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Date: Tuesday, January 28
Location: Moshi, 2500 feet

Only yesterday we were on the summit. Today we sip beer, shower, celebrate. The picture is a shout out to the incredible Africans who worked so hard and without we would not have got to the summit.

Yesterday was not without its drama after we wrote. We ended up in a torrential downpour and got soaked to the skin.

Today we broke camp with a morning jam session for one last time.

Tomorrow we head out on safari. We will post one last post with animal pics.

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For: Rick & all Climbers

Congratulations to everyone who made the summit trek! I remember it being one of the most amazing feelings of accomplishment, one I will never forget. So to all of you "welcome to the club"... I am sure Rick and the guides are taking excellent care of all of you and your gear! It is a long and difficult process but watching that sun come up from the top of the world makes it all worthwhile. Congrats and hope to meet some of you at the Inca trail in 15'

TJ - Kili 2011 - 1/29/2014

For: Maggie,Kevin and fellow climbers

CONGRATS. All of your should be proud of preparing for your goal and accomplishing it. Or in the immortal words of George Peppard from the A Team-" I Love It When A Plan Comes Together." Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Bill and Sue - 1/28/2014

For: Harry

You made it! That's awesome. CAn't wait for animal pics. ...and don't listen to Mike T. We only lost the 2 accounts you were trying to protect before you left. So all is fine. Enjoy!!

Mike D. - 1/28/2014

For: Harry & all

How was that first shower??? Maybe almost as good as the beer! Enjoy the safari....keep quiet and no sudden movements...and pic after pic after pic. Looking forward to seeing what animals are active this time of year. And especially safe travels home.

Marianne & Dan - 1/28/2014

For: Everyone

So proud of all of you!! I climbed last year & know first hand the challenges that can get in the way. But never the less, you fight through them all to witness some incredible, amazing, beautiful scenery. Could not have done it without Rick,(HEEEEYY RICK, miss you!!) all the porter & guides, & the amazing cooks :) It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, you make forever friends, share stories & this journey will last with you forever. An amazing trip!!! xo Get home safe &

Marianne Fleming - 1/28/2014

For: Charlie and Harry

Glad to hear that you and all your comrades made the trip safely and had a good time. Now that this challenge is complete - what is next on your bucket list?

Sue Amo - 1/28/2014

For: Harry

Enjoy your beer! Have a great time on your safari -take lots of photos!

shannon - 1/28/2014

For: Harry

Congrats! We are so proud of you!! Can not wait till you get home to hear all the stories:) yayay you did it! Love you!

Donnajean and Matt - 1/28/2014

For: harry

follow you every day, this is the best part, you did it and survived. beer never tasted so good

mike shevlin - 1/28/2014

For: Harry

We have been following the posts on a daily basis and look forward to reading about your adventures. For someone who won't experiment with condiments you are sure the most adventurous in the family. I would love to see one of your jam fests. Hopefully at least one was recorded. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing about your experiences.

George K - 1/28/2014

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