Are you ready for an adventure? Even though international travel has slowed in opening up, we are filling in our year with trips we can make happen and getting our inspiration from you! Many of the things we are doing are driven by our friends' desire to explore. If you're thinking of getting out, let us know. We have time in July for something like sea kayaking in Maine, backpacking in Wyoming's Wind River Range, or canoeing in the wilds of Canada. There is also one spot left on Big Bend, a week of packrafting on the Rio Grande in March. Check out the full list of adventures to keep updated on our plans as countries open up and we plan the next couple years. Have a destination idea of your own but you want some help making it happen? Give us a call. We are creating trips that balance safety, financial risk, and the desire to get out. Hope you will come join us outside!


    In February we are returning to Tanzania! Thanks to your unbelievable generosity, we have secured enough funding to build the daycare center in Lake Eyasi that is so critical for the safety of the children of the village and their mothers' ability to work. Check out Life Matters for updates on the building and our friends while Jaima is there. You can also see how our other projects are going and learn about new efforts we've started. For example, our Ethiopian friend Tegistu is working to find support for families like Nigiste's (pictured) that have been impacted by the civil war in his country. Not only are they mourning the lost of a father, husband, or child, but they are also losing the people who provide for them. Click HERE to contribute to the Ethiopian Relief Fund, Lightness' Women's Projects, Yusuf's Kilimanjaro Projects, or the Yusuf, Guides & Porters Scholarships through Journeys of Solutions. If you prefer, we could direct your donation to where it's needed most. Thank you so much for all you have already done!


    We had just crossed over this intensely striated slick rock ridge to stop for the night in an amazing valley in Southern Utah. As is our habit in the desert, we were lying under the stars as the wind picked up and the first rain fell. We moved and set up a tarp. After 2 hours of 40 mph wind tearing the tarp and sand blowing in our faces, we made the decision to move down canyon in the dark to find better protection. No sooner than we had the tarp up in our new location when the rain came in with thunder and lightning and a downpour so loud you could not hear. Then a jet engine was heard down canyon. Nope, no engine, a flash flood was roaring off the walls. In minutes the dry bed above us was also a huge cataract. In the dark we gaged the pool's ability to receive the deluge. The stream overflowed the pool and split around us. We had inches to spare. Sitting cozy under the tarp, after about 2 more hours, the rain slowed and with ear plugs we slept. What an adventure! Nature is so powerful. It is good to be reminded of our place in the universe.

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