Photo Bhutan: The Land of the Dragon and
Home of Gross National Happiness


  • Visit a small mountain kingdom few have yet to discover.
  • An extraordinary photo experience. From people to landscapes.
  • Ancient monasteries perched high on cliffs that overlook beautiful valleys amidst massive mountains.
  • The opportunity to experience firsthand the culture and language of this historically rich area.
  • Photograph the life in Bhutan from the cities and towns to rural countryside with guidance by professional photographer Reed Hoffmann.
  • You'll have intimate, one-on-one experiences with the local culture and people for the great photo opportunities.
  • Witness the monastic life of this Buddhist kingdom where Gross National Happiness is a higher priority than Gross National Product.
  • Limited to 10 people with professional photogapher Reed Hoffmann as your private photo instructor (
  • Photographic instruction throughout, digital feedback and review.


Are you looking for a very unique photo trip? Have you dreamed of experiencing and documenting life in an ancient Himalayan kingdom? This is our first photo expedition to Bhutan, Land of The Dragon, also home of the idea that Gross National Happiness (GNH) is more important than GNP. If you love exotic travel, this is a must-do trip. Now is the time visit this country, as it's only recently been opened to tourists and the country is changing quickly. You'll witness an ancient culture, with its traditions still being practiced today, finding balance as it merges with modern times. Return home with a collection of life-long memories and wonderful photos.

Meets in Bangkok, Thailand
October 12th - October 24th, 2019
Cost: $4,690/person

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