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Date: April 8, Tuesday
Location: Return from the outer reef to Placencia

30 miles away we stopped the boat amid the great turquoise waters, we could not see any land. We jumped over board to submerge in a pristine, colorful underwater kingdom. Silent except the bubbles, bright yellow sponges, spotted eagle rays gliding by, a shark, lobster, so much more. It felt like we were the first to be there.

The wind picked up in the afternoon. Made it a bit more interesting with bobbing heads amid the waves on the lee side of the reef. By now though the comfort level in he water has increased.

Dinner tonight-fresh blackened fish, conch steak with ceviche starter.

With anticipation and a bit of sadness we leave the ocean for adventures in the Mayan jungle in the morning.

Stay tuned.

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For: Jennifer

The adventures, food and weather sound fabulous. Jenn, the hawkbill turtle sighting sounds thrilling, and I imagine, peaceful. Enjoy the jungle today. We are having a beautiful sunny day here at home. Bring back stories. XO Sara, Dave, and the girls

Sara - 4/9/2014

For: Rick

Hey there Rick, I am in awe about all the wonderful adventures that David has shared with me in the last few days! But better yet..... would be to see a picture of my honey in one of your blogs!! :>) Nancy

Nancy - 4/8/2014

For: Esther and Paula

Sounds like the water portion of the trip was a hit. Best of luck with the ruins. All well but rainy here.

Jeff - 4/8/2014

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