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Date: February 20, 2013 90 degrees
Location: Karatu Tz

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For: Paul Garsin

Paul, Congratulations on your summit! The safari sounds tremendous so far. I am very jealous. Can't wait to see photos! Stay adventurous and safe! Kevin

Kevin Austin - 2/21/2013

For: Chris

Oh boy, safari time! It must be very surreal seeing all those exotic animals in the wild! Keep arms and legs in the vehicle! Knowing you, one might get stuffed in your pocket! Enjoy every minute, Sage and I look forward to your homecoming. Love, Jen

Jen - 2/21/2013

For: Joyce and Dave

Congratulations to all!! Enjoy the safari and take lots of pictures!

Carla - 2/20/2013

For: Marianne

Wow! Giraffes n pink flamingos! Please show photos! I bet you're nice and warm. The wind here is blowing like crazy. It's like 16 degrees. The world is frozen. Best husky weather ever. Probably they could do without the wind. I hope you're enjoying your safari time you certainly earned it. I don't know if your getting these messages because your climb is over but I'm pretty sure you're on safari. And if not I'm sure everybody else will enjoy the messages. Safari safe!

Autumn / Pumpkins - 2/20/2013

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