The Royal Arch Loop: this hike is a big challenge! Loop hikes are always popular with backpackers, beginning and ending at a single trailhead and offering new horizons each day. Unfortunately, the Grand Canyon does not offer many loop possibilities – the canyon is linear and so are most of the routes. The Royal Arch Loop, commencing and concluding at the South Bass trailhead, is a classic exception. It is appropriate for experienced canyon hikers only- walkers who have paid their dues and acquired the appropriate wilderness skills. There are several spots with some serious exposure. For such people, the Royal Arch Loop offers a top-notch canyon adventure, replete with more natural beauty than humans can absorb. You need to be capable of hiking 11 miles per day, one or two days of this route with 40 lbs in your pack.

Meets in Las Vegas, NV
October 26th - November 3rd, 2019
Cost: $1,590/person

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