• Mammoth Hot Springs
  • Old Faithful Geyser Basin
  • Norris Geyser Basin
  • Yellowstone Canyon
  • Capture stunning images of elk, bison, eagle, possibly wolves, coyote and moose
  • Lodging in historic inns located conveniently at Mammoth Hot Springs and Old Faithful Lodge.
  • Private photo snow cats and/or snow mobiles for excellent accessibility
  • Photographic assistance and naturalist information
  • Snowshoeing and/or cross-country skiing on daily excursions (optional)
  • Soaking in natural hot springs
  • History, beauty, adventure, fun, and wildlife photography are all part of the magical tour.


The thrilling sight of bison, coyote, elk, wolves, swans, geysers and hot springs await you by foot, ski or snowshoe. Yellowstone National Park is everything that a winter enthusiast could dream of and more. Where else can you enjoy the mixture of unique geologic wonders and a chance to see wildlife in winter up close? All of this is accessible from warm lodging with delicious hot meals and daily excursions. Each day you’ll have the choice to ski, snowshoe or walk as you venture out to photograph and explore!

As you enjoy your days of exploring and photography you’ll also learn about the wonders and history of the park. Why does a hot spring bubble? What makes the massive fires of Yellowstone part of a natural cycle? How do wolves fit into the circle of life that goes on around you? Answers to these questions, along with practical tips on snowshoeing/skiing and keeping warm and cozy in the cold of Yellowstone, will be provided by Deb French, who has been leading winter trips for Pack Paddle Ski for over two decades.

Once the group arrives in Bozeman, we are off on our adventure. Hop into the van and away we will go! It is just under a 2 hour scenic drive to the North entrance of Yellowstone Park. In route, we will keep our eyes and lenses focused and on the lookout for elk, bison, and eagles along the highway.

Once at Mammoth Hot Springs hotel we settle in for 3 nights of  fun, photography, and adventure. There are numerous areas to explore by snowshoe in the Mammoth area. The Mammoth terraces are dramatic in the winter with contrasting colors, ice, and clouds of steam rising from the surface. We will head out towards Tower Junction searching for wildlife and winter beauty then drive out towards Lamar valley in search of the elusive wolf packs and other wildlife. Take a dip in the Boiling River! We have 2 full days to snowshoe, photograph, enjoy, and learn about the wonders of Mammoth Hot Springs and Yellowstone’s magical beauty in the winter.

For the second half of the trip, we'll climb into snow coaches for a ride to Old Faithful Village. Most roads in the park are not plowed in the winter, so the snow cats are the primary mode of transport. Here you can watch geysers of all shapes and sizes including the world famous Old Faithful. We'll stay in Old Faithful Winter Lodge and eat breakfast and dinner in the restaurant there. The full-day or half-day guided tour or ski/snowshoe options will be plentiful. We’ll plan each day’s outings according to weather, energy level, and interest. Slide shows and talks by the park rangers are available to help increase your knowledge of the area. We’ll also have an opportunity to head out on a guided snow coach  tour to photograph more obscure destinations within the park.

Lodging for all nights is double occupancy with private baths. If you already know how to cross-country ski, you’ll enjoy this opportunity to do more. If you have never skied before, but would like to tour the winter wonderland on foot, then snowshoes are a simple and easy mode of travel. Elk are more numerous than you can imagine, and bison are easily seen too. On a few of the last trips we have seen wolves. We’re also likely to spot coyotes. Groups of animals tend to concentrate near the warmth of the geothermal features of Yellowstone. We’ll take advantage of the best times for photography and wildlife sightings, as well as have fun touring this magnificent winter wonderland!

Yellowstone is the nation's first national park and the model for parks all over the world. Nowhere else can you find such a perfect combination of skiing, snowshoeing, wildlife viewing, and geothermal features. In winter it’s a true wonderland, and just waiting for you to photograph and return with lifelong memories. This is one of our top picks as a "must-do" trip.

About Reed: Reed Hoffmann has been taking pictures since 1972, the last thirty-five years professionally. Working at newspapers in Indiana, Alabama and New York for over twenty years, he now splits his time between teaching photography and shooting. Assignments have taken him from Australia and New Zealand to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Argentina’s Patagonia region and across the U.S. Clients have included USA Today, The New York Times, American Photo, Nikon, Lexar and Microsoft. He’s helped thousands of budding photographers improve their skills for over a decade now while teaching Nikon School. Whether you’ve got a simple point-and-shoot camera or an SLR with all the gear, this will be a fun-filled trip where everyone will learn and grow as photographers, and come back with great pictures and stories to tell.

You can find out more about Reed at You can also view photos from past trips at And you’re welcome to contact Reed directly, at

Meets in Bozeman, MT
Sunday, January 7th - Saturday, January 13th, 2018
Cost: $3,199/person

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