Interactive Design

Corporate Teambuilding and Group Development

What is Interactive Design? If you are ready, this can be the most powerful, productive, fun and useful experience your group has engaged in. Pack Paddle Ski can carefully design activities to help meet a specific goal you have whether it be to improve the functioning of your group or to simply treat your group to a fun-filled retreat from work for the day.

Activity Based Training Activities Range From

  • Indoor to outdoor
  • Quiescent to Active
  • Simply engaging to very challenging

Complete and Preloaded for Power

You will use your mental, physical and emotional parts of yourself to help you integrate as much as you can into your day even after you have left the experience.


It will allow you to go and enjoy places you may not normally visit. We all are at our best when we are enjoying what we are doing.


We all need one!
We help you clarify what you want to achieve through the experience

Specifically you

You educate us on you so we can tailor the program to your needs.

Back Home Again

A difference: There should be one. We help you make it and apply it. Transfer is important! Isolation? No way. We help you make the experience fit into your ongoing needs.


Okay! Discover more about how PPS Interactive Design can benefit your group!

Partial Client List

Kodak Corning Glass
Bausch & Lomb University of Rochester Rochester City School District
Stepping Stones Learning Center Snow Country Rochester General Hospital
Brighton Library Strong Memorial Hospital Rochester Gas & Electric