• Adventure in New Zealand’s South Island in our winter, home to some of the best adventure opportunities in the world.
  • Base out of Murchinson, with at least 8 different river sections, class II to III.
  • Training to bring your paddling skills up
  • Limited group size
  • 5 day Great Walk, the most diverse of all the walks, mountain to coast in the extremely remote NW
  • Stay at a sheep farm
  • Explore by mountain bike
  • See the beautiful west coast


This is an adventure to explore by water this fantastic country. We will provide skill training prior and during so that we can begin with Class II water and move up into Class III or if appropriate low Class IV using packrafts. We will base out of a lovely lodge where we can relax, cook in or dine out each night. Paddling with be one or two rivers per day. We can fill in nonpaddling days with mt biking parts of the famous Ghost Road. We then head to one of the best treks in the country, going from coast to alpine and staying in huts. To finish on our way back to Christchurch we will drive the west coast and stay in the interior at a sheep farm. This area was used for such films as Lord of the Rings and Narnia. There is a very cool wild cave here we can explore, wading upstream in it for several hours. We will end in Christchurch, still recovering from an earthquake.

Meets in Christchurch, NZ
Saturday, January 8th - Sunday, January 23rd, 2022
Cost: $4,490/person

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