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Date: September 16
Location: Lhasa Tibet

Hello all: Here is an audio post from Lhasa. We are having trouble emailing pictures. Seems that some media is controlled here like you can't get onto facebook. Also the satellite phone is being jammed for data transmissions. So will put up some extra pictures when we get back on Tuesday. In the meantime we are reading your comments at breakfast each day. We will put up a few audio and written posts. Download or listen:

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For: Joanna

Lhasa! Does it feel like you're in a divine kind of dream, or does this amazing trip seem ultra real ? Is it like home in a sense ? Cannot wait to hear your stories, see pictures and sense your new depths and understandings. Hopefully, there will be words for those of us who must travel vicariously through your adventures. You are missed and envied, even though our bathroom is clean and easy to use. Love to your newest world and the old ones, Paula

Paula - 9/19/2011

For: kate

Hey lovely ... I see you are following an incredible path over there! I am so thrilled for you! Cannot wait to hear all about your adventures .... love you!!!!! mitzi

mitzi - 9/18/2011

For: Gaylinn

Hi Gaylinn. Tell Rick his audio recording is amazing. I can't believe technology today and good for him for finding a way to beat the system and post something anyway. Fall is in the air. It is so beautiful here. You will love the cool temps and changing colors. I'm home making eggplant Parmesan and zucchini soup for Papa Arun who is coming over for dinner Sunday. I'm thinking of you and the group as you discover more and more and go deeper and deeper. Life is stillness. Love Sunny

Sunny - 9/18/2011

For: kate ken

spent the morning skyping with eva and ed. He was playing on the rocking horse that dad and mom made for him. He loves it. He also likes to read books and buld blocks. It was nice to see him. I gues it is frustrating to not be able to hold and hug him....but in time.... so, you are the adventureer and I love the posts.

peela - 9/17/2011

For: Gaylinn

Cold here. I played a gig at Water St., participated in a Zydeco jam in Buffalo, and actually got the tapes from Doug! In America album is slated for mastering in late September, and will be released this year! I trust the food there is palpable. Give Peter and Rick a hug from me. Om Mani Pad-me Hung, Frank

Frank - 9/17/2011

For: Dayle

I'm wrapped up in orienteering right now. Helping Dick set out controls, then planning courses for Mendon (Linda will set them out) Talk about armchair orienteering! Another Amenda quartet soon after you return: Schubert and Beethoven. Sven sent pictures of his latest work: nice! Rick

Rick - 9/16/2011

For: daddio

Hey big bopper....I sit here eating peanut butter fudge...yup, Janet is here too!!! Not to worry, I am only telling her good stories about you.....butttttttt...If you don't bring back that tibetan rug like you promised..she might have second thoughts..ahhahahahahaha...Love ya, Steve and Janet!! :)

Your secret admirer - 9/16/2011

For: Kate mom

Hi Kate (mom)- how is it going? How is Tibet? I don't think you've been before so what is it like? I just sent you an email to your aol account. Not much going on here, just missing you mom! Can't wait to hear about your adventures and see you pics, they are going to be amazing!!!! Love and miss you to pieces! Jesse

Jesse - 9/16/2011

For: Peter G

Hope you're having momos on top of the world! I love you Dad!

Gabe G - 9/16/2011

For: Joanna

I guess this is the "peak" part of your trip, pun intended :). Fall is here (high: 60), and so are the Lasker awards, including one to Art Horwich a resident with me, in Pediatrics. The AABB News came out with the immunomodulation article and it did show the fingerprints of our old friend Jim, but it was pretty much as it was before, minus my tribute to Simone Glynn for some reason. I am well, and I'm guessing the boys are too, but they haven't called.:) I hope you are all well. Lov

Neil - 9/16/2011

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