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Date: September 18
Location: Lhasa and beyond

Yesterday we had this awesome experience. We went to visit a nunnery. Two nuns invited us to sit with them in the prayer hall. For almost an hour we sat cross legged on the low benches drinking tea and talking. We talked about their lives and how fortunate we were to visit the holy sites they dream of visiting. We will post a pic in a few days when we get back out of our phone being jammed. For today's adventure please listen to the audio blog.

Everyone is really appreciating you following us.

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For: Gaylinn and all

Please let us know you are all safe and well. We know there was an earthquake near where you are and we are all very concerned. Please send a message back to all us here ASAP to assure us that you are okay. Sending prayers! Love from Ellen, Arun, the Pw's, Frank, Greg and Joanne, Suzanne and all the people on your list that are e-mailing each other with concerns!

All your Peace friends and family - 9/19/2011

For: Dayle

We heard about an earthquake in northern India and Nepal causing some damage. Did you feel anything? Oops I see others have asked the same question. Orienteering went well yesterday. It was nice not being in charge but still lots of work. Everybody was envious of your trip. Enjoyed some Laetiporous Sulfuraeus tonight. See you soon!

Rick - 9/18/2011

For: katie Ken

hi kathy. tried to follow u at the early stages of your venture but didt see your trip at PPK web. Getting caught up now...looks like a once a lifetime experience with some life changing events bundles in along with some deju vus from a dozen yrs ago. heard there was abit of seismic activity in india, nepal, tibet. Check in when you can and let us know you are all ok. we will contine to check post. continue to enjoy the adventures.

Matt Rita - 9/18/2011

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