Biking in Vietnam 2023 is a trip that has gone through all the ups and downs of travel since COVID. It was full and finalized in 2019, scheduled for fall of 2020, with details set and money sent. The world collapsed and we rescheduled it for 2021, leaving the money with our Vietnamese guide to help support him and his family during the pandemic. Travel was still uncertain so it moved to 2022. Then we had to schedule trips guaranteed to go so we could stay in business, which pushed it to 2023... People have dropped, we've lost money, costs have increased but IT IS FINALLY HAPPENING!!! There's still room for you to join us in this happy-ending story of the persevering trip! It's a new one for PPS, and special enough to keep alive through the chaos of the past two and a half years. Celebrate the reopening of the world by joining us as we explore the history, culture, and beauty of Vietnam by bike!


    Yes, we know we've been saying that we're slowing down, that Rick is retiring, that we aren't doing as much... and we also know that if you look at our calendars we appear to be big fat liars. The truth is we are going to be cutting way back soon, but not before a blow-out year of all the big ones! If you've ever had a major hike on your bucket list, start planning for 2024- we're going to Kilimanjaro, Inca Trail, AND Everest Base Camp! We're cramming the year with world classics so you have a chance to join us at the peak of Africa, on the ancient road in South America, or by the start of the highest climb on Earth. These are famous treks, but our long-time friendships with the guides and connections with local people make for adventures that have depth not so well-known. Let us introduce you to our worldwide friends to make your big adventure even better! Info packets are coming out by the end of the year, so email us if you are interested and we'll send you the details ASAP!


    Many of our adventures these days start with a friend saying, "Hey, I'd really like to go ______." Fill in the blank with packrafting, away with my friends, into the desert, on a remote backpack, north of the Arctic Circle.... so many options to fill that blank!!! We're focusing on doing trips that people we like want to do, and not all of them get posted on our website. Some of these adventures lend themselves to a larger group, and since creating connection with each other in the outdoors is our mission, we're opening up a few of these private adventures to the PPS community! In October, 2023 there are 2 spots open on a medley of adventure in Morocco. 2024 has 2 spaces free exploring the South Island of New Zealand in January, and another 2 spots to packraft the Arctic in August. You won't find these trips listed online, so email us if you are interested! There's so much of this world to explore together!

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