Rick's off to explore Ethiopia on a new PPS trip- the daily posts will be a must-see on our live updates page documenting this new journey- check it out for photos and stories of the adventure (or friend us on Facebook for updates in your newsfeed)! He'll also be visiting the land purchased for Raising Voices, Raising Roofs, and posting updates on the Life Matters Facebook page!

    Rick and friends recently returned from a wild wine adventure in Patagonia! They trekked on the ice of the Viedma Glacier, hiked near Fitz Roy, one of the world's most beautiful mountains, wandered through flower-filled valleys, and visited some of the region's famous wineries by bike. Read all about it in the daily posts, and while you're there, check in on Rick's last Kili climb in his live updates!

    Our travels have made one thing clear- making connections with others brings us greater understanding of what is most important in life. From this realization has come Life Matters. It incorporates Journeys of Inspiration, the 200 Club, our scholarship program, and Journeys of Solutions projects to create a worldwide community celebrating all that makes Life Matter. The new Facebook page will have stories, photos, videos, and updates on our adventures together. If you are interested in being a part of this effort, "like" the Facebook page to contribute and stay updated on the latest endeavors. Please join us as we go outside and Do Something Together!

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