Rick is on his way to wander under the world's highest peaks. He and his friends are trekking from tea hut to local lodge through the beauty of Nepal. First trip starts October 9th, and the second one on October 29th. He'll be sharing his adventures on our live updates. Check daily for fun photos and great stories! There's also a log of all our old posts, so feel free to browse past trips to be inspired to have an adventure of your own!


    Ten years ago Rick Cullinan was preparing to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro as part of JOI. Now his daughter is doing the same in his memory. Courtney, pictured on the right in the photo with some training partners, will be embarking on a journey to the top of Africa in March, 2019. Her memorial climb is fundraising for survivorship at Wilmot Cancer Center. To learn more about her efforts to get to the summit and find out how you can help, visit her sponsorship page. If you are interested in making the trip up Kilimanjaro, we are going again in 2020! Rick has passed the torch to Jaima who will be taking a small group to the top. Click here for details!


    Nick's Fund, a scholarship to support a young person experience the outdoors, recently raised almost $4,000 with the annual golf tournament and chicken dinner! This year the funds are going to a young woman who has suffered a brain injury and will be joining us in February for the Women's Projects in Lake Eyasi. There is still space if you'd like to come along! And we're working hard to raise the funds for the projects themselves- some new houses with inside toilets, a duka (store in Swahili), and other efforts such as planting trees. Find out more about the projects and how you can help here.


    It's time to dream! Is there an adventure that you've always wanted to have, a place you've always wanted to visit, or a culture you've always wanted to experience? So often we hear, "That trip is on my bucket list!" or "I've promised myself I am going to do that one day." As Rick slowly moves into retirement, he's hoping to spend his days creating for others the connections he's made in his decades of adventure- bringing together community, culture, nature and self. Let us know what adventure you've been dreaming of, and we can make those connections for you.


    There's still a chance to experience the world with us in 2019! Reed has two amazing photo trips: Alaskan Grizzly Bear Safari in August has a few spots left, and we just opened up Photo Bhutan in October. Perhaps you'd like to stay closer to home and head west with Rick on an Extreme Grand Canyon adventure or mountain biking the White Rim in Utah. You could also relax on a houseboat in Lake Powell! Rick isn't slowing down in 2020 either- Biking in Vietnam, 4x4 Adventure in Southwest Australia, and back to Morocco for a trek through the mountains and the desert. Reed is off to Easter Island & Patagonia, as well as a small group trip to Cuba to document the life of the Cuban people. If any of these interest you, email us and we'll get the information packet as soon as it's complete!

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