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Date: February 17, 2013 2 pm
Location: High Camp, 16,000 feet.

Here is an audio post from the gang. Download or listen:

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For: Torey

Tor, Sandy Bamks called me asnd asked me to send you her love and congratulations! So to you from Sandy-CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Love, Sandy

Sharon - 2/18/2013

For: Moo and Uncle Torey

Moo, I can't tell you how wonderful it was to hear your voice!! It brought tears to my eyes. By now you have reached the top and are on your way back down. YOU DID IT !! I am so incredibly proud of you both and the rest of your group and thankful to all of the guides and porters who have assisted you along the way- this would not have been possible without them so THANK YOU! Have a Safe journey down!! I love you both and I'm so very proud of you!!

Katie - 2/18/2013

For: To All the Kili Heros

Confucious said "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop".You didn't stop and YOU MADE IT1 CONGRATULATIONS to all of you.Although we have not met you,our pride in you is strong.What you have accomplished will stay with you for a lifetime and beyond.Few people can say they have been to the top of the world.Thank you for being such great companions for Tor and Marinne and for hleping them to realize their dream.Enjoy your success and arrive home safely.Sharon

Sharon - 2/18/2013

For: Torey and Marinanne

"To accomplish great things we must not only act,but also dream, not only plan,but also BELIEVE."(A.France)YOU DID IT!We are so proud of what you have shown the world, and what you have done for Jacquie.Her fight and courage became yours and you showed us all that the stars are in reach if we BELIEVE.You set your goal and you let nothing stand in your way.You let your love for Jacquie take you to a place few will ever know.Can't wait until you are home. Love,Sharon and Forever Jacquie

Sharon - 2/18/2013

For: Marianne Torey and Kili Climbers 2013

10:15pm here - 6:15am there--CONGRATULATIONS - YOU DID IT! I'm so proud of you! Take care coming down-can't wait to see the pics! Can't wait til you are both home safe and sound. Love Me

Mom/Sheryl - 2/18/2013

For: Chris

You did it! You did it! I know by the time you read this you will have made it to the summit and be celebrating! We are all very proud of you,like everything you set out to do, you follow through and reach your goals. Congratulations, relish the success! (ketchup and mustard too, please!) I LOVE YOU! Jen

Jen - 2/17/2013

For: Mooie and Uncle Torey

10:02pm our time 6:02am Ur time....we are toasting soco lime shots to u as u all celebrate at the top we celebrate at the bottom!! Cheers to Raegan on her bday and u guys to the amazing accomplishment! Always believing!

Sissy, Kerri and Raegan - 2/17/2013

For: Torey and Marianne

By the time you read this message you'll be back at camp after hopefully having enjoyed an amazing sunrise and most importantly, some amazing juice! I hope everyone is feeling well and feeling very proud. You're all amazing!! Thinking of you on your journey down, watch your step! Great job to everyone.

Sadie - 2/17/2013

For: Torey

Your soooo close to the top! Good luck as you get there!! Today the sevens competed at RGA and we did awesome! Me gabs and j all got nines on floor and I qualified for states today. Even lauren and alyssa went to cheer us on which was nice. We miss you! See you soon

Rachel and the level seven team - 2/17/2013

For: Moo

I'm so proud of you! Take lots of pictures for me! Love you, Blue!

Blue - 2/17/2013

For: Uncle Torey

You are almost there!! Jax is by your side every step of the way! All you need is faith, trust, and a little bit of pixy dust!! I BELIEVE!!

Danielle - 2/17/2013

For: Moo

God, It's good to hear your voice! Words can't express how proud of you I am!! I love you so much and can't wait until you are finally home so I can give you a big hug!!

Danielle - 2/17/2013

For: One and all

You spend your blood your sweat and your tears You get your Joy your laughter and your African beers Stumbling skyward like the mountains child Humbled by the mountain and its beauty so wild Climbing all day that deep sleep at night When we get to the summit it will be alright

Bruce - 2/17/2013

For: Marianne

I'm so glad to hear your voice! I believe! I believe in you! I know you're doing it, or probably done it by now. I am so very proud of you! You're on of the most amazing people I know. It's miserably cold here but I bet it gets warmer when you come home. It's been amazing to track you! Africa. You went to Africa and climbed a mountain. You. Are. Effin. Amazing! Thank you for doing a voice post. I teared up too. I love you!

Autumn / Pumpkins - 2/17/2013

For: Joyce and David

I'm so excited for you and your fellow climbers. I hope you are well and are able to hike to the summit. I think I saw you in one of the pictures. Be sure to get a photo of yourselves and the mountain to post or save for when you come home. Wow! Be well!

Irene and David - 2/17/2013

For: Eric

Wow, you made they cover. Spent the morning With Lori and the kids. Madeleine is having a Sleep over at Stephanie's.Cold and snowy here today. Thinking of you and enjoy the sunrise on summit Day. Love to all. .

Kathy and Bob - 2/17/2013

For: Danielle

Saw Eric's picture so you all must be doing OK. It looks like you guys are getting to the summit tomorrow. I assume we'll see pics of you and Paul somewhere along the way if not on top of Kili. Had breakfast with Lori and the kids this morning. Those boys! Take care and say hi to all. P.S. If Tammy Dossman is on your trip, tell Eric that she is a friend of Tom & Pat Bates

Bob Metz - 2/17/2013

For: The 2013 Kilimanjaro Climbers

When u get this it will be after a great success so here is some humor for u: top 5 reasons why mountain climbing is better than sex: 5-guidebooks tell u how many visitors have been there b4 u 4-the only rubber u wear is on Ur feet 3-u can pick the length of Ur route 2-a climb can last all day and finally #1 everybody peaks at the summit!! Congrats u guys!!! I have no doubt u all made it!! Ang

Sissy - 2/17/2013

For: Marianne and all climbers

So good to hear your voice mountain sister. You are summiting as I write. We are so proud of you all. We know this ain't no picnic. We are with you every step of they way and can't wait to give you the hero's welcome you all deserve. Soak in every minute your time in Africa is precious.

Bruce - 2/17/2013

For: Moo

I didn't hear the audio yet and ang called me crying to tell me you were on it. I was like, why are you crying, be happy! But now I listened to it and I'm crying too!! I'm so proud of you!! You sound good!! You're almost there!! I'm tracking the time over there too and you've already started the last climb! Enjoy every min of it!!! Take lots of pics of you two at the top!! Can't wait for you to come home and hear all about it! Love you and BELIEVING in all of you!!

Kerri - 2/17/2013

For: Marianne and all climbers

Marianne it is sooo good to hear your voice. You sound tired, but determined! Stay the course and you will all see the most amazing sunrise ever. I want to thank all the climbers for taking such good care of each other, and helping each other along the way. I can't imagine what you have gone through to get to this point. Sending all our prayers and love from home. Can't wait to read the next post that you have all made it and are safely on your way down..Love me :-)

Mom - 2/17/2013

For: Moo

It's exactly midnight your time and I have anxiety I can imagine what u are going through! U won't get this until morning but because I stalk the site I was able to just get the audio and I am I tears to Finally hear your voice!!!! I am so proud of u Mooie when u get this know we were thinking of u and uncle Torey an all the others on this most difficult day!! Most rewarding day!!!!

Sissy - 2/17/2013

For: Eric

Wow! Who is that handsome man!!?? Almost there!! Hope you are feeling ok and can really take it all in. Thinking of all of you!!

Lori - 2/17/2013

For: Moo

Hi moo, Good to hear your voice, I knew you could it, just a little further. I love you ,keep safe!Love DAD

Dad - 2/17/2013

For: the Gang

you are champions! no matter how far you get, you are doing it and we send you our love and good energy from half way around the world. Take it slow, breath and know we are so proud of you!

Ginny Norris'10er - 2/17/2013

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