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Date: February 23, 2011
Location: Shira 1, 11,500ft

Great weather so we had amazing views. Lunch at 10500 ft was at a table with chairs and a table cloth. Probably the coolest lunch we ever had. Wild man Sam caught a lizard that Kon succeeded in kissing. We were met by 25 wildly dancing and singing in Kswahili poerters as we entered our lovely camp. Kili showed itself, snow covered, huge, beautiful, intimidating as we rounded the last corner. Thank you for the incredible show of support in your blogs. We read them at breakfast. Some stirred us with the emotions in them and others had us in stitches. Kevin who turns some unknown number on Friday wishes his daughter Happy Birthday today.

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For: To?Angela and T.J.chars)

Good Morning. I hope it's a beautiful day for all of you today. I know you'll make it to the top because you BELIEVE and we all BELIEVE in you! Be safe and remember how proud we all are of you and how much love is with you>

From?Grandma Bree (maximum 255 chars) - 2/25/2011

For: everyone climging

If i've heard correctly a lot has happened since you started climging. Attacks by a backpack, nail polish on the mountin and more. Not only are you climging a mountain but doing it with humor.

Garret - 2/24/2011

For: TAngela and T.J. (maximum 255 chars)

TYou look greay in the picture. I can't wait to see the one you'll take at the top. I hope you're above the tree line now. I'm so proud of you both. Enjoy every minute of this great experience. Be safe and keep BELIEVING! Love you both. Grandma Bree

From?Grandma Bree (maximum 255 chars) - 2/24/2011

For: Angela & TJ

Good morning(here)/Afternoon(there)-Remember: one foot in front of the other. I saw this saying to pass along: "Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. It's the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results". And if that doesn't help I've heard rumors that some of the locals have been coming down the mountain with Mighty Taco bags!! Have a wonderful, safe day...With all my love.

Mom/ Aunt Sheryl - 2/24/2011

For: Myra

Hi MYRA! I hope you are doing well and having an amazing time! I'm thinking of you every day. Tonight I ran with a speed training group here in HK and told them about you and Ivan. Sending you healthy, restful thoughts so you can take in everything around you every day. Love, hugs and kisses!!

Tiffany - 2/24/2011

For: Ang & TJ

Hi Guys!! Angie boo I hope your lil nose is ok! I wore my fight like a girl T-shirt yesterday and thought about you guys every 5 minuts, hope all is well. I am so proud of the both of you,you guys really are amazing and I feel lucky to know such an amazing family.You guys rock! Ang I love you so much and can't wait to hear all about your travels. Love you guys! xoxo

Sam - 2/24/2011

For: tj and angela

hi you two, i am so impressed with you both, not that i haven't always been, but this is truly an adventure and act of love. your memories will last forever just like your memories of jacquie. climb high you two. we are here helping to push you up that hill!

aunt val - 2/24/2011

For: Angela & TJ

You are doing great. Keep it going. Miss you, love you, Papaoheda

Papa - 2/24/2011

For: To? Lise

If you find any leopards near the summit, let us know! Keep it up!

From? Chris - 2/24/2011

For: lise

you have been climging up mount kilimenjaro for 2 days and are on a roll. You have allready hiked for the equivalent of 8 hours... omg how do you do these things!!!

garret - 2/24/2011

For: Myra and Ivan

It just doesn't seem possible that your climb is finally happening. I hope you are doing well, your equipment is great and you haven't killed each other yet!!! Looking forward to reading your posts and seeing pictures when you return. Enjoy and embrace! Susan R.

Susan R. - 2/24/2011

For: Papi (Gabe)

Hope you are having a great time and staying safe. I thought I was going to be able to see you hiking live, LOL, obviously not the way that works! Didn't see you in the pics so I hope they post some new ones. I'm sure it's beautiful there, hope it's not too rough. I love you. Jenni

Jenni - 2/24/2011

For: TJ and Angela

I've been thinking about you guys everyday since you left! You both are so amazing and doing something so wonderful! We are all so proud of you and so happy for you and I know Jacquie would be too! Can't wait to see you guys and hear all about it when you get back! Always Believing

Whitney - 2/24/2011

For: Angela

Hi Angela, I miss you so much!! I hope you are having a great climb, I know you can do it! When you get back I promise to say "Ang"!!! Mommy and Daddy say Good Luck, Love you so Much.....luv Your little Man Aiden XOXOXO

Aiden - 2/24/2011

For: Ernani

Dear Daddy, I love you! Be safe and have fun! Good luck to Uncle Noel too!

Amina - 2/24/2011

For: To Ernani and Noel

Hi Ernani and Noel, Good luck on your third day of climbing! Hope you are having a great time and we are glad you are together! Make sure you write down your day-to-day activities (food, sleeping, bathroom adventures, etc) so we can try to imagine what it was like to be there! Have a great climb today! Lots of love and hugs!

From? Sarah - 2/24/2011

For: Valerie Novikova

Hi, Lera! It is February 23d and I did not hear anything from you. I assume you are having so much fun that you forgot about this very special day. I would recommend you to start thinking about a very good excuse. Because otherwise Dima and I will be really upset. Other than that everything is fine. I know you had a very bad luck leaving Rochester and I hope your luck improved and everything goes smoothly right now. Take care!

Yarik - 2/24/2011

For: To Kon

Hey Kon. We are keeping track on your adventure. Everything looks wonderful. Whats up with your head? We are all OK. Getting ready for vacation. Have fun.

Mom, Dogs and Me - 2/24/2011

For: Yuseph

Good morning Teacher!!! Hope you're having fun with the 2011 crew. We all miss you! Hope we get to see you soon! Love, Sadie

Sadie - 2/24/2011

For: All

Soo you're reading messages in the morning. Rick's switching things up! I guess that means that if my math is right you should read this message before you leave for your day three trek? Have a fun day three - such a good day. Seriously guys you can go change into your flip flops because day three is easy peasy. Hope you're all doing well and currently enjoying some tiki tiki magi and milo (and of course hot dogs) Thinking of you all! Love to TJ, Ang and Kon!

Sadie - 2/24/2011

For: TJ and Angela

I am so proud of you, and I love you both so much. I know that there may be times when you feel like you can't go another step, when you feel you pushed yourself to your limit. Just remember, there were times when I felt that way, and you were both there to help me reach inside myself and find the courage to keep going forward. Now, I will be there for you, I will be holding your hand. Love, Jacquie

Jacquie - 2/23/2011

For: Rick

Hey bro, no worries here mate...loved plowing your driveway with your new tractor!!! Be safe and see ya soon!

Steve - 2/23/2011

For: TJ and Angela

WOW, you must be seeing the most incredible sites, and making the greatest memories. It sounds as though your group is so much fun, you must be loving it! Although we miss you terribly, knowing what you are experiencing makes it a little easier to have you so far away. Keep BELIEVING, and know that you are never alone, your angel is with you.

mom/AS - 2/23/2011

For: TJ

Good morning sunshine! My mom and I are watching toddlers and tiaras & this little girl introduces herself as, hi I am Lynsie and I am a redneck beauty queen. Hahah We will have to watch this episode when you get back, it keeps getting better hahah "you are driving me nuts!!" Anyway, I hope your having a great time and I miss you so much!! Only 9 more days ! I believe in you both and I know you can do it! Can't wait for the next pic & update! I'm so so so proud of you! Love you

Lindsey - 2/23/2011

For: Lourdes and Gabe

Fuerza!!! Fuerza!!! im soooo proud of both of you!! This is a once in a life time experience!! take care of each other and keeping enjoying the peace around u both

Jesssica - 2/23/2011

For: Susan

You have to be so excited. What a wonderful journey you are on. We are following you all the way and are so proud of what you are doing. Good luck on your journey and know we are thinking of you each day! Have a great time!

Steve and Cindy - 2/23/2011

For: Valerie

Hey girl! I still cannot believe you are doing this! I have phone and pictures withdrawal. It is so weird communicating over the open line and I have a million questions. I cannot come up with anything inspirational, so I hope you are all pumped up on your own. I will try to do better tomorrow.

Zoya - 2/23/2011

For: Noel

Day three...Enjoy every minute of this journey. We miss you. Regards to Uncle Ernani.

Mommy, Alan and Allison - 2/23/2011

For: Myra & Ivan

Hey guys, Stay strong and think warm thoughts. You guys are amazing! Have the time of your life! Myra can't wait till you tell my kids your tales of adventure!

Cheryl - 2/23/2011

For: Angela

Hi Mommy...just want 2 tell u how proud I am of u & cousin TJ. Please be safe & don't worry about me..I'm having a great time at Mimi's with all my cousins! I think Sabrina is getting used 2 me being here...she's not eating all my food anymore! (Aren't cousins fun?) Anyway, I love u very much & can't wait 2 snuggle when u get home. woof woof

Dakota Jean Marie Vallone - 2/23/2011

For: Noel & Ernani

How are you guys doing? Noel, you're looking good in this photo. Hope your feet is not giving you any problem. Take care and have a safe journey. Your mom must be very proud of both of you. Her spirit would be with you throughout your journey!!!

Dad & Tita Norie - 2/23/2011

For: SAM

Why am I not surprised that you are already being referred to as "Wild man Sam" in the post? Hmmmmmmmmm. I want you to take me with you on this trip some year. I love you and love imagining you on this mountain! xxooo Mom

Mom - 2/23/2011

For: Angela & TJ

I love you both and am thinking of you all the time. You're both strong individuals and even stronger together. I can only imagine what all of you are going to accomplish together. Love you very much...

Aunt Deee - 2/23/2011

For: Lise Crapella

You are AMAZING!!! We are cheering for you and thinking of you. Sending lots of love. Be safe and have a blast!!

Rich & Tara - 2/23/2011

For: Angela

Truly an inspiring journey you are on. All the best on this incredible and purposeful adventure. You are amazing! But a tree? Really? Haha! Be Safe!

Diana - 2/23/2011


You guys amaze me!! Keep going!! I know you will make it to the top...I cannot wait to see the pictures! I can't believe how close you guys will be to Jax...make sure you send her some love from me (and to my Mom too). I hope you two are keeping each other laughing and enjoying every step of the way...Angela keep your head can't come back with a broken nose!! Love you both....and am so freaking proud of you both!

Ashley Huer - 2/23/2011

For: TJ and Angela

I'm going to see Rascal Flatts tomorrow in Rochester and will be crying my eyes out when they sing "Stand". I hope you guys have that song to play when the road gets tough, or at least sing it at the top of your lungs, loud enough for Jax to hear. I hope there are no more injuries for the duration of the trip. God bless, good luck, and we're ALL BELIEVING!

Casey - 2/23/2011

For: Lise

I know you are having the time of your life. You should know there is a bottle waiting to keep us hydrated as you share all the wonderful details of this magnificent trip.

Cheryl - 2/23/2011

For: Angela and TJ

Im so proud of you both...It's so amazing that you's are climbing that HUGE "Billy Fucillo voice" mountain!! "Cause when push comes to shove,You taste what you're made of; You might bend till you break Cause it's all you can take;On your knees you look up Decide you've had enough;You get mad, you get strong Wipe your hands, shake it off****Then you stand, THEN YOU STAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I BELIEVE in JACQUIEforALL & I BELIEVE in both of you!!!

Kimberly Bohn - 2/23/2011

For: Susan H.

Momacita, I miss you sooo much and am thinking of you every second. I know you have some tough days ahead of you but if anyone can do it, I know its you! I hope you are finding your way up there ;) Love you more than anything!

Vanessa - 2/23/2011

For: Susan

Mom, Hope you are doing well! Can you believe it is almost Thursday already?! We are all thinking of you while you are climbing. Jax has been a monster, as usual, and has eaten approximately 3 toys in the past 3 days which may be a record. Good thing the green container with food in it has still proved to be indestructible! Hope you guys are able to sleep alright in the cold up there. Did you bring enough munchies?! (We all know you love munchies) Good luck and hang in there!!

Elaine, Steve and Jax - 2/23/2011

For: Kevin

Hi there. Sounds like you are having a good time. Glad you are "relaxing" my friend. Happy Birthday to Cathy! Remember to take lots of pictures so we can all see the wonderful sights. :)

Jen - 2/23/2011

For: Mama Jane & Joanie

I just realized we could post notes here - so for the late arrival! You guys are doing great, keep an even pace and make sure to take pictures! Lots of love coming your way! xoxo

MLN - 2/23/2011

For: Susan H

Love you GF! Hope you are seeeing awesome views and having a great time.... I think of you all day, and can't wait to get home and check your progress. You go Girl!! XOXOXO

Marybeth - 2/23/2011


Wow. I thought it was Mt. K in Vegas. This is the real deal, huh???!!! Wish I were there climbing with you....on a yak....drinking chai lattes, eating bonbons. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! This is so amazing what you're doing, Myra--the climb and for charity. Bravo!!! With lotsa love and a great big push.

May - 2/23/2011

For: Lise

Wow, you guys are really doing it! So happy to read the update. Mom, we miss you but are so happy that you are on this amazing journey. Charlie would be so proud...I know that his energy and spirit will be with you throughout your climb. The next time something beautiful takes your breath away, say hi to my little brother from me. I love you! Bianca

Bianca - 2/23/2011

For: Myra


Andrew Tutt - 2/23/2011

For: Kon

whoa... why have i not heard about the st. thomas iguana story? haha climb on buddy... good luck

Gordon - 2/23/2011

For: To Joanie

I will be following you on your journey...Bless you all!!

Nina in Fl - 2/23/2011

For: Jane and Joanie

Keep up the good work!!!Must have been magnificent seeing Kili around the last turn - so close. You are almost there. What with the lizard, shake your bags out before returning!! //

Sue Davin - 2/23/2011

For: TJ and Angela

Hope it is everything you expect and more! Thinking of you guys! Beers on me when you get back! Be safe...Ang watch out for those damn trees!!! Love you both!!! We BELIEVE!!!

The Wilson's - 2/23/2011

For: Myra

Wow! Thanks for the progress and status. Keep us posted when you get a chance. Take a lot of pictures. We're so proud of you. Good Luck!

Rey & Olive - 2/23/2011

For: Kon

Hi, Kon! What is that on your head? We hope you are still having a great time. We're eager to hear all about your trip! Stay safe and God bless. We'll see you soon.

Ma and Pa Kendall - 2/23/2011

For: Lourdes

Animo !!!!!ya falta menos.. Recuerdos Dr Castro

Fabio Castro - 2/23/2011

For: Myra

Myra - I hope you are enjoying every moment of this amazing adventure! I am so proud of you and can't wait to hear all about the climb! Oh and so sorry that I didn't get back to you earlier re: a message to put on your flag. Be safe and know that if there is any exciting celeb news to report, Tara and Terri and I will be sure to keep you posted! LOL! Take care, Michele.

Michele - 2/23/2011

For: The Kili Climbers

Here's my first quote for your journey: Live your life each day as you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance toward the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point. Climb slowly, steadily, enjoying each passing moment; and the view from the summit will serve as a fitting climax for the journey. - Harold B. Melchart

Gail (Myra's sister) - 2/23/2011

For: Myra & Ivan

Myra & Ivan, hope you two have broken in those lovely port-a-potties. Honestly, I still believe wearing diapers is the way to attack this thing...efficient, extra warmth, disposable, and butt-padding in case you fall!! I'll have to have a talk with the Marketing Team for adult Depends. Hope you two are safe and keeping warm!

Gail - 2/23/2011

For: My aka Myra

Hey My, Wow! That is the first thing I can think to say, WOW! You and your group are amazing. I'm so proud of you kiddo. You are doing an assume thing and you are accomplishing a magnificant dream. As always, I am in aw of you! Keep up the great work. But honestly, it must not be that bad if you ladies are doing your nails up there. Maybe I can do this climb? haha! Just kidding!! Good luck! Watch out for those trees. They apparently sneek up on you from what i've read. And most of all be safe!!

Gaby - 2/23/2011

For: Myra

Wow! I am so proud of you!!! What an amazing adventure!! Keep up the hard work! xo Noeleen

Noeleen - 2/23/2011

For: Dad! aka Kevin

Dad- thanks so much for the birthday message all the way from Africa!! It has been a good birthday! be safe! love Cathy!

Cathy! - 2/23/2011

For: Kili Cancer Climbers

How are you guys liking that grey tent? If my memory serves me correctly, there is a surprise waiting for you at Shira 2. Last year I sent up a poem: ode to the grey tent, I will see if I can find it and send back up to you! I hope you are all feeling well, stay strong and enjoy every step.

Kili Karen 09 - 2/23/2011

For: Myra

I'm looking forward to following your climb updates. Best of luck! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!

Kim - 2/23/2011

For: TJ & Ang

You guys ROCK! I'm so proud of you both, stay safe up there, and take lots of pictures!!!

Jeff - 2/23/2011

For: Angela

I can't believe that you're really there!! It's amazing what you guys are doing!!! Best of Luck on your climb!! I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!!!

Gillian - 2/23/2011

For: Kon

I know you miss me, but I didn't think you'd stoop so low as to kissing a lizard... Although, after losing the battle with the iguana in St. Thomas, I guess word has spread through the reptilian world and other lizards are taking pity. I hope you (and everyone else) are still having fun! And what is that on your head in the picture?? xoxo

Megan - 2/23/2011

For: To Angela & TJ

Just checked again for a new update and there it was, so you get 2 messages from me today! I'm glad to hear that everything is going well for the group! Hows that nose doing Geeg?! LoL. each day that passes brings you one step closer to the Top!! I'm so proud of you both, It is truly amazing what your entire group is doing! talk to you soon!! love, Katie

From Katie - 2/23/2011

For: To? TJ & Angela(maximum 255 chars)

Type your message here...Following your trip and feeling your excitement! Had a friend do this a few years back - he made it to the top, and so will you. To have a brother and cousin like you - Jacquie is blessed. Praying for the safety of all and for an adventure beyond your dreams.

From? Ginny Lamb(maximum 255 chars) - 2/23/2011

For: My husband, Kevin

Sounds like things are going well for you & the group. It was very special to me & I'm sure very much so to Cathy that you sent her that birthday greeting. Be careful as the climb gets higher & more challenging. Love

your wife & Mom of Cathy - 2/23/2011

For: Angela

Hope your nose is feeling better LOL Just wanted to say hi and to let you know how prode i am just to know you :)! You and TJ Stay safe be checking in every day tell you get back . Me

Me - 2/23/2011

For: Angela & TJ

(crap!!)I wish for you a day of safe, happy travel! Loving you always, and rooting you on word and up word.

Mom/Aunt Sheryl - 2/23/2011

For: Angela & TJ

I am interested to know...when Kon kissed the lizard did it turned into a beautiful princess or a handsome prince? If it turned into the prince...Angela make sure you call dibs on bringing him home for me! I'm sure you won't mind leaving all your gear behind so there is room for him in your backpack! After all we girls are always willing to "take one for the team"! Have a peaceful night of restful sleep so that you are ready to continue your amazing journey tomorrow. I wish for yo

Mom/Aunt Sheryl - 2/23/2011

For: Valerie Novikova

I am sure your hard work is paying off now and you are loving it. You go girl! Have the time of your life! We miss you! Flavia PS: Work is fine.

Flavia - 2/23/2011

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