• Working in the home village of our long-time guide, Yusuf, to create sustainable solutions to improve the lives of the villagers
  • Developing friendships in the local community
  • Developing a program around your skills whether they are medical, carpentry, computers or other skills.
  • Living in a small remote African community and experiencing the local life among the tribal community there
  • Connect with Yusuf's extended family, staying at his family's homestead
  • Real chai and local food
  • One day safari in Arusha National Park
  • Joining Yusuf on yet another adventure
  • Optional safari


Join us as we begin projects in Yusuf's home village of Usangi in the beautiful Pare hills!

This trip is in conjunction with our nonprofit, Journeys of Solutions. Details on the project and information on how to donate can be found HERE.

We cannot stress enough how powerful this experience is likely to be for you. You will take away more than we give. This is the real Africa, not the gated hotel and vehicle safaris you see pictures of. We look forward to sharing this deep and rich experience with you. Please consider this opportunity. We feel strongly enough about this adventure to commit to going back regularly to develop it more.

We will begin our Tanzanian experience in Moshi, a typical African small city. Shop in the local markets, learn its history, and share the life of the people in town. Enjoy an authentic meal in Yusuf's home prepared by his wife, Fatma. If you have not met Yusuf, you will enjoy his sharing of his country, knowledge and zest to help his people. Then we'll take a day to explore Marangu, a small village on slope of Kilimanjaro. Hike to a remote waterfall, go down into the caves of the Chagga, the local tribe, and prepare your own coffee on our way to Usangi by safari truck. This is a lovely community amid rolling green hills about an hour from the base of Kilimanjaro. Here we will spend 8 days working alongside villagers, local students, and Yusuf's extended family. The plan is to finish two dormitories for the girls at the local secondary school. We may be painting, moving in furniture, or preparing classrooms to be used again. It's likely that new projects will come up between now and when we go. We will also have time to spend with the locals and the students, so we may be teaching English or computers or just playing games. This is an amazing chance to share community with some very heartwarming and joyful people. We will find a rhythm of work, relaxation, and connection. Our time in Usangi will be rustic- it is a chance to experience what life is like for the locals. We'll be staying at Yusuf's homestead. We will stay clean, but there's no hot shower or indoor plumbing as we know it. This is not a tourist area, and many of these people will not have had much chance to interact with westerners before. This is a great chance to eat some local foods! Our Kilimanjaro cook Riziki will be our private chef. After our time in Usangi, we'll return to Moshi for another family meal at Yusuf's house. The last full day of the trip is all about the wild- enjoy a game drive and walking safari in Arusha National Park! You'll leave Tanzania having experienced the true essence of the people, landscape, and wildlife of Africa!

Meets in Moshi, Tanzania
Saturday, March 9th - Saturday, March 23rd, 2024
Cost: $2,490/person max, depending on number of participants.
International airfare is an additional cost. Please request additional information! Optional safari additional.

To Register - Call Now! Contact the PPS office at 585-346-5597!

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