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Date: February 19th,2013 Summit day! 9 am
Location: The highest point in Africa. Summit of Kilimanjaro

Here is an audio post from the gang. Download or listen:

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For: Tom and Agnes

Well done and congratulations on successfully climbing the highest mountain in Africa! A true life time achievement! Safe journey home! Dennis and Lynne

Dennis and Lynne in Groton - 2/21/2013

For: Paul Garsin & Family

Thought I'd check your progress tonight, and see you made it! The high peaks are going to seem like mole hills after this. Congrads! Bob

Bob Karz - 2/20/2013

For: Agnes

Magnificent! Brava! Stupendous! An Amazing achievement and accolades to you and the Gang! Did you feel like singing a coloratura aria when you reached the peak? Probably not considering lack of oxygen. That mountain is just a mole hill now that you conquered it! Have a safe climb down and return home. Our guest bedroom is ready. When is your next visit South. We'll celebrate and view all your photo's then. Hugs!!!

Karen from Nashville, TN - 2/19/2013

For: Agnes

Magnificent! Brava! Stupendous! An Amazing achievement and accolades to you and the Gang! Did you feel like singing a coloratura aria when you reached the peak? Probably not considering lack of oxygen. That mountain is just a mole hill now that you conquered it! Have a safe climb down and return home. Our guest bedroom is ready. When is your next visit South. We'll celebrate and view all your photo's then. Hugs!!!

Karen from Nashville, TN - 2/19/2013

For: Torey and Marianne

I hope by the time you recieve this, you have enjoyed long hot showers and ice cold beers.It must seem almost sureal now that you are back on "flat" land.Since I can't do it in person,please thank the wonderful people who made your success possible-all the guides,porters,Rick and his team and anyone else who brought you to the top of the world and safely back down again.We are all counting down the hours until Friday night.Have fun,make memories and we will see you soon.Love,Sharon

Sharon - 2/19/2013

For: Dad and Marianne

Congratulations! We are all so happy for you! I knew you could do it and I'm sure you enjoyed every minute of your cold celebration up on top! Be careful going back down and if you're not too tired (or if youre just ready to get the hell off that mountain) might I suggest sprinting the last 3 or 4 miles?? It really makes you feel accomplished, plus there's a boxed lunch waiting down there by the busses for you too! Enjoy a hot shower and a cold Kilimanjaro beer back at the hotel. Love and miss u

TJ and Lindsey - 2/19/2013

For: Marianne, Torey and the rest of the group!

You are an inspriation to us all! Marianne, never forget this moment; for it will carry you through a gazillion other moments in your life when you need the strength you felt on this day of accomplishment. I'm so proud of you-you've proven that you really can move mountains! Enjoy the rest of your trip, and the hot shower to come!!

Emily - 2/19/2013

For: Chris

Good Job. What a great adventure.Mom says i'm to show fire works going off. How? ( Kaboom, Crash, Bang ) Come home safe. Love you.

Mcm and Dad - 2/19/2013

For: Tommy and Agnes

So amazing that you were able to do this incredible hike!!! Congratulations!!!!! Enjoy your walk down, go slow and save the knees!!!! Can't wait to hear your stories from the mountain!

Chris and Paul - 2/19/2013

For: Marianne

Yay Marianne! I never had sny doubt you would do it. Be careful on the way down. Do you know my boyfriend's pipes froze. He's been without a shower for longer than you've been away. Enjoy your shower. We had Pub Night at the Taisho Bistro. Awesome sake. Awesome food. Next month at Dwyers..and I will buy you a drink! Keep calm and climb down!

Autumn / Pumpkins - 2/19/2013


Chris-you and everyone with you are KILIMANTASTIC!!! Way to go!...I want your autograph when you get back! Oh, Uncle Dave is still shaking his head and asking "why does anyone want to climb a mountain?" You'll have to explain why when you get back!..Stay safe.


For: All our heroes!

Congrats to all for a successful climb! Couldn't be more proud (and envious)! Enjoy the rest of the trip, the showers, Kili Beer and wonders of Africa! Great job! You've done something amazing and inspiring!

Paul and Linda Artruc '08 - 2/18/2013

For: Big T and Mooianne

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so very proud of both of you. What an amazing accomplishment. To be so close to Jacquie. Take it easy coming down. Love you both so much, cant wait to see you home safe & sound!

Aunt Deee - 2/18/2013

For: Joyce and Dave and Everyone

Congratulations, Everybody!

Bobure and Brady and Marjorie - 2/18/2013

For: Torey and Marianne

So happy for both of you. I know Jax was with you every step of the way and I'm sure she is smiling. Not a bad view from up there huh? I'm sure it's nothing compared to the view Jacquie sees everyday but for now it's probably close. I so wish she could have physically been there with you on the top because you know she would not have missed the chance to climb!! I believe that she was there though and so very proud. Congratulations and I can't wait to hear all about it!!

Sadie - 2/18/2013

For: All

Congratulations!!! You all did such an amazing job and made it so far. Everyone should be so proud! Now that you've climbed it go and enjoy a Kilimanjaro beer and celebrate your success. So happy for all of you!

Sadie - 2/18/2013

For: Troy

Outstanding!!!! You are inspirational! Troy you worked very hard to attain this. Looking forward to talking with you when you get back. Got to get you on the speakers tour.

Richard - 2/18/2013

For: Joyce and Dave

Type your message here... Joyce and Dave..way to go! Now the fun begins! Rod and Vicki

Rod and Vicki - 2/18/2013

For: The Garsins

Congrats on reaching the summit! We're both proud of you guys and can't wait to hear all about the trip (and see the great photos!) Safe travels and see you soon!

Kevin Alaina - 2/18/2013

For: Torey & Marianne

You did it!!! Amazing work everyone, we're all so proud of your incredible accomplishment!! Torey & Marianne, just a heads up, your flight out of Kili to Amsterdam is now leaving 15 minutes earlier than planned so you fly out at 9:35pm, not 9:50pm. Please make sure to heed this time change because we all can't wait to see you!!!! Congratulations, I hope you all get to relax a bit, you deserve it!!!

Kristen - 2/18/2013

For: Marianne&Torey

Congrats to both of you,Iknew you could it,Take it easy on the waY DOWN&ENJOY THE REST OF YOUR TRIP,CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU love ya dad!

Dad - 2/18/2013

For: Torey and team

Congratulations to Torey and all. This is a wonderful accomplishments of one of the 7 summits. Job well done. As some great folks in the past have said "Pain is temporary but quitting lasts for forever". Your adventure is now half over, but its all down hill from here. Keep your spirits high and your strides short. Congratulations

Wagar famil - 2/18/2013

For: Jennifer and Mike

You did it! Success. Now the decompression of coming off of the mountain. Bet you're happy that it is getting warmer as you descend. And the thought of showers and seeing animals (other than each other!). I heard on one of the audios that Mike led a yoga class. I knew you would! Have fun looking for animals.

jessica - 2/18/2013

For: Chris

Happy Dance! Not sure if you have enough oxygen to do one, but I am sure you will when you catch your breath! Congratulations to the group and my love, who I never doubted for a moment! What an accomplishment! Watch your step on the way down, have a nice long shower and a beer (or two). Can't wait to hear your personal report, Chris. Love, Me

Jen - 2/18/2013

For: Troy

Congratulations man, cant wait to hear all of the stories and see all of your pictures from Africa. Ill see you when you get back home

Andy - 2/18/2013

For: Torey

Congratulations!!! We knew you'd make it to the top!!! Alaways "Believing!!" Xoxo!!

The Tiburzi's - 2/18/2013

For: Marianne, Uncle Torey and all the climbers

You did it!! Words cannot express how proud I am of all of you! Not many people can say they made it to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro! I know Jax is smiling down on all of you. Congratulations and I can't wait to see the pictures!!!!!!!

Danielle - 2/18/2013

For: Torey, Marianne and all the climbers

So, so happy and proud! I bet it was absolutely amazing. Congrats on this huge accomplishment! Make it down safely, love you!

Megan D - 2/18/2013

For: Mom and Tom

Mom, I am so proud of you. Awesome job I'm sure it has been an awesome time.

Pat - 2/18/2013

For: Jim

So very proud of your efforts! Just think of the thousands of people who never make it that far. You are an inspiration. Thank you! Be careful on the way down and get home to your loved ones safely.

Aunt Deee - 2/18/2013

For: Marranne, Torey, Troy, Tom and All climbers

So proud of you people! We are truly family now! Birthed anew by Mother Kilimanjaro!

Bruce - 2/18/2013

For: Troy

Congratulations on climbing your mountain - I am very proud of you! Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing what you captured on film when you return to Keuka. WAY TO GO!!

Deb - 2/18/2013

For: The Garsins

Congrats to you and the rest of the group! I am so proud of you! Love you guys!

Lori - 2/18/2013

For: Marianne and Torey

Congratulations to the whole group! All your hard work and training has paid off. Be safe on the way down and enjoy the rest of your time in Africa. Bree

Bree - 2/18/2013

For: Tammy

Awesome accomplishment!! Congratulations! To think only a year ago you said "Do you think I can make it?" Good to hear your voice, the dogs' ears perked up and Jeepers talked back (of course) right before going back to sleep.

DC - 2/18/2013

For: Troy

A special congrats to you! I know all the time you put in to training and fundraising has inspired so many and will make a difference in so many lives. Enjoy the hike down and the rest of your trip.

Kilikaren - 2/18/2013

For: Tammy

Congrats girl! So happy for you and all the kili climbers. Enjoy all the wonderful oxygen on the way down.

Karen - 2/18/2013

For: Troy

You did it!! I knew you would. 3yrs of planning, training, and fundraising. I am so proud of you. I hope it was everything you wanted it to be and more.I love you. Can't wait to hear your voice. Chris, way to go!!! Thank you to the wonderful African guides, I know they couldnt have done it without you!

Sandi - 2/18/2013

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