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Date: November 16, Saturday, Summit day
Location: Kala Patar, Everest Base Camp, back to Loboche

0 degrees 5: 00. 45 on summit. Sunny.

Yes! Success. We got up at 4:30 am and started hiking before the sun was up. Very cold. It took us 6 hours to get to the top of Kala Patar. This was the main destination for the trip. From there we could see the summit of Everest, Hillary Step, South Summit, much of the Khombu Icefall and the area of base camp. The height made the last steps very hard and slow. 10 hour day. Many are exhausted, exhausted, exhausted. The length and difficulty of the trek is wearing. It was so hard to describe the beauty of the end of this Khombu Valley. The glacier has really sunken in size. Incredible to walk in the same places everyone who has climbed Everest has walked.

The day was the pay off for two weeks of work.

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For: Dan

Great Job! Looking forward to the stories of your adventure.

Jamie - 11/17/2013

For: Melissa

Hi Mom! You made it! I'm so proud of you! I can't wait to hear all about the trek! You are gonna need a nice long vacation from your vacation! Love you and Miss you! Congrats everyone on the difficult trek up there! Be Safe!

Kassi - 11/16/2013

For: Kemily

Woo-hoo!! Great job, everyone!! Em it was wonderful to hear your voice, again....even if I DID hear mostly that crazy wind. :) Looking forward to having you back with us in 8 short days!

Joby & Lou - 11/16/2013

For: Dan

So happy for you and your travel companions! Enjoy the downhill as much as the climb! Love, M

M - 11/16/2013

For: Pops not in NY

Hey Dad! Congratulations! Whit and I are proud of you. Can wait to hear about it.

Jon - 11/16/2013

For: Rick

Rick- thank you thank you thank you. This is Soha,s 3rd trip with you . You dont know how she lights up when talks about trips to Killi. And this is icing on the cake.. Memories of lifetime. Family is glad of your care planning and execution of trips. Have safe return trip

Alka and Mayank - 11/16/2013

For: Soha and team

Congratulations. We r proud of you all Waiting to hear from you when get to Lukla/Kathmandu. Have safe ongoing trek.

Alka. And Tinu - 11/16/2013

For: all

Whew…It's all downhill from now. Glad for your successes. Safe and happy trails home.

Flagg Ranch - 11/16/2013

For: The "GROUP"

Soooo glad to see the update. Congratulations to All. Mission accomplished. Awesome awesome awsome. Hope all ok after exhausting day..

Mayank - 11/16/2013

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