "schneeblind" in such altitude and brilliant sunshine. Greetings from not-so-sunny low-altitude Rochester :-)

Barbara S. - 10/6/2010

For: Paul

I have so enjoyed this blog but, am off to my own adventure in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. We are ALL blessed to experience the world through travel. "The world is a book and those who do not trael read only a page."

Cheryl A - 10/6/2010

For: Lissa

Good news! Jamie Frasier and Claire have returned! Just in case your mind is muddled, think of romance novels...Book 8 has 820 pages to enjoy. Also, I agree with the WK group in wondering if it really was you and Steve who stayed in camp to do laundry??? Doesn't sound like you sis, hope you both are doing well. Can't wait to hear more about it when you return. Enjoy!

Penny - 10/6/2010

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