We are getting so close to adventuring again! Even though our original 2021 plans had to be changed or cancelled, we've got some great domestic Covid-safe trips on the calendar. All the trips will be small groups, low cost, and mostly camping, and with the vaccine starting to roll out, they'll be safer than grocery shopping! Want to sea kayak in Maine? Perhaps you'd like to wander down desert canyons in Utah or bike across New York along the canal, or hike among the mountains of the Wind River Range in Wyoming. We're also putting together private trips for those of you who have family or friends itching to get out. Look forward to 2022, we're confident international travel will be feasible, so check out the list of adventures we have planned. Kilimanjaro, Japan, Inca Trail, Nepal, and some new photo trips with Reed to name a few. Hope you will come join us outside!


    This pandemic has us all changing the way we do things, especially around here. Travel has been unpredictable, plans have changed repeatedly, and the virus has many people understandably wary of future commitments. In consideration of all of this, we've modified our deposit and refund policies so that you can feel as confident as possible when registering for a trip. For all 2021 trips, we've reduced the required deposit to $100, refundable until 1 month before departure. That's when final balance will be due, a month later than usual. We'll refund all but direct costs that cannot be recooped up until 10 days before the trip if you decide to cancel for Covid-related reasons. We won't commit any funds until we must. As for 2022, we're asking for the usual deposit amount, but it will be refundable until a certain date, depending on the trip. Again, we won't be spending any money until we have to! All participants will be informed well in advance of any expenditures or changes in policy. Trip-specific details are in the info and registration packets. Thank you for sticking with us through this crazy time!


    With no tourism for over 10 months, many of our friends around the world have been without an income and unable to feed themselves and their families. Thanks to the generosity of so many of our PPS friends, we've been able to raise money for emergency financial relief for some of our guides, porters, and the women of Lake Eyasi. There has been an outpouring of support, and our efforts have helped many families in Nepal, Bhutan, Morocco, and Tanzania. But the need for support goes on. We are still providing COVID relief and we have committed to supporting our ongoing projects. Click HERE to contribute to Yusuf's Kilimanjaro Projects, Lightness' Womens Projects, or the Yusuf, Guides & Porters Scholarships through Journeys of Solutions. If you prefer, we could direct your donation to where it's needed most. Thank you for your continued support of our worldwide PPS community!

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