• Explore the awesome beauty of the Wind River Range and the highlights of Titcomb Basin
  • Moderate 15 mile hike into basin
  • Horse support to help keep the packs close to 35 lbs
  • Hot springs to soak in
  • Secretive lakeside campsites below glaciers
  • Adventure on mountains of all difficulty based on the group
  • Limited to 3 people


Remote, rugged, wild, spectacular!

This adventure is designed to take you into a very beautiful and awe inspiring part of the Wind River Range in Wyoming. Titcomb Basin is a wonderful place of lakes and alpine peaks. If you have never heard of it, check out some photos HERE. It is truly one of the most beautiful wilderness areas of our country.

Join a few others exploring one of our mountain gems. 15 miles of moderate trail takes you into a beautiful basin in the Wind River mountains. Lots of mountains to climb for all levels from moderate to difficult. Using horses to carry in extra supplies, we can hike in with lighter backpacks. We will camp at idyllic lakes off the side of the main trail for a more private experience. Taking two days to hike in, we can climb a few mountains on the way. Once in the basin we will base camp. From there we will choose mountains to climb based on weather and the fitness level of the group, including the highest mountain in the area, Fremont Peak. There are many climbs, from steep scrambles to all fours on the rock. Some snow routes are also possible, depending on the group. We will stop at a hot spring on the way to the mountains for an extra treat. We will be camping throughout and taking other Covid precautions. Make a great use of this pandemic to explore this truly world-class area.

We would love to talk with you if you have any questions after reading this. We need to know your fitness and level of challenge to put together a congruent group. Limited to 3 participants.

Meets in Denver, CO or Pinedale, WY
Thursday, July 8th - Saturday, July 17th, 2021
Cost: $1,290/person

To Register - Call Now! Contact the PPS office at 585-346-5597!

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