• Explore the exotic city of Marrakech, its markets, baths, and history
  • Stay in a traditional riad, a luxurious Moroccan mansion
  • Hike under the highest point in the Atlas Mountains
  • Explore traditional Berber villages
  • A variety of activities- camel riding, quad running, biking, even surfing lessons!
  • Share in local culture with our local guides
  • Traveling during the shoulder season means less people. It will be cooler in the mountains, warm in Marrakech, and very pleasant on the coast.
  • Optional camel trek through the Sahara to an exotic desert camp after the trip


We will begin our adventure in Marrakech, staying in a riad, which is a traditional Moroccan palace. For two days we'll explore spice markets, spas and all this exotic city has to offer.

Then come the mountains and valleys. Sprawling along the frontier of the Sahara, Morocco’s mighty Atlas Mountains run all the way from the Atlantic coast to the northern Rif Mountains, separating the cities from the desert. Capped with snow throughout the winter months and cloaked with wildflowers through the summer, the rocky plateaus and lush valleys of the Atlas Mountains provide a striking backdrop for hiking. The rugged mountain terrain is also home to Morocco’s remaining Berber tribes, affording us the opportunity to experience the unique life and culture of the Berbers. Here we will stay with the Berbers, mountain bike, and hike.  

Next we head for the coast. Staying in a traditional harbor town, we will ride camels, surf and explore before we have to return home or continue on an optional desert adventure in the Sahara.

Meets in Marrakech
Saturday, October 11th - Saturday, October 25th, 2025
Optional Sahara Safari to follow
Cost: $3,990/person (Sahara extension additional)

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