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Date: February 8, 2 pm
Location: Saddle Hut on Mt Meru, 11,700 feet. Partly cloudy, 60 degrees

Unrelenting uphill with unrelenting spectacular views. Still sign of water buffalo but we did not yet need to shoot one. Passed one lovely chameleons. Great hut with views toward Kili. White necked ravens very aggressive. Hikers not aggressive so far. Starting to feel a little altitude. Some pondering climbing Little Meru, 13,700 this afternoon if we cant get a volley ball game going. Tonight is summit night. We get up after midnight and climb to dawn over the daunting knife edge. Wish us luck. Top is 15,000 feet.

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For: Danielle

This picture has to be you--looking good so far.

Ann - 2/9/2013

For: Troy

Keep on trucking uphill! All that training is paying off. We are following you all the way to the top. Richard

Duffy Books - 2/9/2013

For: Troy

Happy Anniversary! Hope you are having a wonderful time, sounds like you are seeing some incredible sights. Hope the summit climb went well. I love you.

Sandi - 2/9/2013

For: The Gardin Crew

Hello Garsins and PPSers! We are covered in white gold here in Rochester and due for some great XC skiing this weekend. Hope your summit attempt was a success. Looking forward to future updates! Best, Seann, Kate, Tessa, and Keelyn

Clan McArdle - 2/9/2013

For: Jim

Hope your climb goes well. Lots of snow coming down tonight but nothing like in New England. Good luck.

The gang - 2/8/2013

For: Eric, Danielle and Paul

It's a blizzard in Rochester! We are enjoying a few beers in your honor. The trip sounds amazing so far!!!! Keep trekking!

Steph and Jeff - 2/8/2013

For: Christoher Lilly

Following you on the Kindle.Remember pictures.Have fun, be safe.Keep looking up. Love you.

Mom and Dad 2/8/2013 - 2/8/2013

For: Eric

Your business is falling apart! I'm kidding, all is well. Enjoy your climb. It is wonderful having some down time here :) Watch out for those water buffalo!

Sara - 2/8/2013

For: Eric, Paul, and Danielle

Hi everyone! Kathy just sent us this link. So thrilled to be able to keep up with your awesome trip. It must be exhilarating and amazing. Be safe!

Cheryl Ferris - 2/8/2013

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