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Date: February 24, 2011
Location: Shira hut, 12,500

Gabriele says he was set up. He was told today would be easy. Payback manana. Lourdes pulse holding at 72 or below. This qualifies her for her dream marathon training job of a porter. Noel has kept his fore crutch in his bag. Lise fortunatley remembered her poles, they were discovered by the ever vigilant porters. Ernani started feeling the altitude at 12,000 ft, a little fatigued. How will tomorrow go? Only the mountain knows. Stay tuned. Kon left his spanish moss hair behind and was seen balancing high on a boulder.

All others not mentioned today are doing well. Jane is our pace setter. This post is brought to you from deep in the clouds. We await the mountain to be revealed in a glorious glow at sunset.

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For: TJ and Angela

It is dark and cold here, and it makes me wonder how it is where you are. I can only pray that you are safe and warm, and continuing to make wonderful memories and have great experiences. Keep taking lots of pictures,we are all waiting to share them with you. TJ, Shelby misses you and keeps going into your room to look for you, but then again, so do I. We love you so much and we are so proud of all of you. You are so close to heaven. Love,mom/AS

mom/AS - 2/25/2011

For: Kevin

Kevin Happy Birthday Your living the dream. Can't wait to hear the stories. Hope you don't have any ice pick stories like the machete one. Be safe and enjoy the rest of your trip.

carl - 2/25/2011

For: Kevin

Happy Birthday Gald that you are doing what you love to do on your brithday. Jane, Bill, Heidi,Becky, Carl

your faxton buds - 2/25/2011

For: Jane & Joan

We're keeping an eye on you guys. Sounds like you are doing just fine! No surprise. Hope it continues to go well. Can't wait to see pics & hear about everything. Go get 'um!

Judy & Gary - 2/25/2011

For: Angela

Hey ang its great to hear how well u guys are doing.miss you very very much.cant wait for you to get you

jeffrey - 2/25/2011

For: Lise

I'm happpy to see that you are safe and well, and enjoying the journey. Good luck, and I'll see you soon!

Erik - 2/25/2011

For: TJ and Angela

Hello you two! I miss you and am counting the days til you are home.It is 12:10 pm here, and I am anxiously awaiting a post to see how you day went, and how everyone is doing. I know this was to be the start of the more difficult part of your journey, and I wanted to remind you that we are all with you- cheering you on and sending strength and courage. Be safe, climb hard and live every second to the fullest. mom/AS

mom/AS - 2/25/2011

For: TJ & Ang

I just got your 3rd spot message!It's so exciting to see your progress & how much closer you are to the TOP!YAYYY! Omgosh I am so excited for you all & I look like a crazy person b/c I'm at work & when I got your email I instantly had this huge smile on my face haha I'm SO proud of you! You are doing great & keep going! Love you both & miss you a ton!! Can't wait for the update to see how todays climb was. Lots of love & some extra hugs & kisses for TJ

Linds - 2/25/2011

For: Jane

Way to go...smokin pacesetting momma! You are closer to heaven than anyone I know...God bless.

Dan - 2/25/2011

For: susan hansford

Bernie made me feel guilty for not writing on the blog. Just know "I'm there with you"! alice

alice - 2/25/2011

For: Kevin

Happiest birthday, Kevin! What an incredible way to spend it! Big hugs and lots of love!

Chris, Autumn, Hannah, and Meadow - 2/25/2011

For: Kevin

Happiest birthday, Kevin! What an incredible way to spend it! Big hugs and lots of love!

Chris, Autumn, Hannah, and Meadow - 2/25/2011

For: TJ & Angela

TJ loved hearing your voice, we put it on the amplifier to hear it loud & clear. Keep going strong we are following you each day. Only a couple days to go then its to the top.

Nana & Gramps - 2/25/2011

For: TJ & Angela

You should have completed the tough day as I write. I hope all went well today. We will look forward to hearing how you all made out today. Keep up the incrediable trip we are very proud of you !!! Love you !!!

Dad/U. Torey - 2/25/2011

For: Myra

Myra - Head in the clouds and feet on the ground, huh? So amazing what you are doing and I can't wait to hear/see more. Wanted to let you know that I took the Mercer job and I start March 7th! YAY! They said 2011 would be our year, right? Say hello to the African sky for me.

Gina B. - 2/25/2011

For: Kevin

Happy Birthday! Hoping today is spectacular for you! We miss you very much but could not be prouder!

Tracy - 2/25/2011

For: Myra

Myra, Bran and I are both thinking about you while you're on your adventure. I hope you're kicking butt. You let everyone else know that for you it's like you're climbing 2 mountains (shorter legs...haha). Jo and I haven't had any luck yet finding a replacement on craigslist. We may just have a lifesize photo printed up and bring it out with us instead. We'll keep you updated. Keep climbing and know that you have alot of support behind you!!

Emily - 2/25/2011

For: To Ang and TJ

Thinking of you guys! I know the next few days will be the hardest but know how much we are cheering for you! We love you both so much!! BELIEVE that all things are possible!!!!

From Danielle - 2/25/2011

For: To Angela and TJ

Greetings from your smallest cheerleader Olivia!! Hope all is going well. Here is a something that will make you smile. I keep teeling my mommy this joke but I know only my Aunt Sissy will "get it"... "knock, knock." "Who's there?" "Don't cry it's just a joke!" That cracks me up every time!! Just know that we are all thinking about you and sending love your way! Love you lots! "blobloblolobloblbolbolbolbolbo BYE!"

From Olivia Cook - 2/25/2011

For: Myra

Enjoy those great views. You're doing great! I can't wait to see some pics and to hear some stories...

Amado - 2/25/2011

For: Lisa

Dexter misses you so much he's sleeping on your side of the bed. Having dinner with Anita and Dan tonight at Sutters. Also went snow shoeing with Mark and his four dogs on Monday. Loved it, going to buy snow shoes! I'm off my game without you, do you think the recycling went out? Haha. Hoping to conquer the mystery smell before you get back. I miss byou, keep charging my dear. Love, Vince

Vince - 2/25/2011

For: Susan H

Hi Susan! Great to see old friends together and that you are all doing so well! We are routing for all of you! xx

Jane"s daughter Mary - 2/25/2011

For: Kevin

Have a fantastic birthday! Our thoughts and prayers have been with you! Can't wait to see the pics!

Moriarity family - 2/25/2011

For: All on the Mountain

I know how to's just soooo annoying when the message doesn't fit, so I'm doing my short spelling!!

Mom/aunt Sheryl - 2/25/2011

For: Angela & TJ

As the days become more difficult, don't loose site of why u r there (because u r to crazy kids!) Seriously, "No one ever said the ride would b easy, they just promised it would b worth it." One step at a time, live for where u r right at this minute, because in the big scheme of things, for some reason, it's where u r meant to b. B strong, get strength from each other,and you will conquer. There r so many who r cheering u forward, and believing in u. Sending all my love and strength

Mom & Aunt Sheryl - 2/25/2011

For: Ninang Myra

No one said it was going to be easy, but with your heart and determination, we have no doubt that you will reach the top. Enjoy each moment, however painful it may be. Remember, it's not only about your final destination, it's the climb. Getting to where you want to be is half the fun. We are there with you in spirit throughout your incredible journey and you never cease to amaze us with everything you do. Mommy and Daddy say, "What's Up?" We can't wait to see the pictures from y

Liam & Aiden - 2/25/2011

For: Ernani and Noel

12,000 ft....way to go!!! You guys are doing great!! Can't wait to hear about safe!

Eleonor, Steven & the boys - 2/25/2011

For: Kevin, my husband

Happy Birthday-see my first note today! You got alot of wishes since I wrote that one! Love

Barb, your wife - 2/25/2011

For: Noel (daddy) :-)

Hi daddy, it's Allison. I hope you're having a great time up there in the mountains. It's great that so far, you haven't had to use your crutch!! :-) Say hi for me to Uncle Ernani. I can't wait for MY chance to climb the mountain in 3 years... HAve fun and stay safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allison - 2/25/2011

For: Noel (DAD)

hey its alan hope your safe there, and hope your having fun. got an A on my social studies test and i got a haircut!

Alan - 2/25/2011

For: Kevin-Angela & TJ's new friend

You don't know me, I'm Angela's mom,& TJ's aunt-just wishing you a very Happy Birthday! I went to Las Vegas for my birthday one time, I think that your birthday on the mountain beats that-especially since you raised money & I lost money! I know that everyone on the mountain will never forget how they helped you celebrate another year of your wonderful life. May you have many, many more... Sheryl

Mom/Aunt Sheryl - 2/24/2011

For: Kevin/Dad

Dad, I hope you are reading this on your birthday -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What an amazing gift you are getting this year :) Have a blast and stay safe. Love, Kelly Pookins

Kelly Pookins - 2/24/2011

For: Valerie

Valerie, i am so glad that everything is OK and you are doing good. You are so close to your goal. I am a little bit jealous. This is unbelievable experience and achievement. Can't wait when you will get back to hear details and see pictures.

Natallia - 2/24/2011

For: Jane

Doesn't surprise me in the least that Jane is the pace setter!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up Jane and Joanie, and the rest of the group!!!!!!!!!

Sharon and Jeremy - 2/24/2011

For: Lise

(Got cut off) see that blue sky at the top!

Bianca - 2/24/2011

For: Lise

Hi Mom, have to share this with you...after the newspaper article came out on Sunday, donations have been arriving at the house from strangers with beautiful notes about their loved ones and battles with cancer and how much what you are doing means to them. So when you are shivering in your tent (because I can't imagine anything else really slowing you down!)think of that. Also spoke with Marianne and she said to send her love and let you know that Sean is looking out for you. Think of him when

Bianca - 2/24/2011

For: Joan and Jane

Let's see: Jane sets the pace, Joan supports and maintains, the mountain dominates and inspires...gosh! I sure wish I was a bit closer to watch all this first hand. Go for it! We are all part of the adventure, tho from afar. Pat

Pat - 2/24/2011

For: Jane

You're the coolest chick I know -- hope you're having a blast! When I grow up, I want to be just like you!

Liz - 2/24/2011

For: TJ, Angela, and all

Well, tomorrow (for us, today for you), you will show the world what courage and determination will help you to achieve.Don't back down. Every person who has ever battled cancer knows that the fight never ends, and will never end until cancer is no more.Those still fighting applaud you, and we are all in awe of you. The stars are within reach, yours for the taking. Stay safe, we love you-mom/AS

Mom/AS - 2/24/2011

For: Angela & TJ

My Kids...I hope today wasn't too bad for you. But then, how can you miss? Just look at your inspiration. Saw Dakota Tuesday evening, she is doing fine. I still have the Mighty Taco order for your arrival at the airport in 9 days. Hope security lets me in with the beer. I love you both so much and am so very proud of you. Stay safe, take care of each other. All my love...

Aunt Deee - 2/24/2011

For: Kevin

Happy Birthday to you...happy birthday to you...:0) Hope you enjoy the special day! Maegh, Sammie, and Fred say hello.

Jen - 2/24/2011

For: Kevin

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I give to you the gift of my gratitude for all you are doing for the cause! Thank you, have a wonderful day! (do me a favor, walk ahead of Angela & tell the trees she's coming)

Aunt Deee - 2/24/2011

For: Jane and Joanie

HOLY COW. If jane is the pace setter you are all on a trot. Beware, she never stops. Love the day to day updates, Terrific. I will be up to check on the summit video, I do not want to miss the event. Take care and God Speed

Sue Davin - 2/24/2011

For: Kevin

Happy Birthday! What a great way to celebrate. I Hope you're having a great time and I can't wait to see your pictures.

Melissa H. - 2/24/2011

For: Kon

Hi, Kon! Glad to know you're safe and sounds like you're all having fun! When you return you and I can sing "Climb Every Mountain" together! Take care. We'll see you soon!

the Kendalls - 2/24/2011

For: Valerie

Tomorrow will be an exciting but long day with the Lava Tower and descent to the Barranco Wall. The next day you get to climb the wall (my favorite part of the trip). Stay strong and enjoy.

Carroll - Kili '08 - 2/24/2011

For: Kevin

Glad you are able to do this trip Kevin. I hope to see you at the next PPS reunion and compare notes. Also, Happy Birthday; this is a great place to celebrate it.

Carroll - Katahdin '02 - 2/24/2011

For: All

Jambo all! So glad everyone is doing well. How's the weather? Have fun at lava tower tomorrow! (Or today since you'll read this at breakfast.) I hope Rick is taking good care of you. Don't worry - you're in good hands. Ask him to tell you the Alaskan Caribou story sometime. He does what he needs to to take care of his crew! Lava tower, baranco wall, base camp... you're almost there! I hope you're enjoying the journey. We're thinking about you! Love to TJ, Ang and Kon! Love, Sadie

Sadie - 2/24/2011

For: Rick

Rick, Have a safe climb. I'll keep an eye on Stevie for you! Give Jane my best.

Per - 2/24/2011

For: Valerie

Wow you are at 12,500 ft.. So proud of you. I can only imagine how beautiful the view would be. I have the whole weekend blocked out for you when you come back to hear your tales. I think it was your in the picture.. it is not very clear. Like Tanya says,you look happy.

Madura - 2/24/2011

For: Myra and Ivan

Hey friends! I'm so excited to hear that all is going well! You're already higher than you were at your peak in CO last do you feel? MyMy, remember to just keep putting one foot in front of the other (even if Ivan muscles ahead), because it doesn't matter how fast you go; what matters is how cute you look in your hiking togs! Big love and big breaths to you both, Elena and Rob

Your Colorado pals! - 2/24/2011

For: Everyone

I can smell you all from here. Hakuna Matata.Emjoy the Lava Tower. You can dooooooo it. Tomaste

Tom 2008 - 2/24/2011

For: Lise

Poles? Did you have poles in that big green bag? I guess the better question is, what didn't you have in there. I hope that you are getting some sleep and staying warm at night. All of the boys are doing well, including Dad, Erik and Dexter. Garret and Erik went tubing today at Campgaw and had a blast. Garret has gotten very into tracking your progress on the may have a very talkative little companion on your next climb.We are cheering you on and thinking of you everyday Go Mom/Lise/Mo

Bianca - 2/24/2011

For: Valerie

Go Valerie......Your RWMS friends are wishing you luck. Stay strong !!

RWMS - 2/24/2011

For: dad/Kevin

Hey Dad! Hope you get this in the morning :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Have fun!

Cathy - 2/24/2011

For: Angela

Ang, seems like you are soldiering through despite the argument you had with that tree! I think that what you are doing is amazing and while I did not know Jacquie I do know she loved Tinkerbell and I'm sure see is looking over you and sending faith trust and a little pixie dust!

Mallory - 2/24/2011

For: Susan Hansford

Susan, Thinking of you & wishing you lots of luck & good fortune! You go girl!!!! Enjoy the climb! I'm off today to S. Africa! Happy Trails! "Saucey"

Gail Clark - 2/24/2011

For: Kevin

Happy Birthday in advance as I am off this weekend. Hope you are having a great time! Steve

Steve - 2/24/2011

For: Ernani

(Sorry - my message got cut off. here's the rest): ...wonderful time. Sleep well tonight so tomorrow you can steadily and respectfully rock that mountain! Record your memories so we can re-live them together when you return. I LOVE YOU. :o) - Sarah

Sarah - 2/24/2011

For: Ernani and Noel

Hi Ernani and Noel! Noel - so glad to hear that your crutch is still in your bag and has not been needed so far! That is a great sign... you are well on your way! Ernani - you can sleep away your fatigue as much as you want when you get back... watch your pacing - think of your marathons: slow and steady all the way to the finish line. A little fatigue has never been an impediment to anything you've ever attempted! I love you SOOO much and can't wait for you to come home to us. Have a WONDERFUL

Sarah - 2/24/2011

For: Angela & TJ

Again remember:"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. It's the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results". And if that doesn't keep you going I've heard rumors that some of the locals have been coming down the mountain with Mighty Taco bags!! Hugs to you both!

Mom/Aunt Sheryl - 2/24/2011

For: Kevin, my husband

Happy Birthday! What better gift other then wife-kids-grandchildren, to be exploring & fufilling a life-long dream on your birthday! Peace-love-stay healthy & safe

Barb, your wife - 2/24/2011

For: To Lourdes

Pulse rate sounds great, knew you could do it. Have a great time.

From Iliana - 2/24/2011

For: Noel & Ernani

Hi Noel & Ernani - Keep going!!! You can make it. Can't believe you're now 12,000 feet high up there. Looking forward to see your pictures. Dad

Dad & Tita Norie - 2/24/2011

For: valerie

hey! hope your doing good. it looks really pretty up there. i can't believe you guys are at 12,500 feet....thats awesome! i saw the picture of look happy haha(: keep going! i miss you. everyone says hi

tanya - 2/24/2011

For: Jane and Joan

Not surprising at all... keep it up!!!

Mary Dill - 2/24/2011

For: To Angela & TJ

Hi guys !! no joke right when I was checking for a new update dancing queen came on!! I am so happy to hear that everyone in the group is doing well! I can only imagine how amazing each day is for you. With each step you take remember there are so many people back home that BELIEVE you can and will make it to the top!! Love you xoxo Katie

From Katie - 2/24/2011

For: Jane the Pacesetter

Yeah!!! GO JANE!!!

Doyle Family - 2/24/2011

For: Jane

Jane is our pacesetter too! Love the East Ave Crew.

Bill, BA, Alexander and Sarah - 2/24/2011

For: Kon

ugh... going smoothly! Also, Mike was the one who took my #1 choice. Beat him up when you get home.

Megan - 2/24/2011

For: Kon

Ahhh Spanish moss, the mystery head covering! I have big news! Touro gave us 24 hours to study the grid and pick our lines. Well, we got good picks; in fact, I ranked the spots to make it easier, and was able to get my #2 and #3 spots for us!!! So we have July-Oct for electives and May for vacation. I hope you're happy with what I picked. I'm so excited for you to come home!!! In a week at this time, I'll be on my way to the airport to pick you up!!! I love you and hope the climb is still goin

Megan - 2/24/2011

For: To Angela and TJ

Keep going guys your doing GREAT!!! Remember to take lots of pics and video for the Tinkerball video! I'm so proud of you and so is Jacquie!! Love you lots!!!!

From Danielle - 2/24/2011

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