200 Club Annual Update

2015 Projects and Budgets

The amount subsidized by PPS is based on the current fees for such a program, and the amount listed is the total subsidized by 200 Club members, which may or may not be the total fee for program.)

Norman Howard School Adventure Program

(Allowed for continuation of program when participation went below school-supported level. Many participants had been a part of the program for 7 years.)


Compeer Canoe Outing


Herb Haven Women's Evening Canoe


Nicaragua Youth Project

(PPS supports the administrative costs of the Volunteer Adventure that sent 7 teens to help with the 4 Walls Project.)


Packs for Porters

(Fees to send packs to Africa as additional baggage.)


Teens Living With Cancer Afternoon


Sherpa Pilgrimage to the Dalai Lama
(Airfare and lodging for 12 days)


Raising Voices Raising Roofs Benefit Concert
(Venue rental)


Geneseo High School Science Canoe


Marcy Memorial Hike


Life Matters


Total Expended:
Total Income:
(memberships, donations, nonrefundable PPS deposits)


2016 Projected Projects and Budgets

Norman Howard School: $1000

Geneseo High School Science Canoe Outing: $400

Teens Living With Cancer Day Afternoon Adventure: $400

Life Matters Project (check in for details!): $400

Livonia High School White Water Kayak Training and Rental: $800

Raising Voices, Raising Roofs: Housebuilding for Porters in Africa: $1,400

Teen Adventure Club Day Program:
Ice Climb: $500
Snowshoe: $500
Sea Kayak: $500
River Canoe: $500
Additional Day: $500
River Canoe to Backbend Weekend: $1,300

Projected Expenses: $8,800