• Going back in time to the forbidden kingdom
  • One of the deepest gorges on the planet
  • Well-preserved Buddhist history and religion
  • Mysterious caves
  • Gompas and monasteries
  • Amazing rock formations
  • Visit both Kathmandu and Pokhara


This is one of the best trip experiences we have had! The forbidden kingdom of Nepal. To trek in Upper Mustang is a rare privilege. Here you will experience a way of life of true mountain people, who for hundreds of years, had very little contact with the rest of Nepal and retained their rich cultural heritage. Until recent times their king was officially recognized by the Government of Nepal.

In many ways, a trek into Upper Mustang is similar to trekking in Tibet, as geographically it is a part of the Tibetan plateau. The district of Mustang was, until 1950, a separate kingdom within the boundaries of Nepal. The last king, the Raja of Mustang, still has his home in the ancient capital known as Lo Manthang.

Upper Mustang was opened to non-Nepali trekkers only about twenty years ago and even today, access is still highly restricted. Upper Mustang, being in the Himalayan rain shadow, is one of the regions in the country suitable for trekking even during the monsoons. During this time, the upper Kali Gandaki valley is still quite dry with only occasional rainfall.

The Mustang trek is not particularly difficult, the highest point reached being close to 13,967 feet but the conditions at times can be arduous and the days long. We highly suggest you look at this video to get an idea of the value of this trek.  UPPER MUSTANG

Meets in Kathmandu, Nepal
Monday, November 11th - Thursday, November 28th, 2024
Cost: from $4,490/person

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