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Date: September 16, Monday
Location: High Camp. 14,500, Mt Ararat.

Super bad weather report for Tues night so going to go for summit Monday night instead. Tuesday to Wednesday was possible snow, up to 50 mph winds. Means we are going to high camp Monday afternoon and about 2:00 am Tuesday morn start the climb. High camp is about 14,500. We will rest there until 2:00 am. Summit temps are running about 23 degrees f. Most are feeling well due to our hike last week. People are excited to be moving up earlier. We stopped in town to buy an extra piece of gear to be warmer. Checking crampons twice. Weather forecast is good for tonight. 23 degrees, winds light up to 20 mph. We will try to do an audio post from summit but won't be on line until later. Keep checking for dates and send warm, encouraging thoughts.

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For: Gaylinn and August

Wow...I know you love this stuff, but I am amazed and in awe. Can't wait to see you and hear all about it.

Margaret - 9/17/2013

For: Rick

???Are the animals really Two By two on the way to the Ark..

Dad - 9/16/2013

For: everyone

Wow.....always a little twist! Keep it safe!

terri - 9/16/2013

For: John et al

I guess this is turning out to be even more of an adventure than you had planned on! Hope you will still be able to see something when you make it to the summit. Just do not get lost in a snowstorm and wander into Iran by mistake. Good luck to everyone, stay warm and safe.

Priscilla - 9/16/2013

For: Chris & All

Good luck - you can all do it, no problem! Now you have an extra day to warm up in the Turkish Baths again : ) Have a safe climb & enjoy the view from the top! We'll be thinking of you from down here near sea-level. Climb on!

Deb - 9/16/2013


Just read your latest post. I wanted to write again and tell you I love you and good luck.My thoughts are always with you.

MYRA - 9/16/2013

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