In spite of the uncertainty of travel, we are working hard to get outside and explore! We've had to completely rethink the next couple years of trips, canceling or rescheduling almost everything in 2021. But do not despair - we are planning some great adventures to some of our favorite places in the country. All the trips will be small groups, low cost, and mostly camping. Want to sea kayak in Maine or the Everglades? Packraft the Arctic or the Montana wilderness? Perhaps you'd like to hike down desert canyons in Utah or up granite mountains in Wyoming. Look HERE to see the list of trips we're thinking of running and let us know if any of them interest you. This is trip planning by consensus- the most popular will be the ones we do. The first people to show interest will be the first ones to get the chance to register. Hope you will come join us outside!


    Tourism has ground to a halt, leaving many of our friends around the world without an income and struggling to feed themselves and their families. Thanks to the generosity of so many of our PPS friends, we've been able to raise money for emergency financial relief for some of our guides, porters, and the women of Lake Eyasi. There has been an outpouring of support, and our efforts have helped many families in Nepal, Bhutan, Morocco, and Tanzania. But the need for support goes on. We are still providing COVID relief and we have committed to supporting our ongoing projects. Click HERE to contribute to Lightness' Womens Projects, Guides & Porters, or the Yusuf Project through Journeys of Solutions. If you prefer, we could direct your donation to where it's needed most. Thank you for your continued support of our worldwide PPS community!


    As you may imagine, the possibility of international travel in 2021 looks unlikely. Over the next few months we will be finalizing plans on how we will proceed with each trip we have scheduled and contacting all participants with information on the chosen course of action. While our refund policy does state that any refund must come through your travel insurance, we are going to offer to give back as much money as we can on all canceled trips. The amount you receive will be dependent on how much we have already spent on deposits, airfare, and other logistics, and how much of those costs we can recoop. We are not retaining any of your payments for profit or to cover any business expenses. We have reduced or eliminated salaries and are using savings to keep the business running. Please be patient with us as we work to get you as much money back as we can. Thank you for your understanding.

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