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Date: September 17, Tuesday , Summit Day!
Location: Summit of Mt. Ararat 16,800 feet

20 mph wind, 20 degrees, bright sun, 15 miles from Iran.

It is impossible to describe what is is like to struggle to the top of a tall, icy mountain. In the night, feeling sick in the stomachs for some, headaches for others, depleted, cold, wondering, always slowly stepping up. How do you explain watching the ice crystals flying from the cramponed feet of the climber in front, watching where you step on rocks ice, slipping on the marble size pebbles. Always up until it is always down. The exhilaration when there is no more up, the exhaustion when you get back to camp and have to pack right away to keep heading down. Please ask your climber in person what their experience was like as varies by each person. At this point it is still a mystery and a wonder why we climb.

Facts. Ralph had the flu and stayed at base camp. David made it to 14,500 feet before turning around. The others summited together at 8:15 am after climbing from 2 am with a 1 am wake up. They returned to high camp at 11:30 am and reached base camp at 4:30 pm. The picture is from the summit. Paul did an audio from the summit.

Tomorrow we return to town one day early. This writer is falling asleep so will update you more tomorrow. Thanks for your posts . We read them each night.

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For: Rick

Stay safe. All is well here.

Randy, Deb, Cam and Kiana - 9/18/2013

For: Ralph,

Oh, no! That is too bad. I hope you are feeling much better now. Take care of yourself and just enjoy the rest of the journey. It's still an unbelieveable experience. Love you.

Carol - 9/18/2013

For: David G

WOW! Looks like you have had a wild, crazy adventure! Can't wait to hear about it! Sending you love and wishing you a safe journey back. Margaret and Andy

Margaret Andy - 9/18/2013

For: Paul

Congratulations!!! I look forward to all the stories and photos. Take this time to relax before you come back to face all your new challenges on the homefront. Enjoy the rest of your time there and I will see you on Monday. Stay safe!!! Love Joanne XOXOXO

Joanne - 9/18/2013

For: RIck

congrats on continuing to inspire others and provide opportunities for others to experience the wonder and beauty of nature one step at time....see ya all soon!!!

steve - 9/17/2013

For: Paul

Congratulations Paul again I am so proud of you! Every time you take one of these trips I am in amazement of what you have done. The accomplishment you feel, the enjoyment you get, the beautiful sites you get to see, I am so happy for you and of course I am always relieved for your safe return home. Did you see the Arc? Relax and enjoy the rest of your trip.

Mom - 9/17/2013

For: Gaylinn

You are an inspiration girl. So amazing. I am in awe. I am so proud of you. If you found any pieces of the arc up there, my dad says he wants to carbon date it :-)

Margaret - 9/17/2013

For: David G

Wondering if you're collecting any fodder for your next ten minute play. Bet you can come up with at least the title. I look forward to a debriefing. Take care, Lois

Lois - 9/17/2013

For: Everyone

in my eyes you ALL made it because you all had the courage to try! Congratulations to everyone and look forward to hearing your stories and seeing your pictures!

terri - 9/17/2013

For: John

I couldn't be prouder. Cheering my heart out for you over here! I can't wait to hug you in person!

May - 9/17/2013

For: For: John P.

CONGRATULATIONS, John! You've made the Extended P. Family proud. What a life experience. Best wishes for a continued safe journey.

From: Carole - 9/17/2013


CONGRATULATIONS Gary! I knew you would make it. My thoughts have been with you.Miss you and see you ,Myra..

MYRA - 9/17/2013

For: John P.

CONGRATULATIONS, BABE! I have been thinking of you every step of the way and invoking The Little Engine That Could. I think he can, I think he can! Hope you all sent some good vibes of freedom and justice in the direction of Syria, Iraq and Iran from the top of the mountain. Write when you have a chance. Hugs and much love, Pris

Priscilla - 9/17/2013

For: Chris, Rick, Paul

CONGRATULATIONS, GUYS! Take a well deserved rest, you earned it!!

Deb - 9/17/2013

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