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Date: February 21, 2011
Location: Moshi, Tanzania

Habari ya asubuhi! Good morning, hey we all made it! Still waiting for 2 bags, not bad. Great blue African sky, fresh air, one huge mountain in front of us. Some discovery moments with hot water. Hot dogs for breakfast with some great fresh fruit and pineapple. Angela medicated everyone in the group on the flight. Everyone was knocked out. We all felt like princesses under our mosquito nets last night. Today is Moshi town day and shopping. Yahoo! Baadaye! Later.

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For: Myra

Good luck climbing! Just enjoy the journey. Will be thinking of you.

Rivka - 2/22/2011

For: Valerie

Hey girlfriend! I hope you are enjoying your adventure! My birthday was not the same without you. Take me with you next time!

Nat - 2/22/2011

For: The whole group up there on the mountain

Dear everyone, We are all excited for you all up there... have a great time and keep an eye on eachother! Lots of love and positivity, The Sadural Family

The Sadural Family - 2/22/2011

For: Ernani and Noel

Hi Ernani and Noel! How was your first day of hiking? Everyone here is SO excited for you both. We can't wait to hear all your stories... keep your journals active so we can enjoy your memories with you! We love you guys - be SAFE, ENJOY and take care of eachother! Love, Sarah, Amina and Lola

Sarah and Amina and Lola - 2/22/2011

For: Everyone (Continued)

(Continued) Thinking about you during your journey. Just keep walking, Pole, Pole! You can do it!! Love to TJ, Ang and Kon! Love, Sadie

Sadie - 2/22/2011

For: Susan

You always go for it. Way to go.

Charlie, Lucy, Lilly & Boogie - 2/22/2011

For: Everyone

One year ago today I was standing at the summit of Kilimanjaro taking a thousand pictures and eating some authentic Swiss cheese (true story). The journey was tiring and exciting - we laughed and cried and ate a lot of hot dogs for breakfast. Now you all are there beginning the journey and I could not be more excited for you. In just a week you'll be standing where we were a year ago laughing and crying and hopefully you'll find a Swiss guy with some cheese. I'm thinking of you all during your j

Sadie - 2/22/2011

For: Kevin

Type your message here... Wow! what an adventure! Our best to you. We wish you and the whole group well. Love, Bill and Pat

Bill and Pat in Maine - 2/22/2011

For: TJ & Ang

(ran out of room opps) anyways I was saying!! I am truly so lucky, thankful, and blessed to have someone as amazing as you Tj. :) You can do ittt!!! Live it up just like Jax (but I know you two already are) and have so much fun! Lots of Love!! xoxo Linds

Lindsey - 2/22/2011

For: Tj & Ang

Good Morning but you two are ending your first day on the mountain! I hope you had a great day and are having so much fun! I looked at the weather where you are and it said 90 degrees... its a toasty 16 degrees here!! I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you and can't wait to hear how your first day climbing was!! I love you TJ and miss you!! Thank you so much for the birthday message. You are half way across the world and still found the time to wish me a happy birthday. I am

Lindsey - 2/22/2011

For: Kevin

Hi! Cool picture! Love you and so proud of you! You're a great inspiration to our family and I couldn't ask for a better dad - Roger and Jaz send their thoughts and prayers and love too - have a safe and amazing trip!

Tracy, Roger and Jasmine - 2/22/2011

For: Lise

We're with you every step of the way! Kick that mountain's ass, and don't forget to take a whole bunch of pictures of yourself kicking its ass! Love from all the Tanises! --Chris

Chris - 2/22/2011

For: Ivan

Good luck to you and Myra on the climb. Be safe...

Ron - 2/22/2011

For: Valerie

Jambo...........and pole, Pole. Enjoy every minute. We'll be thinking of you! We hope to leave for Lake Placid sometime later today. Will do a climb tomorrow. Then meet Annette and Melissa at Tug Hill.

S and C - 2/22/2011

For: Myra Gueco

Myra, I'm so proud of you!!!!! Have a great journey and be safe at all times!!! God bless everyone! Carol

Carol Buduan - 2/22/2011

For: To Angela and TJ

Today it was so hard for me to get out of bed. I am so tired and it is freezing out. Then I thought about what the two of you will be doing today. As I sat there, and reality and guilt set in, I got moving. My motivation for the day... if you are climbing a mountain I can get my ass up outta bed and go to work! At least we have heat there! :) So as you begin your journey today remember, we are all thinking of you and we are all inspired by what you are doing! Love you!!!!

From Danielle - 2/22/2011

For: Ernani & Noel

Have a safe journey,have fun and always be safe. Can't wait to hear all the stories. What a great adventure and all for a great cause. All of us who have loss love ones to cancer are so proud of both you .

Rich, Yas, Candice & Rachel - 2/22/2011

For: Jane

Be very careful and safe!!! Hugs, Carol

Carol Lopez Mossien - 2/22/2011

For: Jane

You are truly an amazing lady

Toni Miles - 2/22/2011

For: Jane

Amazing !!!! Be safe!!! Love you. Trish

Trish Kelly - 2/22/2011

For: Jane and Joan

Amazing. Sooo. Impressed with you and Joan.

Sharon Dorschel - 2/22/2011

For: Noel and Ernani

Type your message here...Good luck to both of you! Wish Edwin and I could be there to climb with you. Mom would be so proud of what you're doing. Enjoy the journey!

Eleonor, Steven & the boys - 2/22/2011

For: Jane

Stay safe and have fun, Aunt Jane!!

Amy Adrion - 2/22/2011

For: Jane

Unbelievable! You go Jane! We'll keep checking the link. In the meantime, you stay safe.

Sheila Diamond Mains - 2/22/2011

For: Jane

Good luck, Jane! Sounds like quite an adventure!

Beth Russell Neuhoff - 2/22/2011

For: Jane

Go Jane Go!!!!

Elaine Delmonte - 2/22/2011

For: Jane

That is amazing. God bless you. Wow

Rev. Joseph Arsenault - 2/22/2011

For: Jane

Truly inspiring

Rachel Learner-Morse - 2/22/2011

For: Jane

Wow, Go Jane Go! Good for her.

Megan Eagle - 2/22/2011

For: Jane

Best wishes to you and Joan!

Janine Lafrois - 2/22/2011

For: Jane

Go Jane! I can't imagine her or my mom rising to that challenge back in wilshire road days -- how cool she's doing it now!

Rebecca Fogg - 2/22/2011

For: Lise

We're thinking of you as you start your climb today. Take it all in and know that there are so many of us walking beside you!! Lot's of love!!

Marilyn & Charlie - 2/22/2011

For: Jane and Joan

We're very excited and proud of you both. Stay safe and warm!

The crew at Love Canal - 2/22/2011

For: TJ and Angela

Dear TJ, my wonderful Big Brother and Sentinal, and Angela, my incredible cousin, thank you. Thank you for taking this journey of the heart. I am deeply honored that you would undertake this quest for me. I will take every step with you. When you need help, I will breathe for you and my heart will beat for you. I will not leave you, we will do this together. I love you both so very much. Forever Jacquie

Jacquie - 2/22/2011

For: TJ and Angela

with you. You will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment that those of us who haven't journeyed with you will never feel in our lifetime. Be safe, be happy, be proud and never forget how much we love you. Love mom/Aunt Sharon

mom/Aunt Sharon - 2/22/2011

For: TJ and Angela

Hi TJ and Angela- It is great to be able to write to you, even if you can't write back. We want you to know we are with you and cheering you on as you begin this adventure of a lifetime. You, and all who are with you, are making a difference in our world, and for future generations. You are finding a way to make Jacquie's dream come true and make our world cancer-free. Your journey will be long and difficult, but there is no doubt that you will reach the top. And when you do, Jacquie will be wit

Mom/Aunt Sharon - 2/22/2011

For: Angela & TJ

(crap out of room)...with you always. All my love & pride, Mom/Aunt Sheryl

Mom/Aunt Sheryl - 2/22/2011

For: Angela & TJ

6AM time to get ready for work...I can't even imagine what "work" you have all been doing. I have been thiniking about you all night. According to your message last night, I figure you have been hiking for about 5 hrs now. To everyone who started this incredible journey today, with Angela & TJ, I wish you good weather, good health, & a sense of peace when you reach the top that you will never have the honor to experience again in your life. Angela, remember the Angels are wi

Mom/Aunt Sheryl - 2/22/2011

For: Lise

Dear Moster Lise. We are thinking of you and the reason you are doing this, Charlie, and wish you all the best on your climb to the top. Du er en sej moster;-)) Lots of love and hugs

Marie, Michael, Clara and Louie - 2/22/2011

For: Valerie N

Oh crap, I have to redo it :) Lerochka, Good luck with the climb. Bring lots of pictures and stories. OK, this thing does not display the Russian characters, so I cannot cheer you up in private, so I am just going to remind you that there is a HUGE incentive to come back, as the shower awaits only those who return! But seriously, you rock! I cannot wait to hear you and see you! XOXO

Zoya - 2/22/2011

For: Angela and TJ

ok 1st, I'm sitting here at 1am crying while reading everyone's messages! I so wish I was there with you! Danielle was right, it's the closest to heaven you'll ever be! You're so lucky!!! Ang-I got your texts tonight but someone said you may have actually sent them the day before. I don't get how you're texting from a mountain. Greg said you're probably sitting at a bar in Africa instead! LOL I don't believe it! Text again! Love you both! Hope it's everything you wanted plus more! xoxo

Kerri - 2/22/2011

For: valerie gryl

i've been thinking about you all weekend - hoping you made all your flights! goodness gracious - what a beautiful journey you have begun!

amber - 2/22/2011

For: Myra

Good luck with your climb. I hope the views exceed all expectations!

Malia - 2/21/2011

For: Myra

I am so excited for you! Walter, Catherine, Patrick and I are following your ascent and this memoral journey. Stay safe and have a blast.

Pauline - 2/21/2011

For: Noel and Ernani

We are so proud to both of you that you are in this journey for cancer patients. Mom, Tatay and all our departed loved ones will guide you both through out this journey. Have fun and be safe. Good luck!!!

Alice, Alan and Allison - 2/21/2011

For: To Angela and TJ message was too long! (haha) As I was saying... we love you very much! Enjoy the climb! PS- Ang: Olivia said she likes you hair in the pic!

From Matt, Danielle, and Olivia - 2/21/2011

For: To Angela and TJ

I have been thinking about you since your plane took off. I am so proud of both of you and know that you will make it! Our Angel Jacquie will be with you every step of the way. Keep thinking that when you get to the top you will be closer to heaven than any of us ever have been. When you get there, let Jacquie know that we love her and think about her EVERY day! She would be so proud of the two of you!! We all BELIEVE in you and can't wait to see your pictures from the top of the world. We love

From Matt, Danielle, and Olivia - 2/21/2011

For: TJ & Ang

Hey guys! I was so happy to see an update today and that you made it to Africa safely. It was great to see a picture of you!!! You two are amazing and we all *believe* in you!!! Tj, Nathan and Addison asked where you were and said they wish you were here & they miss you. I miss you SOO much and I love you. I love you too Ang! I can't wait for the next update and good luck on your first day climbing! I am so proud of you both and Jax is too. Be safe & have fun!! Lots of Love, Lindsey xoxo

Lindsey - 2/21/2011

For: Angela

Ang, I've been thinking of you since you left! You've already done the hard part....the flight to get there. The rest is going to be easy! Take each step with pride. You're a person who has never turned down a challenge and or a trip....make this climb a trip of your lifetime! Good luck to you and TJ! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! See you soon! Love, Tina, Erik, and Justina

Tina O - 2/21/2011

For: Ernani & Noel

Good luck to both of you!! Have fun, but most importantly be safe!! -- Shaheen

Shaheen - 2/21/2011

For: Mormor (Lise)

You are going to start climbing when I'm sleeping tonight! Good luck!

Garret - 2/21/2011

For: Jane, Joanie, and Susan


Sue Davin - 2/21/2011

For: My husband, Kevin

Glad to see proof that you made it to Tanzania-I tracked all the flights so was pretty sure you got there! :) Have a safe hike! Love

your wife, B - 2/21/2011

For: Joan & Jane

You go girls. Good luck with your assent.

Teegan, Sean, Dick, and MiMi - 2/21/2011

For: To Jane and Joan

May you have good luck and great stamina! Any thoughts of hitting a drive off the summit? Proud of you both. XOXO Susan

From Susan Murray - 2/21/2011

For: To Angela" geeg"&TJ

I'm glad you guys made it there safe. This is going to be such an amazing journey. Jax will be with you every step of the way! I love you both be safe and enjoy every moment of this!! Love you, Katie

From Katie Bug - 2/21/2011

For: To Angela & TJ

You both look great. Glad you have reach the first plateau. Good luck have a great time. Love you both, Papa

From Papa - 2/21/2011


thinking of you guys. have the best time and take it all in. we are all thinking of you.

aunt val - 2/21/2011

For: Susan

Mom- Hope you are doing well and made it there safely. Good luck and congrats! We are thinking of you while you are climbing. xoxo

Elaine, Steve and Jax - 2/21/2011

For: Mom & Gabe

The day has finally arrived!!! Have a fantastic time. I love u both very much.Be safe and enjoy the scenery!!

Jessica - 2/21/2011

For: Jane & Joan

We are excited to follow your adventure. Very proud of both of you. God Speed.

Jim, Deb, Joe & Jacqueline Grace - 2/21/2011

For: Jane and Joan

Can't wait to vuirtually follow you two!!! Have a great time!! Hugs, Carol

Carol Mossien - 2/21/2011

For: Angela & TJ

Yay! You made it there safely! The song "Africa" played on the radio yesterday on my way to bowl for u, Ang. Can u believe that?!? It's a sign from Jax. She's with you both thru this journey. Best of luck, stay safe, I love you both sooo much! xoxo

Moo - 2/21/2011

For: Kon

Good luck! Take lots of pictures but don't forget to just enjoy the moments and take the time to experience everything. I'm so proud of you! Be safe. Love you.

Megan - 2/21/2011

For: Susan

What an exciting and worthwhile adventure you are on! Thanks for including us as you climb for a cure!

Shirley and Edmund - 2/21/2011

For: Susan

Hey Suzy Q; I'm so proud of you!!!!! Happy Climbing, wish I was with you. Thanks for getting donations in my name. Love you, Marybeth

Marybeth - 2/21/2011

For: Jane

Hi Jane, Good luck and reach for the stars. xo Donna

Donna - 2/21/2011

For: Jane

Happy climbing Jane!!!

Shep - 2/21/2011

For: Kevin

Hi Kevin, You look very relaxed in the photo and like you are having fun. Good for you. Remember my note...and relax. :) 2/21/2011

Jen CAP - 2/21/2011

For: Rick

Jambo! Sorry I'm not there this year to help get everyone pumped for the climb or pretend I know what I'm talking about. Have fun - can't wait to read the updates! Tell Yusef I said hi! Love, Sadie

Sadie - 2/21/2011

For: valerie

hey mom! good luck, tell everyone i said hi (:

tanya - 2/21/2011

For: Angela and TJ

You made it!! I'm so excited for you guys. Good luck on Day one tomorrow. I can't wait to read about it! I'm not sure when you'll be reading these messages but maybe you'll already be at the first camp drinking some Milo and eating some popcorn. Mmmmmm. Raziki makes the best popcorn. So happy you made it safely and can't wait to read about your climb. You have the prettiest angel watching over you and I know she's just so proud. Love you guys! Love, Sadie

Sadie - 2/21/2011

For: Kon

Hey buddy!! Love the picture. I hope you are enjoying the lovely Springlands hotel so far! I bet you're getting so excited about the big climb tomorrow! Have so much fun in the beautiful rainforrest! I hope you get to see monkeys and I hope they don't keep you awake at night. I miss you friend and I'll be following your climb. So excited for you! Love, Sades

Sadie - 2/21/2011

For: TJ & Angela

Glad to see you arrived safely. Just like SUNYAC Championships T, you are shaved and ready to walk up as a challenger and down as a champion. Best wishes to you both. Jax will guide you thru the rough spots, all the rest enjoy to the fullest. Love you both very much !!!

Dad/Uncle Torey - 2/21/2011

For: Susan

Hope you are having a great time! You are amazing to do this climb. Will be following you as you travel. Congratulations and enjoy!

Cindy - 2/21/2011

For: TJ & Angela

Glad to see you arrived safely. Just like SUNYAC Championships T, you are shaved and ready to walk up as a challenger and down as a champion. Best wishes to you both. Jax will guide you thru the rough spots, all the rest enjoy to the fullest. Love you both very much !!!

Dad/Uncle Torey - 2/21/2011

For: Joan and Jane

Good luck on the climb. Wish I were there. Be safe! XO Sharoonie

Sharon Dorschel - 2/21/2011

For: TJ and Angela

Go, Go, GO!!!! You are AMAZING and an inspiration!!! With you always.

Sara in Albuquerque - 2/21/2011

For: Angela and TJ

Hey guys! I'm so excited for you to start your journey today! I know you both will do great and Jax will be there to lift your spirits everytime you get tired or frustrated! You've got so many people supporting you back at home. Love you both so much! Hope you have a great time and stay safe! xoxo Love, Kerri

Kerri - 2/21/2011

For: Lise

Perfect timing! We had 8" snow this morning. Just got back from Harriman. Nothing as beautiful as what you are seeing!

pete - 2/21/2011

For: Joan and Jane

Can't wait to hear about the "trek." I envy you this grand adventure. Take care, Pat

Pat - 2/21/2011

For: Valerie

Enjoy your trip and stay safe..

Madura - 2/21/2011

For: All Climbers

Enjoy the momemt. Don't forget to turn around and look down the mountain. Get up and look at the stars at night.

Jim & Bonnie Kili'08, Everest Basecamp '10 - 2/21/2011

For: Kevin my friend are one amazing guy!!! I'll be checkin in on you so no pot stirring on the side of that mountain!! :o)

Crystal - 2/21/2011

For: TJ and Angela

You guys are amazing! I've got my Fight Like a Girl shirt on in the hopes it will send some good vibes your way...although I know Jax is spreading some of her Tink dust down on all of you. God bless, and good luck!

Casey - 2/21/2011

For: Kili Cancer Climbers

Jambo! I remember only two years ago, standing where you are in the picture. What an amazing journey you are about to start. Not only will you be making a memory for your self for the rest of your life, but allowing those with Cancer the opportunity to create memories as well. Good Luck, enjoy and may God Bless and keep you all safe and strong.

Kili Karen 09 - 2/21/2011

For: Lise

You have climbed many mountains. This is a hill. We hope you have a great climb.

Ann Marie - 2/21/2011

For: Ernani and Noel

Hi Ernani and Noel! Ernani, you look wonderful in the picture! We are SO VERY excited for you ALL... Have a safe and wonderful journey together. We all LOVE you very much and we are sending all of our positive thoughts to you. Lots of love and hugs, Sarah, Amina and Lola :o)

Sarah, Amina and Lola - 2/21/2011

For: Valerie

Hey, are you in Africa? Ready to start the climb? You go, girl. And don't be all worried about how your legs look! We just got done shoveling about 6' new snow.

Sara and Charlie - 2/21/2011

For: T.J. and Angela

Hi! It is great to see you, even if you are far away.We miss you and we are so proud of you.Your committment to this journey and your determination to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients makes us incredibly proud of you.Enjoy this experience, and see this new world through the eyes of our Angel. Jacquie will be with you every step of the way, she will not leave you. Have fun, stay safe, and live every second of this quest. With much pride and love to both of you, mom

Mom - 2/21/2011

For: Angela & TJ

So glad to see your smiling faces!! You are about to have the experiance of a lifetime! Enjoy every minute!! I'm so proud of you both for making this committment! Have fun & be safe! Love you both! Mom

Mom/Aunt Sheryl - 2/21/2011

For: Lise

Have a great time, I'm so proud of you and your team. Miss you!

Vince - 2/21/2011

For: Lise

Hi Mom, We are so glad that you all arrived safely. We are excited that you are about to begin an amazing journey. Have a great climb...we are all cheering you on! Sending big hugs!

Bianca, Chris, Garret, Charlie and Dad, - 2/21/2011

For: SAM

So happy to see the photo and know that you arrived safely and met up with your group! Enjoy this incredible experience - can't wait to see your photos! Love you, mom

Mom - 2/21/2011

For: Lise

Thinking of you! Have a safe climb, hope the weather is good! Sending lot's of love.

Marilyn & Charlie - 2/21/2011

For: Kevin

Best of luck Kevin. Have fun, be safe and don't think about work!

Steve - 2/21/2011

For: Kevin

Kevin, Have a great experience!! Enjoy yourself and stay safe!! PS- take lots of pictures!!

Earlena - 2/21/2011

For: Kevin

Have a great climb! Pole Pole! How is the adjustment to the heat and time change? Stay safe!

Chris - 2/21/2011

For: Dad-kevin)

Hey dad. Glad you made it!!! Good luck

Cathy - 2/21/2011

For: Rick

Have a great trip and say hi to the locals for me!

Daddeo - 2/21/2011

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