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Date: October 5 - Audio Post
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Here is an audio post from the gang. Download or listen:

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For: Gina

Great to hear your voice!!! I love you.

Leslie - 10/7/2010

For: Catherine C.

Hi Catherine: Just checking in to see how you are doing! What has been the highlight of the trip so far? Thinking about your adventure today because I turn 50 tomorrow - hope to do something equally as exciting soon!

Laurie ITT - 10/7/2010

For: Gina

16,000 feet! Long's and Elbert will look like hills when you get home. Congratulations to all. Good to hear your voice, Gina. Can you all manage to get in the yak herder's hut? Nobody has reported on the yak cheese yet.

Mom - 10/5/2010

For: Gina

Great to hear your voice... your public speaking skills served you well!! Did you take a picture of the steep downhill? Was it a trail or a scramble? It sounds like an amazing place. Someone better tell us how you are getting Internet access... we can't get it even on the road in front of our house... go figure!

Your Sister - 10/5/2010

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