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Date: Sunday, October 14
Location: Phortse, the town where our sherpa lives.

12,900 feet. 5 hours of walking. 

 First off Happy Birthday Shannon! Harry is sending you great big birthday wishes from high and far away in the Himalayas. 

 Awoke to perfectly blue sunshine and sky. The lines of the high mountains with their rock, ice and snow lines are super etched as can only happen at high altitude. 

 In case you heard of 8 deaths here in Nepal, we are no where near that situation. We are not clear what happened there but the conditions that contributed to it are not here. No worries. 

Okay back to our day. 

 Lovely walk high traversing the deep valley below. We had to descend quite far to cross a river. Now we are at Lakhpa village and heading over for tea in his house. This is another very traditional sherpa community of old stone and mud houses. The lanes are high stone walls protecting the potato fields. The yaks are down here from their summer pastures. 

 The picture is if yesterday at Kami's house. That is Kami and Doma who we visited in their kitchen. 

 In the afternoon the clouds arrived and we lost sight of the amazing mountains. It is now going below freezing at night. The dung stove in the dining area makes for a very cozy place. 

 Keep following us as we head up. All are still doing well. Some are feeling the affects of the altitude. Not bad, lack of appetite, sleepiness....all part of the deal.

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For: Torey and TJ

Hi guys! We are enjoying reading the posts and living vicariously through your adventure. It’s a bit warmer on this end if it, however, but not quite as breath taking. Our entire family is cheering you on and holding you all close in prayer. Be safe! Lots of love!

Jillian and Jennifer - 10/14/2018

For: Mike

Awesome trip and great pictures! Have a fantastic time and enjoy the scenery and the challenge.

Steve - 10/14/2018

For: TJ and Torey

Sorry, the number counter said I had enough characters left:) Love, Sharon and Forever Jacquie

Sharon - 10/14/2018

For: TJ and Torey

Hello TJ and Torey!It was great,as always,to "talk" with you this morning.I admit to being concerned when I heard about the incident and am so relieved you are away from there.Thank you Rick for the update and reassurance.Well, the Bills lost again,no surprise.But there is always next year,LOL:)Hope you are staying warm and eating enough.Enjoy the beautiful scenery and take in all this trip has to offer,you both deserve it.We love you very much and miss you.Love always,Sharon and Forev

Sharon - 10/14/2018

For: Harry and all

Thank you so much for the birthday greetings! I appreciate it. Thanks too Aunt Deee- I am on level ground in Fairport NY - Harry is climbing! The morning sounded perfect for viewing the mountains! Keep warm tonight! Thanks for telling us about the accident - makes us all breathe easier. Be safe as you climb - stay warm - enjoy the sights and take lots of photos! Shannon

Shannon - 10/14/2018

For: Torey & TJ

Hi Guys. Sounds like amazing scenery. I'm so jealous. Beautiful day here also, upper 50's, bright sun. Stay safe and warm, we love you very much!

Aunt Deee - 10/14/2018

For: Marlène

Hello Marlène,toujours en pleine forme ? J'espère de tout coeur que oui... J'ai toujours eu confiance en toi. Je suis certain que tu apprécies les montagnes de l’Himalaya. Je continue d'apprécier ton parcours sur ce blog. Always with you, Love

Jean-Claude - 10/14/2018

For: Bob B. & all

Love reading the updates on this awesome trip... stay safe everyone.

Bill Fisher - 10/14/2018

For: TJ and Uncle Torey

Below freezing sounds like some tough days ahead, we are sending u lots of love and warm thoughts to keep u moving! You are stronger than you think take one step at a time! Why are mountains so funny? Because they are hill areas! ...anyone?!?! Anyone?! Hope at least one of u got a chuckle! Keep smiles on your face much love to you all!

Ang - 10/14/2018

For: Bob and all

Way to go, everyone! I love reading these updates, enjoying your journey from California. The warm cozy house sounds really nice to me. You’re all so brave and ambitious to keep going into the colder thinning air. Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and unparalleled experience.

Emily - 10/14/2018

For: Shannon

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNON!!! What an amazing gift to be where you are! Enjoy your day and your adventure!

Aunt Deee - 10/14/2018

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