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Date: September 18, Wednesday
Location: Dogubyogit, Turkey

Wow, were we lucky. The storm came in today on the upper mountain. Snow, winds, we would not have made the summit if we tried it on schedule. Instead we are in town a day early, showers, a great local meal with our local guides of lamb kebab. Went to a 300 year old resorted palace over looking the ancient silk road. Wandered in this very Kurdish town. Mostly supported by smuggling. Bought a cake for our guide for his birthday complete with sparklers. All the sick are getting better. Life is awesome. And still the mountain is covered with clouds. The first ones of the trip. Oh yeah,went to a rug weaving shop that helps local woman learn a skill. The larger silk rugs take two year to make and cost $40,000 US. No one bought that one but there were some small purchases made.

Tomorrow van ride to Van, more adventures await.

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For: Chris

How big of a vehicle will I need to get you, all the gear AND a rug home in? :) Enjoy the rest of your adventure. XO

Deb - 9/18/2013

For: John P.

Last night I posted news of your success on Facebook and you will not believe all the messages of congratulations and awe pouring in! My congrats again to EVERYONE, and especially to Karla and Gaylinn for putting up with a bunch of grizzled and probably very stinky men! Hope you all are getting rested and refreshed. It must be eerie looking up at the mountain shrouded in snow now, thank goodness you made the change of plans that you did.

Priscilla - 9/18/2013


Sounds like the conditions were perfect for all of you.I'm so happy for you.It all sounds amazing.Enjoy the adventure.See you soon.Love,Myra

MYRA - 9/18/2013

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