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Date: SEPTEMBER 28, 4:30 PM
Location: Kahtmandu, Nepal

All lined up by the pillars of a 1500,s temple's carved pillars.

We declared it a national holiday. No Shopping Day. That way we could move through the narrow streets of ancient kingdoms lined with vendors. The Monkey Temple lived up to its name.

A few holy men blessed us by running up and placing a brigh red dot on your forehead. The price of the blessing was then negotiated.

Everyone is well. Thanks for the posts.

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For: all in blogging land

Hi all out there in bloggin land, thanks for the messages, we are heading for Bhutan tomorrow. Hopefully some better pics tomorrow, Sat phone, Thuraya, on this side of the world, (we dont have it at home) has been acting up in the Himalayas. I think we have it figured out now.

14 adventurers in Nepal - 9/29/2010

For: Paul

Cowboys got a win this week, but we are 3-0! Have a great trip, be safe. tf

Troy Polamalu - 9/28/2010

For: David

So uhhh haha I promised I would write to you so instead of doing my AP chem homework now I thought it would be the perfect opportunity:) Hope you're having fun on your adventure. I can't wait to hear all about it!! Its lonely with you not in homeroom. We are slowly earning back our right to talk in homeroom, I think we need two more days of not talking or making LeVan mad.... haha. you missed my crazy sick outfit for nerd day today. I miss you dude:)

Michelle - 9/28/2010

For: George

Everything here still works! Appreciate the updates.

Joyce - 9/28/2010

For: david

i am going to start keeping count of how many times i go to text you out of habit and then realize i cant. it is bad. i miss you! have funn!

maggie - 9/28/2010

For: Uncle Paul

Hi uncle Paul. Hope your having a good time!

Troy - 9/28/2010

For: Cornell - Wideman

Hey! These posts are great and a lot of fun. Are there more pictures coming? Thank you

Metzingen - 9/28/2010

For: Barbara and Greg

Thank you for including us in your trip - I am sooo jealous!Can't wait to hear the stories and view the photos upon your return. Stay safe.

Cindy Cooper - 9/28/2010

For: david

no shopping day is a sin! well i'm in school so ill write later. byee.

maggie - 9/28/2010

For: paul

This is GREAT! Thanks for adding us to your trip.

JulieO - 9/28/2010

For: Chris

Sounds amazing. Enjoy the always do :) Hey to Rick & Paul

Deb - 9/28/2010

For: Gina

No shopping day sounds like it would work well for you every day! It is raining a lot here but it is very beautiful. I hope dinner goes well and that you get some sleep to help your throat. You should ask the chiropractor if he knows a good colleague in my area...

Leslie - 9/28/2010

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