Introducing COVID 990 Adventures! With international travel unlikely for some time, we're looking to fire up some of our favorite domestic trips this fall as a way to connect with friends, enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, and keep PPS going until the world reopens. Email us immediately if you are interested in Horse and Packraft in Montana in July, Packraft Alaska in August, Hiking with Llamas in the Rockies and Sea Kayaking in Maine in September, or Utah in October- Slot Canyons, Exploring Bear's Ears, or Day Hiking by 4x4 in the Maze. Each camping adventure would be $990 (equipment rental and add-ons additional) and limited to 4 people. As the ever-changing pieces of travel begin to fall into place, we'll finalize trip details and invite friends in order of response. So if you want to go, let us know! It's a time to have something to look forward to.


    Everyone has been affected by the pandemic, and we're hearing so many stories of struggle and heartache. For some of our friends around the world, the impact goes way beyond a toilet paper shortage and the new responsibility of homeschooling kids. The sudden halt of tourism has left many without an income, resulting in the inability to feed themselves and their families. In response, we've been working to raise money for emergency financial relief for some of our guides, porters, and the women of Lake Eyasi. There has been an outpouring of support, and we've raised over $10,000 to send to Nepal, Bhutan, Morocco, and Tanzania. Unfortunately, the need will continue while tourism is down, and the incomes of others will be affected as well. Email us if you would like to help! It's a time to do what we can.


    Wondering what is happening with your upcoming trip? You're not alone- we are wondering this too! Travel bans, flight schedules, change policies, and the spread of the virus are changing daily. We are constantly assessing the situation around each trip and making decisions based on all the information we have at that moment. We are making backup plans for backup plans. So while we may not know with certainty right now exactly how your particular trip will play out, we do have a process in place for how we come to our decisions. We've also modified our refund policy in order for you to receive the most money back in the event of a cancellation. You can find more specifics here. It's a time for all of us to be patient and understanding, and we greatly appreciate yours as we navigate the unknown.

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