Who are we?
We are a community of adventurers committed to sharing our gifts and resources with others born less fortunate in the places we have traveled.

What are we doing?
After much reflection and experience, PPS has committed to the indefinite future (translation: as long as we can sustain funding and keep our own health going) of Lake Eyasi Women's Projects and Nepal School/Community Center. We are proud to have over 20 years of friendships with people in both communities; they are very small, intimate groups and we personally see where all funds raised go. Starting in 2018, we intend to visit and spend time working at each of these projects every year.

How can it happen?
We are working to create a fund of $40,000 from which to draw for either our Lake Eyasi or our Nepal School Building projects. This base will be hugely helpful. We have limited hours in a day, and it is surprising how much time it takes to raise funds, keep track of them, solicit people over and over... Having a base group of contributors will allow us to commit to supporting the projects of our friends Lightness in Eyasi and Namgyal and his family in Nepal. It also allows us to be flexible about which aspects of the projects are funded each year, as determined by the flow of income and fundraising activities. By using Journeys of Solutions to manage the contributions, close to 100 percent of what is donated goes to those projects. I also like the ability to form connections with the contributors and will personally update those involved.

What's the first step?
If you are curious about joining us in this commitment, please send us an email or give us a call- we are happy to chat with you about our efforts and how you could contribute. The idea is to ultimately create an outlet for an interest you have. For example, our friend Troy is going to be writing a children's book after interviewing tribal elders in Lake Eyasi. He's also the one who spearheaded our Be The Light - Be The Change: A Concert for Tanzanian Women's Empowerment on November 11th. Others are researching how to start microlending programs, developing health initiatives, creating computer education programs, and providing child sponsorships.

If you would like to meet some of the people involved, we will also be hosting an annual dinner, the first being on November 18th, 2017, as a way to foster connection and increase ideas. Click here for details.

If you are ready to jump right in, it's easy to donate to JOS online or by mail. Visit the donation page of their website to get started. Just remember to enter "Sustained Solutions" as the project you would like to support- this will designate your donation for the fund. You may also contribute directly to either the Lake Eyasi Women's Project or the Nepal School/Community Center by entering the name of your preferred project when completing your donation.

In other words....
The following are quotes from current people who have pioneered this community this year:

"I've had the pleasure of trekking with Pack, Paddle, and Ski on three continents. I was introduced to Journeys of Solutions, Inc. through PPS and Rick French. What I like most about traveling with this group are the people we meet and the connections we make along the way. We're invited into villages and homes to experience how others around the world live and work. I've seen first-hand the effect of our donations to Journeys of Solutions to help build housing, schools, and futures. Every donation, large or small, helps change lives for the better. I'm happy to do my part to make a sustaining investment for the future of our planet, one person at a time. I look forward to the opportunity to travel back with PPS to re-visit the people, places, and things that are helping make the world a better place."
-Jill Mazer

"I've been on many adventures with Rick over the years where we encounter amazing people and cultures, far different from our own, who diligently work and live to better their communities and families. JOS has supported and made a huge impact for many people and families in many countries. JOS is truly making a meaningful impact for communities around the world."
-Karla Dick

"I support the JOS projects for a couple of reasons that are particularly important to me. One is that the projects are so personalized. Either I have met the project recipients during one of your trips, or you provide video introductions and ongoing updates. And they're all such wonderful people! That personal connection is meaningful to me. Also, by keeping administrative expenses low, and working in countries with such poor economies, I know that whatever dollars I contribute are making the greatest possible beneficial impact. JOS projects are making real, tangible improvements in people's lives, and I'll continue to support those efforts."
-Charlie Reller

Please consider how you may be able to share your gifts with the world!