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Date: February 19th,2013 Summit day! 9 am
Location: The highest point in Africa. Summit of Kilimanjaro

Wow! Great night. All are safe. 15 of 16 made it to Uhuru peak at 19,340 at the same time, 6: 00 am. Jim went as high as he could but not quite the summit. The altitude caused him to go very slowly.

Hardly any wind, amazing stars, lightning in distance and temps down to about 20. Everyone suffered to various degrees to claim the honor of standing on the summit as the sun was rising. Group was fast so just starting to rise hence the dark picture. Hard to get good pic as other groups are there and the camera battery froze. Now we continue our 9,000 foot downhill part of the day to Mweka camp at 10,500.

This summit is the culmination for many of more then a year of training, planning and fundraising. There were a few tears as that trail reached its climax.

We will post Tuesday when we return to the hotel and showers.

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For: To Tom & Agnes

Congratulations!! What a great accomplishment! You should both be very proud, as should the entire group you are with. Be safe on your travels down. Can't wait to hear your stories and see the pictures! All the best to everyone.

From Max & Linda - 2/19/2013

For: Agnes and Tom

WOW!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS !! Awesome job !!!! We are so proud of your accomplishment..hope you both enjoy the rest of your trip and coming back home safely, God Bless you both..

Chris and Ika - 2/19/2013

For: Torey and Marianne

Congratulations Torey and Marianne !!! Say hello hello to all of Our Angels!!! Love you both!!Can't wait to hear all about it!

The Wilsons - 2/19/2013

For: Torey and Marianne

Congratulations on reaching the top! It must be incredibly beautiful. Enjoy your walk down! See you soon! Love, Sydney and the Donovan Family

The Donovans - 2/19/2013

For: Torey and Marianne

Jacquie sends this to you from her "friend" Madame Curie-"The future belongs to those who BELIEVE in the beauty of their dreams".You are amazing for what you dreamed, and how you made your dream come true.My heart knows that Jaacquie was with you and when times got tough, she was there to give you strength and courage to continue to the top.What a truly incredible memory for you to carry with you forever.I hope you gave her a kiss for me.Can't wait until you are home with us.

Sharon - 2/19/2013

For: Agnes and Tom

Congratulations/ Felicitaciones!! I'm so proud of you both and I hope to be able to do the same someday and have that experience!! I can't wait to hear all the details when you come back. We love you!!

Kristina & Gerardo - 2/18/2013

For: Marianne

Congratulations Marianne! I knew you could do it! Can't wait to hear all about your adventure! Get home safe.

Katy - 2/18/2013

For: Agnes and Tom

We are very proud of you for this accomplishment! We are so happy for you. Love you and miss you.

Amy, Steve, Robert and Nagyi - 2/18/2013

For: TTT

How exciting!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you!!!!!what an amazing trip for everyone. I am sure it was an incredible journey for all of the group. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the progress! Congratulations!!!

JT and Gingi - 2/18/2013

For: Kili 2013

Congratulations! from Bob (2012) & Sue Ames

Ames - 2/18/2013

For: Garsin Clan

congratulations!!!! Glad you made it to the summit, can't wait to see a photo.

Marilyn Blythe - 2/18/2013

For: Torey and Maianne

So amazing!, We just wanted you to know that you have been in our prayers. Looking forward to hear all about your experiences. Stay safe as you venture back. God bless you both and your team. Jacquie is smiling! --Dave, Maureen, Sean and Patrick Turtle :)

The Turtle family - 2/18/2013

For: Torey and Marianne

Type your message here...Torey Marianne Congratulations!!

Sue Czapla - 2/18/2013

For: Jim

So proud of your efforts what a wonderful experience-Let us know what's up.Waiting to hear from you

M & D / Winston - 2/18/2013

For: Moo an uncle Torey

Something to be said about those who don't give up! I'm sure Jacquie is in awe of Ur strength and motivation throughout! Celebration is in order!!! Love u both!! Congrats to all!!!

Sissy - 2/18/2013

For: Jim

Heard the view stinks anyway! Let us not forget what has been accomplished here. Hope you're feeling better. Mom is worried, of course. Let us know when you're back in town. Amazing Jimmy, we are proud.

The Gang - 2/18/2013

For: Moo & Uncle Torey

Congratulations to you & all the other climbers!!! I can only imagine how hard that was and you guys did it!!! I knew you would make it all the way!! Glad you made it to the top, but please be very safe on the way down!! I love you both & am so so so proud of you!!! Always believing!!! Xoxo

Kerri - 2/18/2013

For: The Garsin's

...What an amazing accomplishment. Reading the update brought tears To my eyes. Such a proud moment for all you and I know that Phyllis was Along with you each and every step. Safe journey back to camp We are waiting your return back home. XOX

Kathy and Bob - 2/18/2013

For: Paul G

Paul, CONGRATULATIONS! This is the news that we have been waiting to hear.

Bob C - 2/18/2013

For: Tom and Agnes

WOW!! YOU GUYS MADE IT!!! We are so proud of you!! So glad you made it, you are truly amazing adventurers! We love you and be safe coming back down -- Di and Chrissy

Di and Chrissy - 2/18/2013

For: Marianne Torey All Climbers & porters

YOU DID IT!!! What an accomplishment, what a life changing experience.Moo, Torey, I had no doubt that u would make it! I am sooo proud of u both!Can't wait for those sunrise pics.Please be careful coming down.To Rick and all the Porters, thank u once again, for taking such good care of one of my daughters and all the other climbers. U leave me speachless (and that's hard to do) with what u do each year to help people reach their personal goals of climbing this mountain. Thank you! Love Me

Mom/Sheryl - 2/18/2013

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