• Working alongside the women and our African friends to create empowering, sustainable solutions to improve their lives
  • Developing friendships in the local community
  • Developing a program around your skills whether they are medical, sewing, carpentry, computers or other skills.
  • Living in a small remote African community and experiencing the local life among the tribal community there
  • Real chai and local food
  • One day safari in Lake Manyara
  • Visiting and hunting with the bushmen. Visiting the Datoga people
  • Joining Yusuf on yet another adventure
  • Optional safari


We return from our highly joyful and successful visits to continue the work.  There are so many initiatives we have started you can be part of.

In 2019 we drilled and put in a well. This is life changing.  Hard to explain the impact until you go.

We will travel by private van with Yusuf to Karatu. This is a lovely community amid rolling green hills and coffee plantations at the base of the safari areas. Here we will explore a typical African small city. We may visit the orphanage and will visit the school we have helped to support for a long time. We can shop in the local markets and share the life of the people in town. To help you get started in Africa, we will start with a safari to Lake Manyara National Park. Then we will travel to Lake Eyasi area. Here we will spend 8 days working alongside the lovely women who we will be building homes for. You can help with the cooking and stirring the pots. Local masons helping us- you only need a desire to help for the houses. The houses are cinder block. It will depend on the stage of building. Last time we dug a foundation and did lots of painting. It can be hot in midday, so you'll work at a pace that is comfortable. This is an amazing chance to share community with some very heartwarming and joyful people. In the afternoons we usually spend time at the vocational training center for girls working with computers, English or just playing games with them. We follow up on our Micro Loan projects, the women's shops we built and other projects based on the year. You will stay several nights at a pleasant safari lodges; other nights we will be in basic lodging as there are no accommodations where we are going. This is not a tourist area, and many of these women will not have had much chance to interact with westerners before. There is water and a shower and shade. We will have a private dining room there. This is also a great chance to eat some local foods! Think African Safari: comfortable, listening to the sounds of the African night... Our longtime Kilimanjaro guide Yusuf will be joining us also. If you have not met Yusuf, you will enjoy his sharing of his country, knowledge and zest to help his people. Lightness will also be with us. She is an amazing woman who had the vision and courage to imagine this project. She will be our link to the people of her community. We cannot stress enough how powerful this experience is likely to be for you. You will take away more then we give. This is the real Africa, not the gated hotel and vehicle safaris you see pictures of. We look forward to sharing this deep and rich experience with you. Please consider this opportunity. We feel strongly enough about this adventure to commit to going back each year to develop it more.
The video below is the best way to get an idea of the experience.  Or please ask to be put in contact with a past participant.

Meets in Rochester, NY or Toronto, depending on air
Saturday, February 12 - Saturday, February 26, 2022
Cost: $2,990/person
International airfare is an additional cost. Please request additional information! Optional safari additional.

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