• Enjoy beautiful sunny weather and the crystal clear Adriatic Sea
  • Sea kayak in the breathtaking area around the Island of Vis including the Blue Cave
  • Paddle and hike past olive vineyards, stunning cliffs and authentic Adriatic countryside
  • Spend 3 nights on the Island of Vis at the charming town of Komiza
  • Explore the stunning waterfalls and lakes of Plitvice National Park
  • Enjoy canyoneering the Cetina River
  • Explore the history of Split notably the Roman Diocletian Palace
  • Enjoy local cuisine, much of it fresh sea food caught locally
  • Travel with a local guide, as well as PPS leader Randy French
  • Enjoy beaches of both rock and sand for snorkeling and swimming
  • Snorkel the inviting waters and bays of the Adriatic Sea
  • Rest at night in comfortable apartments
DESCRIPTION:This is an exciting chance to explore a new Pack Paddle Ski destination. On this ten day trip, you'll see the best that the area around Split Croatia has to offer—kayaking, hiking, swimming, snorkeling and exploring in one of the most spectacular island destinations in Croatia, the island of Vis, known for the enchanting Blue Cave.  We will work with a local guide to ensure that you see the best that this destination has to offer.  We will start the trip arriving in Zagreb,
Croatia and spend a night near Plitvice Lakes National Park so we can hike among these spectacular lakes on our way to Split.

Upon arriving in Split we will spend a day resting, and swimming in the inviting Adriatic sea we will have a day to warm up in the sea kayaks before we head out for a following  4 day, 3 night exploration of the Island of Vis. This island is well preserved as it was a protected island as part of Yugoslavia until 1989 allowing both the ecosystem and the culture to remain intact. On the island we will base from the village of Komiza to explore the stunning cliffs, sea caves and beaches and the spectacular Blue Cave, set with a back drop of olive and fig orchards.  Upon returning to Split we will have a day to canyoneer, which is a chance to walk down a canyon swimming in the sparkling pools and sliding down the rocks.

You will enjoy the fresh Mediterranean cuisine often featuring fish caught fresh daily.  Check out the exciting itinerary in an information packet but note that you also have the option to just kick back, relax and enjoy the comfortable lodgings and local beaches each day on your own.

The logistics of getting to Croatia are varied with many options and maybe a bit of confusion. We have designed this trip so that you can fly from Rochester or the USA overnight the first night and arrive in Zagreb, Croatia the next day. The trip ends in Zagreb on Monday, July 16th but we have labeled the final day as Tuesday, the 17th in case you need to fly overnight to get home. You can fly from Rochester, but it may be cheaper to depart from Toronto, Canada.  If you wish to extend your stay in Croatia or in Europe we will help you arrange a program.

Meets in Zagreb, Croatia
Thursday, July 5th - Arrive home Monday, July 16th orTuesday, July 17th, 2018
Cost: $3250/person

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