• Explore the exotic city of Venice- its markets, canals (by kayak and gondola), and history
  • Stay in local mountain huts and a local house
  • Trek 3 days on the Alta Via 1
  • Explore the beautiful Cortina area by bike
  • Discover the tunnels from World War I and II, still with armored devices
  • Access high country via gondola rides
  • Challenge yourself on via ferrata routes
  • Limited to 4 people


"Dolomia" is the name of the particular type of rock predominant in this region. The unique mix of minerals present in the rock gives the mountains a special light shade, which is why they are also called "the pale mountains".
However, at sunset and sunrise the Dolomites are set ablaze by the rays of the sun in a spectacle of colors ranging from pink to fiery red. This is the effect of the famous Enrosadira, or Alpenglow.
Two hundred and fifty million years ago, these mountains were a mass of shells, corals and algae, submerged in tropical seas.
Emerging 70 million years ago, and eroded by time and weather, today they represent a magnificent geological treasure and give the landscape an incomparable beauty.
Cortina d'Ampezzo is the perfect place to wander and discover this uniquely beautiful world of immense vertical walls, spires and pinnacles, green valleys, high mountain pastures, forests, streams, alpine lakes, canyons and waterfalls. This beautiful town is our base for adventure for the week. From here we can explore by via ferrata, hike hut to hut, and bike.
Venice, the name alone conjure up romantic visions. True to form, however, we will adventure in kayaks to explore this historic place.
Sign up early, as the trip is limited to 4 people.

Meets in Venice, Italy
Wednesday, July 22nd - Saturday, August 1st, 2020
Cost: $2,700/person

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