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Date: January 26th, 2012
Location: El Sauce

The walls rise! Sweating was not so bad today as the clouds provided some coverage to the mixing of cement and the placing of the first row of bricks. Our walls, between Nicaraguan and American (or as they remind us, they are American) are getting smaller as the brick walls rise. Pepe is starting to understand we are joking. Both cultures trade words and learn each others words. There is much more going on then a house being built for Marco's family.

We have joined a local English class. We competed with the local Nicaraguans in word game like Jeporady. Boxing is a favorite sport here. We did not do well with the question "Who is the favorite boxer in Nicaragua?" I hope our team does better tonight.

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For: Lisa

Hope everyone is doing well. It sounds like the work is challenging, fulfilling and fun. Everyone here is doing great other than no snow, all rain and mud. Where is the zero degree weather when you need it? I was wondering how does land ownership work there. Do the families own the land , rent or squat. What is the local government like and how much does it affect the families daily lives, Love you Mark

Mark - 1/28/2012


It was so great to see your picture.Now we really believe that you are in Nicaragua !! I spoke to O'Brien the other day and his cousin bought a resort in Mechapa called Redmond Beach Resort. It is not that far from where you are ( at least on the map ) and his aunt and uncle are going down there for vacation. They love Nicaragua and I hope that this will help the country. Anyway, keep up the good work and enjoy every moment.

MOM and DAD and MORMOR - 1/28/2012

For: Erik

Pretty amazing stuff, Erik. We're all really proud of you. Garret is constantly asking about what you're doing and wanting to see any pictures of what you're up to down there. A buddy of mine from my old HS in Brooklyn is married to a Nicaraguan woman, and they go there about once a year, and he says it's an amazing place, with amazing people and country and food, and music. Hope the heat isn't too insane and can't wait to hear all your stories when you get back.

Chris - 1/27/2012

For: Linda Phillips

We were all out last night, so we missed you. We all want to see a picture of you working. Can you skype Sunday night? We may be out tomorrow night. xoxo Tali,Mira Lee

Lee,Tali,Mira - 1/27/2012

For: Rick & ALL

Type your message here... LOve reading your post.... Especially the part about so much more going on then simply working on the houses. !!!! It 's the heart -to heart connection that makes me smile from the inside out ! PLEASE give PEPE a big hug from me ..... & ask if he remembers the words for " Slave Driver " ! Tell him everyone here loves the sample of the 4 WALLS iron brand he made. Keep up the great work , you guys ! Gracias, Bonnie Y

Bonnie Y (maximum 255 chars) - 1/27/2012

For: Erik and friends

GOOD JOB!!! We are so proud of you. Glad to see you on the last post. Make sure to post more photos. We want to see the finished product.

Aunt Ann Marie - 1/27/2012

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