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Date: Friday, October 17
Location: Namache again, rest day. Short walks

We are hearing more reports of avalanches, (again, repeat, not where we are going). Our Sherpa friends are reporting losses of people they know. Nawheng who previous trekkers may remember, his brother in law passed in the May avalanche.

Here the weather is perfect for trekking. The moisture keeps the normally dusty trails down. Morning and evenings, stellar clear.

Which means that the morning view up the Everest Valley was stupendous. Listen to the audio post. Picture is of group with Everest in the background, mid pic, the triangle shaped peak.

We are going exploring in town to find the best apple pie, cheese cake or lemon strudel this afternoon. Life of a trekker can be very hard, Also we are exploring to find a hot shower, maybe our last one. We did several very short walk to see the views up both big valleys here today.

Time in our tea house lodge is filled with a local 5 year old girl, Laksmee, who keeps us entertained despite the differences in language. Last night she made us all flowers out of napkins and would go from person to person handing them out then taking them back, then handing them out. Surely when your trekker is home you will see pictures of her as her smile lights up the whole room.

Thanks for the posts you are sending. We read them around a small stove at night.

To answer Drew and Audrey in the post about the Kumari, yes, she goes to school but they bring the teachers into her palace. We doubt she likes homework anymore then you do but she knows here once she is done being Kumari at age 13 she will have to support herself so needs to be educated.

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For: Garth and sarah

Glad you guys are having a great time! Much better views than in Canada;)

Simmies - 10/17/2014

For: John P.

I was very pleasantly surprised to get your email today and am so glad you are doing okay. Also happy to hear that Dave is hanging in there. Maybe the literally breathtaking views on this trek will distract him from the back aches? Jeanie and I leave tomorrow for western Maryland, do not know if I will be able to get a message sent to you till we return. Lots of friends are asking about you and wishing you well! Love, Pris

Priscilla - 10/17/2014

For: kevin

Kevin great to hear your voice today. Can not wait to see your pictures that you discribed. Hearing you being a bit out of breath tells a lot about the elevation as I know you are in great shape. You and the group stay safe. Be on the look out for frosty for Angela.

carl - 10/17/2014

For: Peter

Hi Honey. Lots of family asking about you since hearing of the avalanche. Assured everyone that you are fine and have been sharing the Facebook updates. Wow, what a view. Looks gorgeous there. Hope you get a hot shower- maybe a shave (?) or I suppose the gruffy look is part of the experience! Have a good rest day, hope you guys found some good food! I know you will appreciate those desserts Rik talked about. Lots of love from home, Susan, Julia and Sean

Susan - 10/17/2014

For: Carlos and Nick

Loving the last set of photos and the group pic. You are having the adventure of a lifetime. Try to get a Yetti hat for little Charlie and I hope that hot shower becomes a reality. Until the next blog, keep on trekking. Love you, Namaste.

Noly and Pop - 10/17/2014

For: David

Just discovered this connection! I am relieved to learn that you are not in the path of the Big Snow and I am back to being nostalgic about my own "Springtime in the Annapurnas" trip (2001)and envious that you are there right now!Go for the lemon strudel (and good luck finding it) and do NOT pass up the hot shower. Namaste. Kathleen

Kathleen - 10/17/2014

For: Dad and Carlos

Hey Guys! Looks like you are having a great time! Loving the photos - keep 'em coming.

Steve - 10/17/2014

For: Garth

We are really enjoying the daily updates with narrative and pictures. It sounds amazing! Does Laksmee remind you of your nieces back home?

Love, Mom and Dad - 10/17/2014

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