What is it?

Have you wanted to give back to the world? Would you like to share in a distant culture and be part of it for a short time? Would you like to help save the rain forest, build a school or get water for people in Africa, work in the jungle, build a much-needed home for a family in Central America, or hospice in a third world?

If you have ever thought about this and were overwhelmed with how to safely do it, make the connection and where to go, we may be able to partner up. In addition, this program gives you the ability to fund raise part or all of your costs plus has a structure for you to collect money that goes directly to the community project in an area of need.

Why go?

  • To assist in connecting our world as a worldwide community
  • To share your skills
  • To learn about another culture
  • For the adventure
  • Because you CAN make a difference
  • Because life is short and what is in our heart stays with us when there is nothing else left
  • Why not?

How does it work?

  • You email or call us with the desire to help. We will discuss if this type of experience is going to be a mutual positive experience for all those involved.
  • We help explain to you different locations and projects we are involved in around the world.
  • You decide if you have friends who would like to join you, what type of tasks you can help with and what type of accommodations you are comfortable with.
  • We arrange for you to be joined by a local person who will speak English and be with you the whole time plus the other logistics you need. After almost 30 years of experience we have many contacts around the world.
  • The cost is a the actual ground cost of the adventure plus a base fee to help cover our administrative costs to make this possible such as office, insurance, phones, websites, office staff...... Someday, if we ever make a profit, 100% will go back to the community projects we support. Not 5% or 10% (which is great that places do that), but 100%.
  • You decide if you want to fund raise part of your cost and we help give you ideas that have worked for this.
  • You decide before or after if you would like to collect donations as part of your journey to support a community project where you are going. This money goes directly to the nonprofit corporation called "Journeys of Solutions". We help you put up a web page to publicize your adventure so you can direct people to that page for information or publicity.
  • Sounds simple? It is with some help. How grand you make your project is your passion. Our job is to support you.

    Where are we now?

    Elizabeth, a past Kilimanjaro Cancer Climber, is currently spending three months a year working with Tumiani scholarship students from an orphanage in Karatu. Hear more about her adventures on her blog.

    Current Adventures

    Contact us for opportunities!

    If you're interested, please call the office at (585) 346-5597 or send us an email.

    It's time to make a difference!