• Cycling down the stunning coastline of southern Vietnam past turquoise bays, white beaches and palm tree-lined rice fields.
  • Explore the majestic Royal Tombs of Hue and ascend the Hai Van Cloud Pass for vast views of tropical mountains falling into the sea.
  • Drift back in time while walking the cobblestone streets of Hoi An, a 2,200 year old trading port
  • Relax and swim at the beach resort of Nha Trang.
  • Overnight on a boat Halong Bay as the sunsets.
  • 4-star lodging where available.
  • Explore both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).
  • Village visits and interacting with local people along the way.


Discover the essence of this remarkable country. This is a chance to explore this tropical gem and its people by bike. The daily distances are moderate, several hours of riding (20 to 38 miles per day) with a focus on discovering the culture and lifestyle of these lovely people. The bike route was chosen by working with "Joe", our Vietnamese friend (he is passionate about sharing his country) to keep us on less-used roads and to access quieter places. We have added in planes, boats, buses and trains to be able to access the highlights of this mainly coastal tour. The goal was to create a route to sample both the north and the south but to interact as much as we can with local people by using bicycles as a tool. Group is limited to 11 people.

Meets in Hanoi
Saturday, November 14 - Sunday, November 22, 2026
Cost: from $3,890/person including bikes and most items once in country.

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