• Explore this quickly changing culture, kept in isolation since the 50s.
  • An extraordinary photo experience, from people to city and landscapes.
  • You’ll see the classic architecture, 50’s cars, music and culture.
  • Experience the rich cultural history in partnership with our dear Cuban friends.
  • You'll have intimate, one-on-one experiences with local people for great photo opportunities.
  • Witness the contrast of a slowly opening society still controlled by a loosening iron fist.
  • Limited to only 6 clients for a more intimate experience, with Reed as your private photo instructor, including individual reviews.


Are you looking for a unique photographic experience? This is an opportunity for you to come home with not only wonderful and moving photos but a chance to tell the story of the Cuban people. Your photos and stories can help us rejoin with our neighbors despite politics. Our personal connections there will offer you opportunities to see deeper into the fabric of Cuba and its people. If you love traveling to unusual places, this is a must-do trip before it changes further.

You’ll also help support the local people by participating in an experience that supports their private business efforts and opening up their country. You'll be able to witness the sudden jump they’re making from the 1950’s to 2020. Return home with a collection of life-long memories and wonderful photos. Be sure to read the full itinerary below to see the wide range of photographic possibilities. For those of you who enjoy taking pictures of the human side of life, you'll have the opportunity to photograph street vendors, musicians, farmers, dancers, boxers and more. Activities are arranged for you each day. Other photo opportunities will no doubt develop from your small group interactions with locals while there. Throughout the trip, Reed will be there to help you get the best shots possible. In the evening as you relax, you can review your pictures from the day.

Meets in Havana, Cuba
Saturday, February 19th - Sunday, February 27th, 2022
Cost: $3,490/person

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