Want to sea kayak in Maine in September? Perhaps you'd like to hike part of the Inca Trail, bike Vietnam, or trek in Nepal next year... we can move a bit more freely now, and we're certainly taking advantage of that! We are confident that international travel will be feasible in 2022, so check out the list of adventures we have planned. Have a destination or an adventure you've always wanted to experience? We're putting together private trips for those of you who have family or friends itching to get out. Reed has some new photo trips scheduled as well. We are making plans that balance safety, financial risk, and the desire to get out. Hope you will come join us outside!


    The privilege of being American has never been so clear as we get vaccinated, see each other's faces, and gather again. The rest of the world is not so lucky. Our friends in Nepal are locked down again, no chance to get out to buy food or any money to pay for it. The new Cuban government is restricting private guiding, so our friends there can't work. But just like Tanzania, Morocco, Bhutan, and all the other countries we visit there's no tourism anyway so none of our friends have jobs. We've been able to raise money for emergency financial relief for some of our guides, porters, and the women of Lake Eyasi, thanks to your help. But the need for support goes on, and we have committed to supporting our ongoing projects. Click HERE to contribute to Yusuf's Kilimanjaro Projects, Lightness' Womens Projects, or the Yusuf, Guides & Porters Scholarships through Journeys of Solutions. If you prefer, we could direct your donation to where it's needed most. Please consider traveling internationally- it will be a great adventure for you, but more importantly it will be a job for our friends!


    So many of you have made contributions to our projects over the years with no idea that this small gesture impacts the lives of others in such big ways. Just look at Yusuf- your generosity started over 20 years ago with a nominal amount of money that sent him to a computer class. He's gone to college, his kids have been educated, and he has started his own guiding business, all because of your efforts to make his life better. Now it moves forward- his nieces have just opened their own feed store as a result of their sponsored education in agriculture. His sons continue to work toward further degrees. His daughter is excelling in school and hopes to become a doctor one day. They all have a positive future ahead. This is just one of the many hopeful stories we can tell because of your gifts. Thank you for your continued support of our worldwide PPS community!

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