It's finally true- we are actually slowing down! We have only a few openings this year and next, but the trips are EPIC! If you want to do one of the world-classic hiking treks, this is your lucky day- we have some space on September's Inca Trail and a possible spot or 2 on Everest Base Camp in October. As many of you know, we do prefer the unbeaten path, and we are excited to return to the Mustang region of Nepal with a very small group in November. Let us know soon if you are interested in coming along! In February 2025 we have a spot for one male on a private adventure trip to Patagonia to hike the "O" and have a look around the tip of South America. Send us an email if you're interested! We're always looking for a reason to get out and play, so let us know if you want to explore!


    We love big outdoor adventures, but our traveling hearts truly lie with our friends around the world. We are so excited to be heading to Tanzania to help build a couple of dormitories for girls in our longtime Kili guide Yusuf's home village of Usangi, Tanzania. The friends that are joining us have raised money to buy computers to bring along so we can all work with the students to learn how to use them. We'll be helping to finish off the building that has been started, spend time with the students in the school, and learn more about Tanzanian culture with the people in the community. Thanks to all of you who have contributed to the project! You can see the progress by checking the Life Matters Facebook page while we're there starting on March 10th. The dorms will allow girls to stay safe at school studying instead of walking up to 6 miles home and back each day. Details on the project and ways to help can be found HERE. We've also committed to supporting the children of our guides and porters through college, and we are sponsoring a total of 7 students in Lake Eyasi. Please consider making a donation to change a life!


    It's a broken record around here these days... over and over we comment on the amazing people that make up the PPS community. As you can imagine, lots of paths have crossed over the life of Pack Paddle Ski. Lifelong friendships form, leading to more adventures with great groups of people. People have met their partners on trips, including Rick and two out of the three other French brothers. Parents bring along their kids, and the kids grow up and want to adventure again with PPS. "I learned how to cross-country ski with you guys 30 years ago!" is something we hear often. The PPS family spans generations, crosses borders, and continues to grow. PPS won't end when we stop traveling- it will go on in all of us whenever we remember that life-changing trip, meet up with traveling buddies, or just get out for a walk on a beautiful day. Thank you for being part of it. The connections we have formed on this incredible journey are the piece that will last forever and the true product of PPS. Let's keep adventuring!

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