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Date: February 7th, 6:30 pm.
Location: Miriakamba hut on Mt Meru - 8 miles hiked. 8,100 feet

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For: Garsin Clan

Love reading and hearing your updates. Will we get a chance to hear your voices? Snow storm predicated later Friday afternoon. Be safe everyone. XOX

Kathy and Bob - 2/8/2013

For: Paul Garsin

Paul, Have a fantastic trek! Stay safe and take marvelous pictures! All is well at the top of the hill here. No snow yet, but 6-12" predicted by Saturday morning. Thinking of you all! Kevin

Kevin A. - 2/8/2013

For: Kili Group

Hope you all had a good trip over. Us folks in Rochester are snowed in, no flights out until Sunday sometime. We are thinking about jumping in the car tonight and driving to Washington so that we can make our Saturday morning flight. We hope it all works out and that we see you soon.

Tammy - 2/7/2013

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