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Date: February 24, 2012
Location: Wil Camp, Serengeti

That lion you saw posted yesterday? He walked by our tents last night after the hyenas did. They were following the zebras out there.

Today we saw cheetah, 2 leopards in trees. We spent most of the am in the middle of thousands of wildebeast and zebras waiting for 6 lions we parked by to hunt them. They did but were unsuccessful.

This is our last post. We will be able to check the blog though for one more day.

We feel grateful for your love and support. Hopefully some of you will join us in the future.

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For: Gene

As I am crying about getting on the trainer and riding 60 miles, knowing you were doing this helped me stop being such a baby! Hope those legs are ready to run a marathon and you got your pink camelback!Keep being awesome!

Kristina Spirito - 2/26/2012

For: all

You are all an amazing inspiration!!

Kristina Spirito - 2/26/2012

For: Rick

The song Sooner or Later by Mat Kearney might be perfect for your 2012 Kili video. The words capture what some of the climbers probably felt as they made their journey up the mountain.

T - 2/26/2012

For: For Lee (back in the USA) and all her Friends on the Kili Trip

Lee / Lisa now safely back in the USA, she's regailed us with great stories (via Skype) of the climb, and the wonderful porters, (how on earth do they manage to get eggs up the mountain! Sing and dance, and supply coffee and tea each morning as part of the wake up process! You guys are all great! Enjoy the safar, safe journeys home, back to your loved ones. PS. I can confirm that Lee was NOT carrying English chocolate biscuits, although we plan to take some over when we visit her in the USA.

The English Fan Club - 2/25/2012

For: Marcia and Rick

wow.congrats on your summit climb. I have been following you guys all the way. Marsh your audio on the 20...well great to hear your voice and about your journey but you poor babe sounded soooooo exhausted. Our thoughts and prayers have been with you all. You are all amazing. So proud. Can't wait to see the pixs and stories. BIG HUGS> xoxoxxo Pol and Nance

POl , nance and all furries - 2/25/2012

For: Gene

Very good Sonny-boy :)

??? - 2/25/2012

For: To Lee and all

What a fantastic voyage. I hope that the memories will last you a lifetime or until your next wonderful adventure. lee i am sitting here drinking my chai and thinking of you. can't wait to talk to you when you get back. Everyone have a safe trip back and thanks for sharing.......

Vincent - 2/25/2012

For: Marcia and Rick

Mary ann sends her love, as do all the "kids". I've loved hearing stories from the climb and seeing pix. Can't wait for many more! Will see you Monday!

Math - 2/25/2012

For: to the runners

Have a great experience at the marathon. Natalie, don't vomit!!!!!

Lisa - 2/25/2012

For: To Christine and Peter

Fantastic-look forward to hearing the stories. You are now the Queen and King of the top of the world in our book. Safe return.

From Sandra & Bill (maximum 255 chars) - 2/24/2012

For: Marcia

Hope the safari has been incredible for you; sounds awesome. Love you. Harvey, Morgon, and Meggie were all reunited today. Victor and Sherwin were as well!! Love, KaTH

Kath - 2/24/2012

For: All

Paul is safely home and well. His voice is not quite up to all of the stories as yet. I hope those of you who are doing the marathon do well. I also look forward to getting pictures from the group of the trip down the mountain. Jane

Jane - 2/24/2012

For: Deirdre

Sounds like exciting times on the safari, hope that you have good pictures to complement the last two posts. Enjoy your last couple of days in Africa and good luck in the marathon. can't believe you are almost on your way home. While you were climbing the time between posts (which were anxiously awaited) seemed to drag, in retrospect it was just a flash. See you at Newark on Monday. Noel hoping to be there also but interviews take precedence. Love you. Have a safe and enjoyable trip home.

Dad - 2/24/2012

For: Diana

Colby says hi how you doin? Was it scary with the Lions? I'll bet it was. Love you, can't wait to see you!. So the girls are at Nana's still, and it is just Colby and I at the house today (Friday). Sounds like an interesting err, fascinating shift to the Serengeti! I wonder what the local animals thought of the wood sawing in the evening....hopefully that kept the guards awake at least!!! Love you. Bob.

Bob & Colby - 2/24/2012

For: Chris and Pete

Hey guys! Sounds like you are having an awesome experience on your safari! Make sure you give Mufasa and Simba a big hug for Justin and I. We can't wait to hear the stories and see the pictures! Most of all, can't wait to have you back home! Love you and see you Monday!

Jason - 2/24/2012

For: all

We left the JRO airport in a SAND STORM and were worried it was going to affect your safari. Guess not. I thought the the 23 other animals that trekked Kili with me were the only awesome beasts in Tanzania. Guess you've encountered others. If you get a chance in MOSHI, check out the painting school next to the ZARA office in town. I brought home some beautiful canvases. Hope to have them hung by the time we have the party. Lori is already researching how to make Ugali and millet porridge!

Spatzi - 2/24/2012

For: To? Vicki

Type your message here...It sounds like you have had some exciting experiences. Have a good trip home and Bob and I will meet you at the airport on Monday. Love Rod

From? (Rod - 2/24/2012

For: All

Last time I was in Africa, I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I'll never know. Then we tried to remove its tusks. The tusks. That's not easy to say. Tusks. You try it sometime. As I say, we tried to remove the tusks. But they were embedded so firmly we couldn't budge them. Of course in Alabama, the Tuscaloosa, but that is entirely ir-elephant to what I was talking about.

Groucho - 2/24/2012

For: Christine & Peter

Can't believe this is last African post. Seems like only yesterday... what an incredible journey. Tnx for extra effort taking us along. PC is esp excited you bagged that wild boar for his grill. Plz don't bother smuggling python back, tho. He also wonders if you've taken up Hemingway-look, Pete, or Karen Blixen-look, Crick. Can't wait to greet you Mon PM; expect extra scrutiny at customs. Words of Day: SAFE HOME

XOXOC - 2/24/2012

For: Deirdre and Gene

Called my Mom today and she asked me if two people named Gene and Deirdre happened to be on the trip, friends of Shelia. Small world, her Dad an my Mom have been together for almost 10 years. Hope you are getting lots of good pics on safari.

Bill - 2/24/2012

For: Christine and Peter

Counting down the days, anxiously awaiting your return. I should have made you some cards for the Safari, that say "BEWARE", Brooke is very excited about the animals you're seeing. I call and keep her posted. Thomas is to little but I bought him a box of animal crackers. Cathy and I are planning for our trip to NY to pick you up. Love you

The Non - 2/24/2012

For: Dara

So the adventure is coming to a close and we are going to have to break our newest "addiction" - looking at Paddle,Pack and Ski web site updates. Don't know how we will manage being "shut off" until you are home again. We check the site obsessively. Enjoy what is left of your time there, be well, be safe, talk to you soon. Love you

Us - 2/24/2012

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