The world is opening up! International travel has been slow in coming, but things are starting to happen and it is getting easier to get out and about. We've created a schedule of world classics to really take advantage of the return to travel. We're heading to Kilimanjaro, Inca Trail, and Everest Base Camp in 2024! We're also going on a Japanese Cultural Pilgrimage and heading back to the arctic that year. 2023 has a few spots open on biking in Vietnam in November. Email us to get on the interested list! We'll send you info packets when they are set. With all the excitement to explore trips are filling quickly. Have a destination idea of your own but you want some help making it happen? Give us a call. We are creating trips that balance safety, financial risk, and the desire to get out. It's time to adventure again. Hope you will come join us outside!


    Life is on the upswing with the pandemic, but the need for support still goes on. We were able to return to see our projects in Tanzania in February, and it was wonderful to reconnect with all of our friends there. Many of the women's projects continue, and more have begun. Yusuf's children are moving along well in school, and he and some of the porters and guides have purchased the land they were renting so their farm is now permanently established. We have sent support over to Ethiopia to help widows and families impacted by the civil war. There is always more we can do. Read the update on the projects for more details on what's been happening. You can help contribute to the Ethiopian Relief Fund, Lightness' Women's Projects, Yusuf's Kilimanjaro Projects, or the Yusuf, Guides & Porters Scholarships through Journeys of Solutions. Thank you so much for all you have already done!


    It's so exciting to be able to start traveling abroad again! Slowly but surely the restrictions are easing, the requirements are lessening, and it's getting easier to cross borders. Unfortunately, the pandemic has left the tourism industry in a terrible state. Around the world hotels and other lodging options have closed, small tour companies have gone out of business, and guides have left to find other jobs to have some sort of income. And how can we forget the airlines? Schedules are changing, flights are being canceled, and the pricing is very unpredictable. But we are embracing the need to be flexible in order to get back out there! We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance to cover the cost of flight cancellations and changes. We are making plans and arranging logistics to limit the risks for all of us. It's the best we can do. But even with the unpredictability and uncertainty, it's time to explore the world! We hope you will come along.

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