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Date: Monday, October 15
Location: Denboche, 14,300 feet. About 7 hours of hiking.

The word for today is uphill. We traversed high in the valley, constantly gaining elevation. We were so lucky with sky again. Super crisp ridgelines and peaks including Everest. 

 What seemed so far in the distance in now a towering ridge of almost 3 miles directly above us. Incredible. The scale, the sheerness, the overwhelming immensity...

 Denboche is packed with trekkers. All rooms are fillled. We got very excited to find each room had a bathroom in it. You flush by dumping a bucket of water down it. 

 The day typically clouds and cools down as the day goes on. 

 Bob is feeling the affects of the altitude today. A little weak and a little stomach upset. He is resting well. 

 The others are eating well right now, veggies burgers. 

 Will be much colder now. We spend two nights here. Tomorrow we take a day hike to acclimate more.

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For: Bob G

Bob, Do you have some candied ginger? It would be good for your stomach. Hope you are feeling better!

Meg - 10/16/2018

For: Torey & TJ

How does the Buddha climb Mt. Everest? One step at a time. Be present man! Good thoughts & Prayers are with you, No EGO!

Mike Weyand - 10/16/2018

For: Harry

Hey Harry, you are amazing!!! So proud of you, and Rory would be so incredibly excited for you too. I'm sure he is watching you from above. Stay strong and enjoy every magnificent view. Keeping you in my prayers for a safe trip. Love, Susan

Susan - 10/15/2018

For: Harry

It's chilly here as well. You would never do this, but we turned the heat on this morning to get rid of the chill. Fairport electric makes it so easy!! I'm thinking your pictures will not do justice to what you are experiencing. We will want to see them none the less. Pace yourself and stay strong. We are cheering for you even if you can't hear us!!

Marianne - 10/15/2018

For: Bob G.

Following your journey day by day and glad to hear all is going well. The pictures are amazing. Take care of yourself and hope you are feeling better soon.

Michael & Claudia - 10/15/2018

For: Torey & TJ

Your goal is getting so much closer! It must be amazing to look up and see the top of the world - I just can't imagine it. Everything here is fine, we're tracking all your moves, sending you loads of support and encouragement. The best is yet to come! All my love....Aunt Deee

Aunt Deee - 10/15/2018

For: TJ and Torey

TJ and Torey, this message is from Bree and Papa- they send their love and asked me to tell you to be safe. And ditto from us! We all love you and miss you:)

Sharon - 10/15/2018

For: TJ

TJ and group, Sounds like an amazing, and challenging day. Keep climbing, stay strong and confident everyone! The top of the world is literally ahead of you. Cheering you on from Buffalo! We love you TJ! P.S. The house is really coming along, haha! 11 more days until we see you again.

Amanda and Franklin - 10/15/2018

For: Harry

Harry Trip sounds amazing - what an experience!! Enjoy and stay safe.

Debbie - 10/15/2018

For: Bob

Remember... there’s nothing more important than your health. Stay safe.

Bill Fisher - 10/15/2018

For: Bob

Dad, I hope your rest is restorative and you feel better soon! Glad you’re getting some amazing views of the mountains. I’m exhausted after walking around San Francisco all day, not used to the steep hills—we’re enjoying the beautiful sights here too. Fingers crossed that a day of rest will be fruitful and healing. Love you so much!

Emily - 10/15/2018

For: Bob and all

Thinking of you all. The views look incredible. What a beautiful country! Dad, take it easy if you need to rest more then do it! Cora is by my side and says "I love you" and "I hope you have fun". Love and good wishes to all!

Camille - 10/15/2018

For: Marlene

J'ai lu dans le compte-rendu du jour que le froid se faisait sentir. Heureusement que vous restez deux jours au même endroit. Did you enjoy veggies burgers ? Une salle de bains pour chaque chambre, incroyable ! Je pense que que tu as pu en profiter à ton aise... Sois forte, prudente et reste en sécurité

Jean-Claude - 10/15/2018

For: Harry Wolf

Just catching up on all of the posts...the trip looks incredible! Not so sure about the veggie burgers... FYI - You're missing so much fun in the office. Bonds are flying in all directions. When in doubt - approved. Good luck to you and the group for the remaining days in Mordor.

Tress - 10/15/2018

For: Harry

Wow- your views sound amazing. Your weather seems perfect to see the mountains. Seven hours of hiking uphill - you are heroes! Hope Bob feels better soon. Veggie burgers sound good. Glad you have toilets! Soundsgood to have two nights in the same place. I have lunch plans with Jan and dinner plans with Robin after the farm. Stay strong - be careful and safe. Love Shannon

Shannon - 10/15/2018

For: TJ and Torey

Hi there! WOW, what a long day you have had. I am exhausted just thinking about how much you have done. Have I mentioned how proud we are of you? This quote is for you and all your group: "COURAGE is not the absence of fear but rather,the triumph over it"(N.Mandela). You are all our heroes and we are in awe of your courage. Stay safe,stay warm and enjoy every step of your courageous journey. With love always, Sharon and Forever Jacquie

Sharon - 10/15/2018

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