$100 goes a long way in Tanzania. It's wages for 2 weeks of work for a local builder. It's many, many pounds of the concrete needed to build a small 3-room house. It's also the donation amount that gets you a brick in one of those houses. And now, thanks to the generous contributions of a couple PPS friends, it's your chance to win! If you buy a brick for the Women's House Building effort, you'll be eligible to receive a $4,400 prayer flag necklace of gold or a private plane ride for you and a couple friends! Click here to learn more about the project and make a donation. Every $100 places your name in the raffle. When making your contribution, please specify which raffle you'd like to enter. Number of chances limited to 40 for the necklace and 15 for the plane ride, so you'd better act fast. Your generosity will make a world of difference for a mother and her children! Let's Do Something Together!


    Why leave the warmth of your family to ride horses across Mongolia, summit some of the world's highest mountains, or live in an igloo for a month of Yellowstone winter? Join Rick on November 9th as he attempts to answer this question through a multimedia story-telling presentation to the Genesee Chapter of ADK. He'll talk about how his adventures all over the world have shaped his own personal journey to make heartfelt connections with the people he meets. By sharing the beauty, kindness, and experience in each of us, we continue to write the human story connecting us all. Meeting details can be found here. Everyone is welcome!


    Ever wonder what the scenery is like in Bhutan or how extreme the trek on the Inca Trail is? Our videos give you a glimpse into the world of adventure you can find on a PPS trip! Whether it's the journey to Everest Base Camp, hiking in the Pacific Northwest, or packrafting across Alaska that interests you, we've documented many of our adventures for you to experience. And since we're always out exploring, be sure to keep checking back for the latest postings. You might just discover the destination of your next adventure!


    We love living in the moment to get all we can out of our adventures, but that means we have to think ahead- check out what PPS has planned for 2018! We're going to new places (Cuba and Croatia), some old favorites are returning (Utah Canyons and Inca Trail), and Reed has got some fabulous photo trips planned. If you let us know which trips strike your fancy, we'll place you on the interested list and get you an info packet as soon as it's available! As for 2017, Randy has a few spots left on his Lakes, Castles, & Canals of Germany boat trip- contact us if you'd like to join him! Happy adventuring!

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