• The Quivertree Forest, one of the few in southern Africa, with its trees of luck
  • The famous German ghost town of Kolmanskop
  • The world's highest sand dunes and the great wildlife diversity in the Namib Desert
  • The Skeleton Coast, with shipwrecks, abandoned oil rigs, and the clash of sand and sea
  • The Himba Tribe, the last nomadic people of Namibia
  • Etosha National Park
  • This is a small-group expedition, for maximum photo instruction with Reed Hoffmann.
  • Limited to only four photographers per truck for plenty of room.


Namibia is one of Africa and the world’s best-kept secrets for photographers. Less well-known and visited than the game parks of East and South Africa, its treasures are for those in search of a truly distinctive adventure. Here, amid one of the world’s greatest deserts, you’ll find a surprising collection of hardy wildlife that has managed to adapt to its harsh environs. It’s also an arrestingly beautiful land, with eye-poppingly beautiful landscapes. From soaring sand dunes to broad, dry rivers, jumbled rocky mountains to lonely beaches and fascinating native peoples, photographers will find Namibia profoundly alluring. A more civilized highlight is our luxury camps, replete with amenities and enveloped by silent wilderness.

Our expedition is designed to maximize your opportunities to capture this beautiful and diverse land, its animals and people. We’ve designed the trip to take in all the major highlights of the country, which are seldom included in one single package. It means a fair amount of driving, but the reward is a diverse variety of photo locations.

Want to see what makes Namibia so special? Then watch this video:

This is sure to be a truly amazing experience!

Meets in Windhoek, Namibia
Saturday, April 18th - Saturday, May 2nd, 2020
Cost: $7,290/person

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