This year filled fast, but there are still a few spots left on next year's trips! We have a couple openings on Inca Trail, a space for one woman on Everest Base Camp, and we've just created a return trip to the Mustang region of Nepal! We're planning 2025, so let us know if you're interested in joining us hiking in Scotland, paddling in Maine, playing in the Azores, or exploring Morocco! See our list of adventures for any openings or new trips! Send us an email if you're interested in a private adventure. We're always looking for a reason to get out and play!


    The best things that have come from over 40 years of travel are the relationships we have formed with our friends around the world. These friendships have opened up so many opportunities for the PPS community to make our world a better place. With your incredible support, we have been able to improve the loves of so many. Thank you! As we wind down our adventures, we are doing fewer large projects and focusing our efforts on education and the support of students. Our upcoming trip to help build a dormitory for girls in our lontime Kili guide Yusuf's home village of Usangi, Tanzania is our last major project. The dorm will allow them to stay safe at school studying instead of walking up to 6 miles home and back each day. We still need your help to supply all the funds needed for the building! Details on the projects and ways to help can be found HERE. We've also committed to supporting the children of our guides and porters through college, and we are sponsoring a total of 7 students in Lake Eyasi. Please consider making a donation to change a life!


    Yes, we know we've been saying that we're slowing down, that Rick is retiring, that we aren't doing as much... and we also know that if you look at our calendars we appear to be big fat liars. The truth is we are going to be cutting way back soon, but not before a year of some big ones for one last time! If you've ever had a major hike on your bucket list, start planning for 2024- we're going to Inca Trail AND Everest Base Camp! We're cramming the year with world classics so you have a chance to join us on the ancient road in South America or by the start of the highest climb on Earth. These are famous treks, but our long-time friendships with the guides and connections with local people make for adventures that have depth not so well-known. Let us introduce you to our worldwide friends to make your big adventure even better! These two trips have very limited space, so email us if you are interested and we'll send you the details ASAP!

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