• The Arctic. For many of us those two words alone are enough. Anything Arctic is awesome
  • Remote Bush Plane access to the National Wild and Scenic River, the Sheenjek River
  • 140 miles of of Class I to II, pristine waters, no backpacking
  • Early fall colors
  • Alpine hiking early on with enough days to explore this spectacular area
  • Limited to 4 people
  • One person, high end, lightweight packrafts
  • Training as needed in the rafts prior
  • Possible wildlife of bears, caribou, moose and wolves
  • 24 hour sunshine


In over 40 years of adventures all over the world, there is a reason I keep returning to the Brooks Range. In my semi-retirement, my goal is to go there each year. There is an awe that words do not convey.

Have you ever dreamed of the great North, wild animals, expansive wilderness and untouched mountains? Packrafts can take you to where others cannot go. This trip is for those who want to go to the Arctic on a remote, seldom visited river with dayhiking and paddling your own boat.

The Sheenjek River, in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was made famous by Olaus and Mardy Murie with their 1956 expedition (complete with 1 yr old child) to census caribou in the region. Inspired by the Sheenjek, they advocated for the formation of the Arctic Refuge which we enjoy today. We think the Sheenjek will inspire you too.

Starting in the limestone peaks of the Eastern Brooks Range the Sheenjek’s clear waters flow through deep gravel beds of ancient fossils and beneath gray and purple mountains. The upper river is dry and spare with enormous vistas and excellent hiking. As the river flows south and descends, the banks grow lush (for the Arctic) with every hue of green you can imagine, and before long the river enters the northernmost boreal forest, an open parkland of spruce dotted with lakes. Further south the Sheenjek is surrounded by the dark green of large trees and an ecology similar to the interior of Alaska. Each area has its charms and distinct wildlife.

Our trip on the Sheenjek focuses on the area of transition between tundra and forest, home to an astonishing mix of creatures. We may see tundra species like caribou, grizzly bears, arctic ground squirrel, and ptarmigan. Later in the trip we may see animals typical of the boreal forest such as beaver, moose, grouse, and lynx.

Everywhere we look we will find beauty. Our Sheenjek River Trip travels through the Wilderness portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The Sheenjek River is also a National Wild and Scenic River and truly an icon of the Refuge.

There are mountains to explore and hills, and bluffs to climb, arctic grayling to cast for, soaring white spruce forests to meander through, and graceful river bars made up of colorful Brooks Range rocks and fossils to explore.

The Sheenjek River starts slow as it works its way through the river gravels then moves into a region of tundra ponds and clear lakes with spruces on the fringes where the river runs in a single channel. As we move downstream and gain skills as rafters the current picks up speed and we dodge overhanging trees, small riffles and cut-banks. Paddling experience is recommended, but the Sheenjek is not a particularly technical river to paddle at normal water levels. We can do a training day in May.

Meets in Fairbanks, AK

Tuesday, August 10th - Thursday, August 26th, 2021
Cost: $5,490/person

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