• Explore Darwin, home to Australia’s top end culture
  •  Visit many of the most famous NW Australia national parks in areas only accessible by 4x4
  •  Snorkel and swim
  •  Visit with Aboriginal people and their fascinating ancient sites
  •  Sleep under the outback’s limitless night skies
  •  Have the freedom to sleep on beaches, in tropical forest and by the numerous billibongs
  •  Limited to only 6 people


Come on, let’s be honest, this is probably the big daddy of them all!

Yes, the drive from Darwin to Broome through the jaw-dropping Kimberley region is about as awesome as road trips get, I reckon.

We will spend the 18 days exploring the following. The exact itinerary will develop as we explore this exotic and remote location. Each night we will camp, sometimes at a campsite and sometimes remotely. Several times we will resupply. The idea is not too rush; we are not trying to see it all. We want to hit highlights but not spend all the time driving. The goal is to spend 3 to 4 hours 4x4 and the rest of the day exploring, hiking, snorkeling. Of course we will need to hit the famous Gibb Road. There are many places to explore just off of that. We may or may not get all the way to Broome. We will hit some of the famous places but also look to use the vehicles to get to less visited places. Join me and Marcia for this once-in-a-lifetime trip to her 7th continent.

Meets in Darwin, Australia, departs from Rochester
Friday, July 14 - Tuesday, August 1, 2023
Cost: $4,990/person plus air and some additional ground costs

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