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Date: November 20th, Thursday
Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

We have all arrived safely after a wonderful airplane flight from Lukla at 7 am. This is our last post. We will be checking the blog but not posting anymore.

Today we will be enjoying relaxing in the Tibetan area near Buddha. Here is a large stupa where in the evening many come to pray, swinging prayer wheels and chanting around the large white stupa.

Tomorrow we will visit the famous monkey temple and more of old Kathmandu. In the evening we will go visit our friend Kathy who lives on the edge of the city. Her daughter is working in the poorest areas of the city. Always an interesting visit.

If you would like to learn more about Melissa's trek here for pancreatic cancer, see

We have really appreciated your support. Next live blogs are from Kilimanjaro in mid January. If you know of anyone interested in Bhutan or Everest Base Camp in fall 2014, please let us know. And namaste to all of you!

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For: All

Hello all. Hope all packed up. And ready to fly to home sweet home. After long exiting adventurous Himalayan trek. It won't be fun without daily post updates. Have nice flight.

Mayank - 11/22/2013

For: Kemily

Kemily and All! What a trip! Kathmandu experience sounds wonderful! Enjoy the spiritual Tibetan moment(s). Indulge and soak in all their wonderful culture has to offer you. Went to Breathe Yoga (East Ave) tonight and thought of you, Em. Miss you and can't wait till your return. Mari

Mari - 11/21/2013

For: Melissa

Hi Mom! I couldn't miss leaving you a message on the last post since I did all the others! I can't wait to tell you about everything and hear all about your crazy adventures! Safe travels to all! Love you and MIss you! Namaste!!

Kassi - 11/21/2013

For: Ed

Good to see the picture of you in classic climbing form! Hope to hear from you once you have access to the net. Enjoy India.

Tom - 11/21/2013

For: Soha

Wow- such an incredible journey!! Enjoy to the fullest :)

Rachna and Jay - 11/21/2013

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