The Raising Voices, Raising Roofs Volunteer Adventure is fast approaching! We've been very successful raising funds in support of building houses for our porters and their families- THANK YOU to all those who contributed to our goal of $40,000! Now we're going to raise our voices to contribute to the musical effort of building community with our African friends. Please join us for the third RVRR Benefit Concert! Featuring Maria Gillard Trio and Watkins and the Rapiers, this concert is sure to be a blast! Tickets can be purchased at the door; February 21st at Lovin' Cup- hope to see you there!
    Let's Do Something Together!


    Rick is headed to the top of the world! In October, 2017 he's exploring the beauty and mystery of Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Visit dzongs perched on the edge of towering cliffs and hike along ancient paths under the towering mountains. Local flights need to be arrange far in advance, so if you are interested, register early! The next October will find Rick at Everest Base Camp. He's trekking on trails with yak herders and school children on his way to the starting point of the world's most famous climb. This time he's staying in local lodges- an experience not to be missed! Contact the office for details.


    New Zealand, here we come! Rick and friends will soon be exploring the breathtaking scenery of the South Island. You can experience all the adventure on their live updates! From the blow holes and Pancake Rocks of the west coast to the rugged terrain of the Kepler Track, Rick will make daily blog posts so you can see the beauty and hear the stories each day. The updates will begin on February 24th with a visit to the Hanmer Hot Springs!


    Life at PPS is rather busy these days. Rick is manning a table at this weekend's Banff Mountain Film Festival at RIT- stop by and say hi! Click here for tickets. The 200 Club's 2015 Annual Report is up- over 10 different project were possible with the club's support! 2016's scheduled efforts are on there as well. And we're working on getting the last of the Machu Picchu permits for April's Peru Photo Explorer trip- if you're interested in joining Reed Hoffmann on this amazing, colorful, cultural experience, contact the office to register. Happy adventuring!

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