• The Arctic. For many of us those two words alone are enough. Anything Arctic is awesome.
  • Remote Bush Plane access to the National Wild and Scenic River, The Wind River
  • 140 miles of of Class I to III, pristine waters, no backpacking
  • Spring run off, hopefully pre hardcore bugs
  • Alpine hiking early on with enough days to day explore this spectacular area
  • Limited to 3 people
  • One person, high end, lightweight packrafts
  • Training as needed in the rafts prior
  • Possible wildlife of bears, caribou, moose and wolves
  • 24 hour sunshine


In over 40 years of adventures all over the world, there is a reason I keep returning to the Brooks Range. In my semi-retirement, my goal is to go there each year. There is an awe that words do not convey.

Have you ever dreamed of the great North, wild animals, expansive wilderness and untouched mountains? Packrafts can take you to where others cannot go. This trip is for those who want to go to the Arctic on a remote, seldom visited river with dayhiking and paddling your own boat.

The Wind River has earned a Federal Wind and Scenic designation. That not many have heard of it leaves this secret to those of us who know of this gem. The remoteness is the most attractive feature of this trip. Less than 5 parties a year float it. Easy access to relative high ground enables us to climb above the river to get a view of the entire valley floor each day. These hikes also provide our best opportunity for viewing wildlife. Unlike most other nearby rivers, the Wind is a bit of a migratory flyway for multiple species of waterfowl leaving the north slope. The river originates in the open tundra of the southern flanks of the Philip Smith Mountains and flows south into the boreal forests. The river feels actually like 3 rivers in one, with a shallow braided section in the upper mountains, a slow meandering single channel through an open lake studded step and finally loaded with whitewater excitement ricocheting back and forth in the forest section.

We can help you get the rafting experience you will need to explore this river before you go.

Meets in Fairbanks, AK
June 5-20, 2021
Cost: TBA, approximately $4,900/person starting in Fairbanks

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