Raising Voices, Raising Roofs was a culmination of a lifetime of adventure and connection. Tears were shared by many during this powerful immersion into the lives of our porters. The music we made together, the physical labor we did side by side, and the bonds created while planting trees and cleaning up the community illustrate the universal connection we have as people, no matter our background. This was made even more meaningful after we slept in their two-room houses and shared meals with their families. We have all returned forever changed. You can witness the bonds in photos and videos here and in the daily blog here. Join us during the next two years as we continue this experience in Tanzania on Women's House Building in February and another Raising Voices Raising Roofs in 2018. You don't want to miss these amazing opportunities to deepen the connection of our Worldwide Community!
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    Rick's cooling off for the rest of the summer- he's headed to Iceland and Greenland for August! Beginning on August 7th, he'll be posting daily updates of all his adventures in the Land of the Midnight Sun. He's there through August 23rd, when he hops over for a week in Greenland. Be sure to check the live updates for all the excitement!


    Over the course of a year, Pack Paddle Ski will have lead adventures on each of the 7 continents! Starting this past February, Rick explored the shores and summits of New Zealand (we're counting this one for Australia), the canyons of Utah, and the rich community in Tanzania. Reed and his photographers captured the beauty of Peru. This summer holds adventure in Mongolia, Iceland and Greenland, Germany, Norway, Spain, and Oregon. PPS will make tracks on the most extreme continent next January, when Rick and Reed head to Antarctica for adventure on The Ice. The live updates will let you catch a glimpse of all the world has to offer!


    We love living in the moment to get all we can out of our adventures, but that means we have to think ahead- check out what PPS has planned for 2018! Reed has got some fabulous photo trips planned for 2017- some new destinations (the Amazon) and an old favorite (Luxury Photo Safari). Be sure to request an info packet! Looking back, the first year of the Teen Adventure Program was a success! Many thanks to the 200 Club and all those who contributed. Check out one of their adventures here, and read what some of the teens have to say about the experience here. Happy adventuring!

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